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*~*Brought to you from the Sexy One Shot- BURNING HOT, I bring you the explosive story of King, Cooper, and Halee.*~* Halee hasn't seen or spoken to the guys since she was last home one year ago. They still wanted her more than their next breaths and they'd do anything to get her. Big brother Jack still didn't want King or Cooper to have her, so the three agree to enter a secret affair behind everyone's backs; including Cooper's new girlfriend. The inferno between the three is hot enough to burn them alive, but their love might be strong enough to tame the flames.

Erotica / Romance
Lulu Waters
4.9 95 reviews
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Chapter 1

Before you begin reading this story, make sure you read the chapter: BURNING HOT from my Sexy One Shot book: In Hot Water.
Not only will it help set the vibes for this book, but you'll read some backstory leading to their journey one year later where this book begins.
Happy reading!


I once read somewhere that when you let go of the past, you can move forward into the future. It might be true for some people, but not for me. My future didn’t have anything I wanted while my past held everything.

It had been just over a year since I had been home last, and just over a year since I’d seen King and Cooper. But that didn’t mean I didn’t think about them. In fact, they were all I thought about. Every single waking moment was thoughts of them and what we shared. Hell, I couldn’t even get away from them in my sleep.

Most nights were restless for me as I tossed and turned in an empty bed that I wished I were sharing with two men I couldn’t have. And I sometimes wondered if they had the same problem as me. Did they miss me? Did they think about me?

Who was I kidding? They were always very independent and they didn’t need anyone. They were also total players in high school, so they probably weren’t missing me at all. But I did recall what King said about them not being dirty because they hadn’t had sex. Was that true?

The rain pelted against the window as my hired chauffeur drove us away from the airport. It perfectly matched my mood at the moment and all I wanted to do was get to Jack’s, settle into my new room, and fall into a deep sleep.

I had just graduated from college and decided to move back home. There really was no place like home and honestly, I wanted to see the guys. Sure, none of us had tried to reach out to one another, but I knew they’d always be part of my life. They were my brother’s best friends after all. I just hoped they’d speak to me.

We pulled up in front of Jack’s place and my heart thundered in my chest. Jack knew nothing about my little rendezvous with the guys and I would keep it that way. He’d kill us all if he knew. But could I keep my cool around the guys when Jack was near?

The driver helped me get all of my belongings out of the trunk and into the front door. Jack must not be home because the house was silent and he wasn’t out here helping me. Great.

I thanked the driver and then shut the door, staring around the unfamiliar, quiet house. Jack had just purchased it a few months ago and I wasn’t able to get home for his housewarming party.

There was a note on the entryway table from Jack welcoming me home and telling me which bedroom was mine. I left most of my belongings just inside the front door and went upstairs to find my bedroom.

Jack had a queen bed and dresser in there for me, but all I wanted to do was sleep. I could explore and put my things away later.

But that didn’t happen when I heard the front door open and male voices echoed up to my room. I froze in my spit to listen and nearly passed out when I recognized Cooper’s laugh. Shit, they’re here?! No. No, no, no.

“Halee?!” Jack’s voice boomed up the stairs, making me jump.

I fumbled around nervously when I saw the door to my bathroom. I ran in and checked myself in the mirror to make sure I looked okay. It was a long flight and ride here and I didn’t want to look like a homeless person after not seeing the guys for just over a year. My appearance had changed since I last saw them. My hair was shoulder length and lighter last year, but now it is long, wavy, and dark brunette. And let’s not forget that I’ve lost a good twenty pounds from being pretty depressed.

After running my fingers through my hair and applying new lip gloss, I left my bedroom and headed downstairs. My feet were moving very slowly as panic set in. I hadn’t seen these guys in over a year and I didn’t know how to act around them.

“There she is,” Jack said as I descended the stairs.

My gaze immediately moved past Jack and landed on Cooper’s. His face was set in stone and there was absolutely no emotion there. It was as if nothing had happened between us a year ago and I was still just little Halee to him. It hurts; I’m not going to lie.

“How was your trip?” Jack asked.

I tore my gaze from Cooper and smiled warmly at my brother. “It was fine, but I’m really tired.”

“You can sleep later. Coop came by to help me lift my weight set down to the basement that was in your new bedroom. We can have some beers afterwards and catch up.” He smirked before he walked by me into the kitchen.

I was left alone with Cooper in the entryway and my pounding heart nearly deafened me. We stared at each other for a long moment before he stepped forward, a bit close to me.

“Glad to see you’re home, kid.” He winked and then walked by me as well.

I let out a long breath and rang my shaking hands in front of me. Get your shit together, Halee, it’s going to be fine.

But it wasn’t fine.

Just as soon as Cooper disappeared after Jack, the front door opened and King walked in soaking wet. My mouth fell open and I had the urge to run and hide. This was so not what I was expecting to happen on my first day home.

King looked up and saw me and froze in his spot. A wicked gleam flashed through his eyes before he smirked.

“Well, I’ll be damned. College girl finally made it home, huh?” He shut the door and then stepped up beside me until his strong arm pressed against mine. “Coop and I have a bone to pick with you, little girl,” he whispered before he disappeared down the hallway as well.

This could not be happening. How was I supposed to get through this without Jack noticing? I couldn’t be in the same room with these guys and act naturally. I was totally screwed.
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