My Dungeonmate (BxB COMPLETED)

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(For the BoyxGirl version of this sexy werewolf story, go to my profile and search for Locked up with an alpha!) MATURE CONTENT, 18+ ONLY! Gay version. An 18-year-old witch was transferred to the enemy's dungeon and needed to thinks of ways to keep safe. He proposes a trade to his cellmate, the most feared alpha of all. This is a spin-off of my other story: My cellmate. You can check that one first (or not, it doesn't matter).

Erotica / Romance
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This is a spin-off from my other book: My Cellmate.

It’ll sorta follow the same plot, BUT since this is set in another time and another (fantasy) world, the story will obviously still be different.


Once upon a time, there lived a young witch, who was the son of the King and Queen of Xelmatia, and the heir to their kingdom. The three of them lived a happy life until the witch Prince lost his father who died in battle, brutally slaughtered by warriors of Xelmatia’s sworn enemy: the Blind Lord.

Thankfully, the arrival of his cousin, who’d come to live in their kingdom, filled the young Prince’s broken heart with joy and light. From the moment that they met, they became inseparable. They played, they laughed, they cried, and they shared all their secrets with each other.

However, the joy did not last long because another dark day came in the life of the young Prince when his mother married the brother of the King, his uncle. The Prince had always hated his uncle to the core due to the dangerous man he was, especially because he was always deceiving those around him with his magic, using the tricks he had hidden up his sleeve. It quickly became clear that the new King had some very wrong intentions and that his wicked ways would forever change the lives of both the young Prince and his cousin.


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