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The book is about a thirty nine year old woman called Pebble. Her daughter is called Carly and she's twenty two years old. Pebble has been telling her daughter to get away from her boyfriend who Pebble has never met for a couple of months now, but Carly won't split it off. Carly tells Pebble about their arguments and Pebble looks at their relationship as abusive, controlling and toxic. When Carly tells Pebble that she was kicked out, Pebble listens to the way that he shouts at her down the phone. This angers Pebble and she goes to tell Carlys boyfriend what she has on her mind and gets ready to tell him to stay away from her daughter or she will contact the police. Well, that's until she's thrown over his shoulder and carried to his playroom inside his house. It only works out that Pebble has switched bodies with her daughter Carly. He snaps a cuff on her wrist and Pebble thinks that he's going to kill her. She's never heard of his world before and only knows the vanilla world of sex. Now Pebble is about to find out what her daughter is involved in and it isn't what she thought. Stuck with him twenty four seven, Pebble starts to fall for her daughters dominant charms, but she's a thirty nine year old woman who's trapped in the wrong body.

Erotica / Romance
Ivy White
Age Rating:


"What's wrong Carly?" I ask my daughter from the couch down stairs. A bang makes me jolt in my seat and I throw my head back squinting my eyes at the ceiling. Why do young adults have anger problems? Sighing, I push myself to stand up and make my way to her bedroom.

"Nothing mum." Carly glances over her shoulder at me when I reach the door. She's trashing her room in search of something and I don't know what that is.

"You can tell your old mumma darling. Come on, tell me." I smile from the door way and she plonks herself down on her bed.

"He threw me out because I wouldn't listen to him!" She wouldn't listen to him? Who does that man think he is? This is not the first time this has happened. If I'm rightfully honest, he's starting to piss me off! He's abusive in my eyes and I've told Carly on more than one occasion to finish it with him. She always has a roof over her head here. I've even left her room the way that she had it so that she can go to her own safe place when she needs to.

"He demanded you?" I ask her. I'm appalled!

"Yes!" This has been happening for far too long now and I want to get to the end of it. I wouldn't mind, but I've never met this man in my life. What I do know is that he's a little bit older than Carly. Carly is twenty two. Carly has curly light brown hair, green eyes and has traces of her dad in her. He was Mexican and I'm white British. She got her height from him and stands at five foot nine.

Her phone rings out and I glance at it. "Is that him?" She nods her head and answers the phone placing it on loudspeaker so that I can hear it.

"Carly, I swear to you now, if you don't come back then I will punish your arse in more ways than one. Don't test me!" I would be lying if I told you my mouth didn't fall open. It almost hit the floor as I stare at the phone lost for words. Who the fuck does he think he's talking to like that?

"No. I'm not coming back." Carly tells him and I know that he's angry at the other end of the phone line. "Your punishment has doubled in intensity. Get back now, don't make me come and get you otherwise I will make damn sure you cannot sit down for a week."

"Where does he live?" I whisper to Carly who shakes her head, "leave it mum." Ending the call, she throws her phone down on the bed following behind it herself. I'm not backing off! The way that he's speaking to her is ludicrous. I will beat his arse to a pulp before he even manages to touch a hair on that girls head.

"No! I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. How dare he treat my daughter like that."

"Argh, leave it mum. You'll only irritate him more." Carly rolls her eyes and I shake my head.

"Good. Address now Carly."

"No mum."

"Fine. I'll go to the address that I dropped you off at last week. I'm sure your friend will tell me where he lives."

"Mum don't go there!" She shouts.

I drive to the same address that I did to drop her off. Knocking on the door, I step back and wait with my arms crossed over my chest. The door opens and a man with blonde hair, brown eyes and a tanned complexion opens the door. He's wearing a tight black round neck t-shirt, black jeans ripped at the knees and black trainers. His arms are covered in tattoos, his biceps are huge. Biting his bottom lip, he squints his eyes at me as he steps out of his house.

"I can see your back." Back....what's he talking about? I turn my head on the side as confusion consumes me.
"That punishment." Anger surges through me as I whack my hand on the wall.

"Don't be getting too big for your boots. I've warned you about this." He points his finger at me turning his head on the side. I cross my arms smirking. He has got to be having a laugh! Who does this kid think he's talking to?

"Who the hell do you think you're talking to like that?"

"My little submissive who tries to push the boundaries." He laughs stepping in my personal space. I look up at him growling. "Back off," I warn him tightening my fists. What's a submissive? I squint my eyes at him as he brushes a strand of my hair behind my ear. He's too close for my comfort. "What the fuck is a submissive? And don't you dare touch me!" Whacking his arm, I step away from him almost falling down the small step.

"Language!" He closes his hand in front of his face and I raise my eyebrows. Who does this kid think he is? Language? Is he joking me right now? What is this man on, some type of drug.

"I advise you to leave my daughter alone." I cross my arms warning him and he smirks.

"Since when do you have a daughter Carly?"

"My name is Pebble. Carly is my daughter who you seem to think you can demand each passing second of the day. Leave her alone." Stepping towards me again, he stares straight down his chest at me. It's as if he's trying to size himself up against me and my small height.

"Well, from where I'm standing, I can see my submissive Carly standing in front of me. The girl who's trying to get herself out of shit, all because she ran away from me. Now, that punishment." He looks into my eyes as I squint.

"Back the fuck away from me. Are you insane?" I scream at him. He laughs and licks his bottom lip before glancing to his left. Snapping his eyes to mine again, he raises his eyebrows.

"I'm more than sure that's you love." Grabbing my arm, he yanks me into his chest. "Get your filthy hands off me now!" I tell him pulling my arm to try and get it out of his grip. He just laughs.

Throwing me over his shoulder, he carries me inside his house as I scream and shout, whacking his back with the sides of my hands. "Put me down!"

Kicking a door open, he carries me inside the room and snaps something around my wrist before placing me down on my feet. I yank it and my eyes widen when I click on to what he's snapped on my arm. A metal cuff which is connected to the ceiling. I follow the chain all the way up and swallow the lump that's stuck inside my throat. He's going to kill me! He's mentally insane....

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