Dragon's Wrath

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As promised, the fearsome Dragon Queen came forth and reigned down fire and death upon her enemies in a desperate attempt to rescue her infant son. It is quickly learned that Lillian’s newly found powers have become far greater than anyone could have ever anticipated... but as we all know, all power comes at a cost. Meanwhile King Draxus, the infamous and merciless Dragon King finally has a family to call his own; something he never believed possible. A loving wife and a beautiful son… Who would have thought someone as brutal and unfeeling as the mighty Dragon King would be allowed to possess such purity and love in his life? But nothing in this day and age is certain, nor will it be easy to achieve. In order for him to keep his family safe from harm, Draxus will be forced to fight for what he wants against countless enemies vying to end his current reign. As the Demon King Xytsis’ army continues to grow in both size and strength, darkness begins to creep slowly across the once prosperous Kingdom of Westoria, submerging its people in nothing but horror and chaos. Draxus travels along with his accomplices to find his Queen and stop her from making a huge mistake… but will they make it in time? NOTE - This is Book 6 in the 'Power' Series... Only chapters 1-3 are on Inkitt. To read more of this series, please visit 'Galatea' and search for my book, 'POWER'.

Erotica / Fantasy
Bec Middleton
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Too Late

Book 6 in the POWER Series...

Several new morning rays had come to reveal themselves in the early morning darkness, masked behind creases of the distant mountains off...

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