Dragon's Wrath

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As promised, the fearsome Dragon Queen came forth and reigned down fire and death upon her enemies in a desperate attempt to rescue her infant son. It is quickly learned that Lillian’s newly found powers have become far greater than anyone could have ever anticipated... but as we all know, all power comes at a cost. Meanwhile King Draxus, the infamous and merciless Dragon King finally has a family to call his own; something he never believed possible. A loving wife and a beautiful son… Who would have thought someone as brutal and unfeeling as the mighty Dragon King would be allowed to possess such purity and love in his life? But nothing in this day and age is certain, nor will it be easy to achieve. In order for him to keep his family safe from harm, Draxus will be forced to fight for what he wants against countless enemies vying to end his current reign. As the Demon King Xytsis’ army continues to grow in both size and strength, darkness begins to creep slowly across the once prosperous Kingdom of Westoria, submerging its people in nothing but horror and chaos. Draxus travels along with his accomplices to find his Queen and stop her from making a huge mistake… but will they make it in time? NOTE - This is Book 6 in the 'POWER' Series. Please read Books 1-5 before. (also available on Inkitt) *** WARNING - CONTAINS SCENES WITH ABUSE, GRAPHIC SEX & VIOLENCE - R18+ ***

Erotica / Fantasy
Bec Middleton
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Chapter 1 - Too Late

Please note - This is only a sample of the book (3 chapters).

At the end of Chapter 3 there are details of how to continue the book on Galatea.

I hope you enjoy the ride... Happy reading!

Several new morning rays had come to reveal themselves in the early morning darkness, masked behind creases of the distant mountains off to the far East.

Thick funnels of grey smoke had risen several hundred metres up into the surrounding sky; the only remaining proof of what had recently occurred here less twenty minutes ago.

A terrible massacre.

Horrifying carnage.

Unspeakable death...

The winged creature Krycorr had swooped in and taken so many lives in such a short amount of time, along with his rider the Dragon Queen.

Both were now nowhere to be seen… along with her three-week-old son, Rylan.

The sky suddenly exploded; ablaze in a brilliant mixture of purples and blues as a magical portal suddenly opened, creating an abnormally large passageway above.

Only seconds later the winged beast suddenly emerged from the flickering lights of the portal.

Its giant black wings flapped furiously in an effort to keep itself and its riders steady as it swiftly emerged into the open air of their new location.

The black-scaled creature’s name was Drako.

Drako was the Dragon King’s faithful companion and the man seated on his scaled neck was King Draxus, his skilled rider.

The two had been bonded with one another for almost two decades now and had been through countless missions filled with excitement and danger.

They knew one another better than anyone ever could.

Seated on Drako’s scaly neck was the Dragon King himself, with one of his soldiers, Zaar hanging on for dear life just behind him.

They had been sent to this specific location by their Veemon companions, Flynn and Bailiin, who would soon make their way to join them as planned.

But at first glance it appeared that they were too late.

There was nothing but the churned bodies and remains of fallen soldiers scattering the grassy fields and road below.

Draxus’ amber eyes narrowed as he scanned desperately for any signs of them; of his loved ones.

Directing his dragon to land, the mighty Dragon King dismounted the giant creature and landed on the ash-covered ground below.

It was like a graveyard… nothing but death and destruction surrounding them in every single angle they dared glance.

By now Zaar too had climbed down from the massive dragon and came up beside his King.

“It looks like a massacre, sire.” Zaar announced solemnly.

“Any sign of them?”

Draxus lowered his head as he replied softly, “No.”

Nodding his head and pursing his lips tightly together, the King’s good friend placed his hand onto Draxus’ back in an effort to somehow comfort him.

“Perhaps…” Zaar paused, letting out a long sigh before continuing, “Perhaps they made it somewhere to safety. I mean it is possible, is it not?”

Closing his eyes for a second to refocus his thoughts on what their next move would be, Draxus nodded his head.

“Possible… not likely.”

Zaar turned the King to face him now.

“Hey, we’ll find them.”

Although he tried, Draxus found it difficult to hide his disappointment as he suddenly turned away and began approaching one of the charred corpses lying on the floor.

Crouching down beside it, the Dragon King fought to ignore the smell of burned flesh as he scanned the body for signs of identity.

His eyes stopped at the sight of the sigil engraved into the soldier’s burned armour plate.

The body belonged to one of Xytsis’ men.

Perhaps there was hope for his family’s wellbeing after all.

By the time the young Queen had awoken from her unconscious state and peered around, it was bright and sunny outside.

Squinting her emerald-green eyes and blinking away the harshness of the sunlight, Lillian turned her head from one side to the other in an attempt to identify where she was.

She appeared to be laying on a grassy bed and surrounding her was a long, scaled tail. It acted as a wall, shielding her from her unknown surroundings and helping to keep her warm.

Her eyes widened and she sat up in a panic at the thought of her infant son.

As she went to pull herself up her eyes suddenly fell on him and she sighed with relief.

Her baby was lying soundly in his blanketed wrap, nestled in safely beside her.

“Oh, thank the gods you’re safe little one.” she whispered gently to him, reaching out and picking him up, cradling him in her arms.

Pulling him in close and lowering her head over the top of him, Lillian took a moment to truly allow this to sink in.

She was alive…

Wait, she was alive?

Opening her eyes, the sudden realisation hit and her eyes narrowed as she frowned with confusion.

How was she alive?

The last thing she remembered was being hit in the back with a projectile dagger, courtesy of her treacherous and snake-like sister, Rayvinn.

She could even recall the intense pain searing across her entire back as she fought to relive the terrible moment in her mind.

But the question remained; how was she alive?

And why wasn’t she feeling any pain from her wound?

Lowering Rylan down carefully to the grassy bed below, Lillian reached around behind her back to locate her stab wound.

Perhaps it wasn’t as bad as she had initially thought it to be?

She felt around until she located the tear in the back of her dress where the dagger had clearly entered her back.

But as her fingers dragged slowly over the surface of her skin she felt no opening or wound; nothing that would or should have been there.

No pain.

Instead, only a small lump, as if scar tissue had somehow formed in the wound’s place.

More and more questions began circulating in her mind now as she struggled to take it all in.

She should be dead…

That much was a certainty.

So how was she alive and apparently fully healed of her earlier mortal wound?

A deep and rumbling growl emanating from the back of Krycorr’s throat caught Lillian’s attention now as she watched the giant beast raise its head up from a resting position to glance down at her and her tiny son beneath her.

Krycorr merely watched them in silence for a bit, his eyelids appearing heavier than they usually had before as the beast blinked slowly, over and over.

It seemed tired.

Exhausted even.

Suddenly several flashbacks Lillian had forgotten were even there began to flood into her mind, showing her tiny snippets of what had actually happened earlier on and how she had ended up here, in her current situation.

The first showed a wave of glistening pearl-white scales moving to surround her and Rylan, until there was nothing but darkness.

The next showed a small blurry vision of a bird’s eye view from above as they appeared to soar high over the mountain ranges, still surrounded by the same glistening pearl-white scales.

And finally, a magnificent bright sapphire glow emanating from the scales, encompassing her as she once again faded out of consciousness.

Holding onto her head as she came back to reality, Lillian looked up at Krycorr in disbelief.

Had her dragon somehow managed to… heal her wound?

Is that what her memories were trying to tell her had happened?

Perhaps it was the reason why the incredible creature seemed too tired now; it had exerted its powers to help her heal.

“Did… did you… heal me?” she asked the great creature point blank, as if it would somehow reply to her question.

“Is it you that I have you to thank for saving my life?”

Krycorr lowered its giant head, as if nodding in response to her question.

Lillian’s eyes widened with surprise at this.

It actually understood her?

Not only was she actually communicating successfully with a dragon thought to have been centuries old, but it appeared that she was in fact right.

Krycorr had used his mystical powers to somehow heal her fatal wound. He had sacrificed his own safety and wellbeing for her.

She couldn’t believe it; this was beyond incredible.

Not long afterwards Rylan had begun to stir and Lillian quickly scooped him up, preparing to feed him from her exposed breast.

The tiny baby attached almost immediately, as if it were the most natural thing in the world as he began suckling in warm comfort.

Lillian could only smile at the wonderful blessing in her arms. At the sensation of being a loving mother once more to her new son. The first of many she was sure.

She would be forever grateful that nothing had happened to him, that he was safe and with her now.

And she would do whatever it took to make sure that nothing would happen to him ever again.

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