Dragon's Wrath

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Chapter 2 - Faith is for Fools

Rayvinn was beyond terrified.

Once again she had messed up and in turn failed her father’s command.

Not only had she lost the young Prince amidst all the chaos of Lillian’s sudden attack, but Rayvinn hadn’t even stayed behind to confirm that the Queen had actually died.

No… instead she did what she always did when things got tough; she ran and she hid. And once things had blown over, she would resurface and slink her way back to her father, begging for his forgiveness, per the usual…

But the memory of Kaine’s last words to her repeated heavily, over and over within her mind as she sat alone on the smooth rocky cliffside, overlooking the brilliant sunrise from her secretive location.

The poor naive fool.

He actually believed in her.

That she could be so much more if she would only choose to take a stand and rise up from the darkness of her father’s oppressive shadow.

To betray him.

And a small part of her had always felt this way, that she was destined for greatness and her clearly jealous father was merely holding her back from possibly achieving it. A part of her that she had always chosen to hide away and ignore...

Until now.

Now she would take a stand and rise up against his overpowering oppression.

She would take back everything that was rightfully hers from him. But the dark sorceress would have to be extremely cautious of how she made her next move.

Xytsis had always been the distrusting type, forever on the lookout for those who would choose to defy him and obviously untrusting of anyone.

Rayvinn would have to be smart; to ensure that she were several steps ahead of him if she were possibly to succeed.

And the first step would be to form a secretive alliance with someone just as powerful as her. Someone just as desperate as she was.

Of course, only one person came to mind.


As much as she hated what he’d done to her in the past, she needed to push her differences aside and focus thoughts on the future, on what she hoped to achieve.

Rayvinn would have to somehow convince Marcus that siding with her would be beneficial in the long run, for the both of them.

Luckily for her, the King Regent had always craved power above all else. All she would have to do is make him an offer he couldn’t possibly refuse…

The frantic Dragon King spent the remainder of the day searching desperately for any possible clues that may lead him to his missing wife and child. He was currently being accompanied by Zaar, as well as Bailiin and Flynn who had recently arrived via a portal to assist in the search.

True there was not much left at the attack site. Dragon’s fire had all but scorched the ground into a fine ash in every visible direction leaving nothing but grey soot and dust behind.

But that wouldn’t stop Draxus. He was determined to reunite with his loving family no matter what it took. The mighty Dragon King would not give up on his search until he had both Lillian and Rylan in his arms once again.

But Draxus looked beyond exhausted, with dark rings circling beneath each of his amber eyes as he continued along slowly on foot, while accompanied by the others.

They had been tracking the trail of Krycorr’s magical aura for several hours now and unfortunately for them, there appeared to be no end in sight. The trail just kept going on and on and on.

And Draxus knew they were mere hours away from reaching nightfall.

As King, he knew his lands well enough and that wandering around at night was practically asking for trouble.

Not only were there strange mystical creatures that roamed the lands at night, but also the obvious danger of being sighted by Westorian soldiers. They couldn’t afford the chances that word of their current location would make its way back to their enemies.

Zaar was the first to speak reason to his King.

“Sire, it’s getting late. You’re beyond exhausted, as are we all. Perhaps we should consider setting up camp for the night and continuing on foot in the morning.”

Zaar was clever. He made his suggestion knowing full well how Draxus would react to it. He stood by waiting for his King’s glowing eyes to suddenly light up brightly with anger at such a ridiculous suggestion…

But in this instance, the Dragon King surprised him.

“Yes, you’re right, Zaar. We must rest.”

Draxus turned to face Flynn now, “Flynn, do you think you could find us something to eat?”

“I’m on it.”

The younger Veemon nodded his head confidently, taking out his bow and disappearing off behind some nearby trees and shrubs. He was now on the hunt and soon they would have food to fill their bellies.

Flynn never missed.

Draxus looked around at their current surroundings. They were close to a small river flowing beneath an overarching cliffside of grey stone, the whole area surrounded by tall trees and dense shrubs.

Up ahead there appeared to be some sort of burrowing into the edge of the cliff, not so deep that it could be described as a cave, but at least it would be enough of a barrier to keep the freezing night breeze from reaching them as they slept.

Draxus pointed towards it with his gloved hand as he spoke aloud with his commanding tone.

“We’ll set up camp there.”

“I’ll get to work building us a suitable fire.” Bailiin suggested.

The older Veemon began gathering nearby sticks, branches and leaves in his hand as he added his next comment, “Flynn will certainly need one when he returns with our supper.”

Zaar watched as his King slowly came over and sat down on one of the larger rocks close by.

The mighty leader appeared disappointed, with his large shoulders slumped over and his head lowered ever so slightly. And Zaar felt he knew why.

Draxus felt as if he had failed them; his family.

Being so close to his King, Zaar felt the need to speak up, to give Draxus some sort of comfort in such a trying time.

“You know, you haven’t failed them, sire. Not even close…”

Draxus looked up from the ground to meet Zaar’s neon green eyes, glowing brightly with comfort.

Strange. How had Zaar known what he was thinking at that very moment? It was almost as if he had read his mind’s thoughts exactly, word for word. But that wasn’t possible.

“We will find them...”

Zaar spoke confidently now with a single nod of his head as he continued, ”If there’s one thing I am certain of, it’s that the Queen is an incredibly strong woman… I truly believe it’s but a matter of time until we are once again reunited with her, and your son.”

His companion’s words were meant to give the King some level of comfort, but Draxus found it hard to believe them.

True, Zaar seemed rather confident in what he was saying but Draxus wanted to have that same level of confidence, that same level of belief. To know that deep down inside he would once again hold his precious family in the warmth of his arms… where they truly belonged.

But his experiences with the cold, dark world they all lived in told him that the chances of this happening were minimal.

And the thought of it terrified him more than he cared to admit.

He hated not being able to protect his own wife and child. It felt like he was being gutted from the inside out.

“I can only hope you’re right, Zaar.” he finally spoke softly, his voice shrouded with obvious pain as his brows furrowed together and his head shook slowly from side to side.

“If anything were to happen to them… I’d never forgive myself. They’re just so vulnerable out here, all alone…”

Draxus’ head lowered as he let out a sigh.

Zaar cut in with a disagreeable frown.

“Hey, you’re not forgetting who you married, are you sire? She is the Dragon Queen. That woman was brave enough to tame even the mighty Dragon King’s heart, something no one else thought possible. Not to mention she’s the only person in existence to have ever bonded with the Great Pearl Dragon and become its destined rider.”

Draxus chuckled deeply, a sense of relief flooding over him.

And sensing that his words of encouragement were in fact working, Zaar continued his intended pep talk.

“And your bond… it’s unlike any I have ever witnessed between a King and his Queen, my lord. The obvious love shared between the two of you… it’s truly admirable…”

Zaar trailed off with a smile before adding, “There is no doubt in my mind that the Queen is destined for great things, to help guide our Kingdom into a brighter future, along with the young Prince of course.”

Draxus’ expression suddenly hardened.

“He’s my only child… my heir… and he’s still so young.”

His tone showed the depth of his raw emotion and gutted pain as he closed his eyes tightly in an attempt to fight back a tear.

The gods forbid the mighty Dragon King should shed a tear!

“I need to find them Zaar.” he announced.

Without fear of how his King would react, Zaar reached out his hand and placed it onto his King’s shoulder in a reassuring gesture of kindness as he smiled and spoke with much needed kindness. Both his brows rose with his next spoken promise.

“And we will. You of all people must have faith in this.”

“Faith is for fools, Zaar.” Draxus disagreed.

“I will believe your words when I hold my wife and child in my arms once more. Not a moment before.”

After having been commanded by King Xytsis to stay and keep watch over things back at Castle Krillian, the King Regent was quickly tyring of being commanded about by his apparent accomplice.

To his understanding, their arrangement had been for an equal say in their plans, but it seemed he was beginning to have no say at all.

And his patience was wearing thin.

Marcus currently stood in his chambers pacing back and forth, over and over as he fought to control powerful urges to storm out and take matters into his own hands.

To go on the hunt for his infuriating older brother and end him once and for all. Marcus hated being left in the dark by Xytsis.

It made him feel inferior, one thing he hated most of all.

Marcus craved power.

A sudden yet familiar voice spoke, causing him to freeze mid-stride and remain still as he listened to her speak.

“You look tense.” Rayvinn taunted with a sinister grin from where she stood in the corner.

Her arms were crossed in front of her chest, pressing her obvious cleavage up into a more prominent position, obviously as per her intention at the time.

She watched as Marcus slowly turned around, his jaw clenched as his eyes met with hers at last.

“Is my father giving you a hard time? He can be rather infuriating can’t he…”

Marcus’ voice was deep now, husky and laced with warning as he spoke without breaking his gaze from her.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve coming to see me alone sorceress…” he paused and suddenly frowned, furrowing his brows in confusion as realisation hit.

“Wait, why are you here? Didn’t Xytsis send you off on some mission to escort my nephew from the castle?”

Rayvinn’s confidence instantly dissolved as her smirk fell, her eyes lowering to the ground in a mixture of failure and guilt. Sensing her obvious guilt Marcus swooped in, his smirk forming as he spoke.

“I know that look, Rayvinn… You seem to forget I know you quite well. It’s obvious that once again you’ve somehow managed to mess things up-”

“-This time it wasn’t my fault!” she quickly cut in over him, “If that bitch hadn’t…”

Rayvinn trailed off purposefully, raising her head up and regaining her confident composure as she chose to instead reword her comment.

“I ran into… an obstacle.”

Marcus’ left brow rose in question.

“An obstacle, you?” he looked her from head to toe, “I find that hard to believe. Not unless it was-”

The King Regent suddenly froze, his expression changing in an instant as his eyes widened upon realisation.

“Wait. The bitch you spoke of… you’re not referring to-”

“-Yes, your darling wife.”

The sorceress’ sarcastic tone for the word ‘darling’ obvious as her eyes narrowed in frustration as she continued to report her failure.

“Her and her fucking monster of a dragon took us completely by surprise and wiped out my entire escort, including Kaine! I was lucky to escape with my life.”

Marcus’ hazel eyes narrowed in question now more than ever, the thought of losing his nephew to their enemy fading from thought instantaneously at the mention of a supposed dragon.

“What dragon?”

Rayvinn’s eyes flicked up from the ground, meeting his as her expression hardened. She almost seemed worried, as it would appear. But why?

“Rayvinn you are mistaken, Lillian has no dragon.”

“Until now, as it would appear. It seems that the Queen of Westoria has somehow managed to bond with a dragon of her very own in such a short amount of time.”

Marcus began his onslaught of questions, “What? What are you talking about? When?”

She nodded her head, “And that’s not even the best part…”

Rayvinn smirked, her usual expression returning and setting Marcus at ease for but a single moment before she added her next words and figuratively nailed the final nail into their metaphorical coffin.

“Lillian's somehow managed to bond with none other than the Great Pearl Dragon, Marcus… the most powerful dragon ever to have existed.”

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