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Mafia king's addiction

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Leonardo Andres Lorenzo is a ruthless, cold & dangerous mafia king who has no heart. He rules the underworld at this young age.No one dares to mess with him. Everyone fears him except his family. He's a cold-hearted bastard for the world but exactly the opposite for his family. He doesn't do relationships and all. Women throw themselves at him. Violet Divit is an innocent & pure flower with a bleeding heart because of the loss of her parents. She believes in true love but when she catches the mafia king's eyes her world turns upside down. Read the story to find out what will happen when she catches the mafia king's eyes and becomes his addiction?

Erotica / Romance
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Character's description

Violet Divit
23 years old,fashion designer
She lost her parents in a car crash 4 years back.
Has two bestfriends Maria and Nick.

Maria claire
23 years old,interior designer
Childhood bestfriend of violet.

Nick Taylor
24 years old, Computer Hacker
Bestfriend of Violet since highschool

Leonardo andres Lorenzo
28 years old,Mafia king
He is cold,ruthless devil who shows no mercy to kill people who try to fuck with him or his family.He loves his family more than his life.
Has two younger brothers and a baby sister.

Markian alex Wilson
27 years old,Right hand and bestfriend of Leonardo.

Daniel Lorenzo
2y6 years old,left hand and younger brother of Leonardo.

Rex Lorenzo
24 years old ,Arm specialist
Younger brother of Leonardo and Daniel.

Eleanor Lorenzo,23 years old
She's an animal lover.
Baby sister of her three over protective brothers.
They are her world and took care of her after the death of their parents.

(All pictures are taken from internet.)

Violet's Pov:

Alarm started beeping! Without opening my eyes,I searched alarm clock with my left hand on bedside table and turned it off and went back to my la la....land.

Maria(ria):'wakeup! wakeup sleepyhead!'

I was in my dreamland when I hear screaming from far behind.I heard my bedroom door open and then in no time someone was pulling my blanket.


I screamed loudly and finally opened my eyes to see the traitor who dared to wake me up from my dreamland.And there she was giggling like a teenager with coffee on her hand.I am not an early riser like Ria and since I worked till late night yesterday it made worse.I was annoyed as hell.I am not someone to mess with when I am asleep.But since she loves to annoy the hell out of me,she woke me up.

Violet(vi): 'Fucking bitch!'I yelled.

Maria(ria): (rolling her eyes) 'Good morning to you too'

Violet(vi): 'Lemme sleep!Go away.'

Maria(ria): 'Get up bitch!You are going to be late for your meeting.It's already 10.

I turned my head towards the clock and saw it was already 10.My big brown eyes widened as if it's gonna pop out of the socket.And now I was fully awake.

Violet(vi):'oh fuck!'

I literally shouted.Ria tried to cover her ear with only one hand as coffee was on her other hand.I jumped out of bed and heard her laughing behind me.I went to the bathroom and heard her saying.

Maria(ria):'Get ready fast.Breakfast is ready.'
Violet(vi)'okay' I yelled back.

I did my daily routine and took a quick shower.When I came out of bathroom in my black bathing robe,Ria was nowhere to be seen in my bedroom.I went to my closet and picked up pink jumpsuit with a matching heels.The outfit was classy & proffesional.It was perfect for the meeting.I love dressing since it's in my job to dress perfectly. I wore my clothes auickly and did my makeup minimal and blow dried my hair.I looked into the mirror impressively .

I have brown hair which matches my eye color.I have my mom's eyes. She was a gorgeous,compassionate and brave woman.I didn't realize that I was crying till few drop of tears rolled down to my cheeks.I miss my parents every single fucking day. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was trying to convince my mom to let me do part time job.


I was having dinner with my parents at their favourite restaurant 'Marina del Rey'.It is an italian restaurant and their service is outstanding.
Today we came for a family dinner cause I moved to santa monica for my higher studies last year.I rarely visited them and tomorrow I will be going back to my college dorm,So here we are to spend a quality time.

I told my parents that I want to do part time job so I could afford my personal expenses myself.I want to be independent.Moreover, I am not a kid anymore.I am already 19.But Mom being stubborn woman didn't agree with me because she thinks I'm still her little 4 years old babygirl who can't manage to work outside on her own.So, hete I am still trying to convince her.

Rose Divit: 'Honey,you don't have to work.It'll only exhaust you more.You are already too caught up with your studies.'

Violet(vi):'Ma please! i don't want to depend on you guys anymore.I am an adult now.'',I said her in a soft voice looking at my dad with puppy eyes to help me.

Robert Divit: 'Babe,she's our strong daughter.There's nothing that she can't handle.Do not worry.' He said looking at mom.

(Hah!My puppy face always works on him.And here it goes,I smile widely.)

Rose: 'But.......'
Robert:'No buts babe.' And he pecked on her lips.

I couldn't help but smile at them adoringly.They are an example of a perfect couple.They both love each other unconditionally.I always wish to get a man who love me as much as my dad love my mom.It always bring smile in my face watching them all lovey dovey.They both were looking into each other's eyes.I cleared my throat to get their attention back.Mom blushed and looked away.

Violet(vi): 'so it's final I am going to start working' I speak smiling cheekily.
Rose:'Who said I agree to that?' She raised her eyebrow.
Violet:'Huh? I thought you agreed with dad .
Rose:'I never said you can work.'

(I frowned .Mom started chuckling and soon dad joined her too.I looked at them confusingly.)

Rose:'Hahahha okay!But you have to promise me you'll quit your restaurant job if it gets too much for you.

Violet(vi): I smiled widely and said,'I promise,mom'

Rose: 'You look beautiful when you smile.I don't want to see you frowning again.'

(I smiled brightly showing my perfect white tooth set.)

Present Time

More fresh tears welled up in my eyes.I miss them every single fucking day.Ria and Nick were there for me to overcome this nightmare but I never overcame it.They think I'm over it so I didn't tell them that the memory of horibble night which turned my entire world upside down still haunt me.And I'm not intending to tell them this either.I don't want them to worry about me.I feel my wounds are still as fresh as it was four years earlier.

I wiped my tears and looked into the mirror.I am 5'5 which I think is a good height and have curves at right places.

I took my handbag and files and headed towards the kitchen.

Maria(ria):'Breakfast is on kitchen counter table.'

Ria yelled from the living room.It is sunday today but I have an important meeting with one of my old clients,Miss.claire for her wedding gown.I own a clothing store vwhite queen' whete most of outfits are my own designs.

Violet(vi):'Thanks babe.'

I walked into the kitchen and there was my breakfast.Did I tell you that I can't cook at all?I tried to cook once but I almost burnt my apartment.I am a big foodie.I made my coffee and started eating my breakfast.


I moaned.Ria is really a fabulous at cooking whereas I am horrible.After a while,she came in the kitchen wearing white crop top and black pant with white sneakers and socks.She tied her hair in a messy bun and was carrying a black bag.She was looking stunning as always in her casual outfit.

Violet(vi):'Mmhh... It's delicious.Thanks bitch.You're the best.(smiled widely)

Maria(ria):'Yeah I know.You can't save your fucking ass without me.'(she winked at me)

Violet(vi): 'whatever'(I rolled my eyes.)

But yes she was right.I can save my ass with poor cooking skill of mine or you can say zero cooking skill of mine.

Maria(ria):'I'm heading towards my cousin's house.see ya in th evening.'


With that she left.Now,I was all alone in home eating my breakfast.And as I was about to take another sip of my coffee,my phone started ringing.

Violet(vi):'Ughhh....who tf is calling me now?I can't even eat in peace.'

I groaned.I took out my phone from handbag and saw it was from Nick.He was my bestfriend since highschool.He was always there for me when I need him.Nick and Ria are like my family and I really love both of them.

Oh no!No!I don't love Nick in that way.We are bestfriends and nothing more.Actually,he's intrested in men .It's not like we both didn't try anything but he was into men.Don't take me wrong he didn't know that he was into men when we kissed.
Our bond was so strong that we both gave it a try to see where our friendship goes.But that kiss changed his perspective and he realized he was a gay.

He's 6'2,well built,good looking man with hazel eyes and black hair.We kissed when we were in highschool but it didn't feel right not because it was bad.Tbh,it was an amazing kisand I realize that motherfucker is an excellent kisser and I didn't regret even a bit sharing my first kiss with him. Yes,it was my first kiss.He was my senior back at highschool.

Violet(vi):'Hey nicky!(in a cheerful voice.)
Nick:'ugh!Don't call me with that name,woman.(He tried to say angrily but miserably.)

I could imagine him trying to control his smile.I gave him this nickname and he doesn't like this name but doesn't mind when I call him.But since I love to annoy the fuck out of him ,I always call Nicky.

Violet(vi):'tsk tsk....not gonna happen.'(I giggled)So what's up?
Nick:'All good.Do you remember tonight's plan ?'
Violet(vi):'Huh!What plan?'
Nick:'Yup...as excelted.We planned to go to club tonight,love.
Violet(vi):'oopsiee!I'm so sorry.I totally forgot about this.

I was so caught in my work that it slipped away from my mind.I don't like clubs but I promised him and Ria.So I guess I have choice left.

Nick:'You're coming with us tonight.I DON'T WANT ANY EXCUSES.'

He spoked so loudly that I had to put my phone away from my ear.

Violet(vi):'Geez!stop screaming or else my ears gonna start bleeding.
Nick:'Did you hear me,vi?'
Violet(vi):'Yes,I heard you.ok fine.I'll come with you guys.

Yayyyyyyy!He screamed so loudly on phone as if he won some kind of trophy.I saw time on my wrist watch and it was 11.

Violet(vi):'umm..Nicky I gotta go.I'm getting late.Bye,love ya.
Nick:'Love ya too.see ya tonight.'

And we hung up.I stuffed my mouth with french toast & took my handbag,files and car key and headed towards the main door.I locked the door & went to the parking lot.
I saw my baby parked there proudly.It was gifted by my parents on my 18th birthday.All memories flooded back again but I gathered myself and hopped in the car.
Violet(vi): 'Don't be a crybaby,vi.Don't cry.You're strong.'

I kept chanting as if my life depends in it.I composed myself and started engine and drived towards my destination 'Albetros restaurant' where I have lunch meeting with Miss.Claire.

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