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Mafia king's addiction

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Damien's pov:

Mark, my best friend who is also my right hand informed me about the rat who turned out to be a manager of one of my restaurants.

He was stealing my money from the restaurant for the last two months and started his own drug business under my nose. He thought I was oblivious about it and sold drugs to my trustable clients at a double price. Firstly, he messed with my legal business money & spent it on his illegal business Plus he dared to sell it to my men at a high price. And lastly, that motherfucker dared to betray me. There is no way that I would spare him. Every motherfucking bastard who even thought of betraying me was dead this gonna happen with him too.

I run both legal & illegal businesses. I own bars & clubs all over the country in a legal way. I am the most dangerous. mafia King in the history of the underworld at a very young age mafia world. People call me devil and I pretty much like the name because it's true in every fucking way. I didn't get this name for free, I have worked hard to reach s place. I don't fear anyone and kill people mercilessly.

I kill what I hate & Protect what I love. I love my family including Mark & my work more than my life. Mark is my family. His parents died when he was just 4. After that, my parents took care of him.

I took over my dad's legal & illegal business after my parents die at the young age of 21. There is only one rule in this world 'no second chance'.If you want to be on top, you can't afford any mistakes and I was on top because I never made the mistake of giving others a second chance. Hah! What a shame. Now, that pussy won't be able to see today's sunset. It would be another fucking example to others not to mess with me.

So, here I am on my way to a warehouse along with Mark & Rex. Rex is my baby brother and an arms specialist. He got involve in this business a couple of years ago. Daniel, my younger brother who is also my left hand is waiting for us in the warehouse where my men have captivated John(manager) in one of my warehouses

Markian:'king, we are here.'

I didn't realize until poke that we were already here in front of the warehouse.

Damien(king): 'Hmm.'

I nodded & hopped out of the car as soon as theine came to the rest. Mark & Rex followed me. There were my men inside & outside guarding the warehouse.
They bowed to me when they saw me. Damien was waiting for us at the front gate.

Daniel:'Good morning bro!'
Damien(king): 'where is that pussy?'

Daniel:'wo..wooo No good morning, nothing?Straight to the point.In a bad mood today. (raised his brows.)

Rex:'Diddon't get lay yesterday.

Maybe that was also one of the reasons I was in a bad mood today. It's not like I didn't get anyone. Women throw themselves at me as if they got no dignity even after I treat them like tissue paper. I fuck & throw them. I don't fuck any woman more than twice because they start thinking I like them & start being clingy. I don't do relationships and all.

Yesterday, I was too busy doing paper works and it was already 6 in the morning when I finished it so I didn't bother to call any whores.

I shot a glare at him and he got that I heard him. He was a bit loud so all three of us heard him. Then he put his hands up showing he surrendered and the boys chuckled.

Damien(king): 'I need a fucking blood of that bastard.'

Now everyone got that I was not in a mood & they all got serious.

Damien:'In the basement.'

Without any further word, I started walking towards the basement and everyone followed me.

As soon as I entered the basement, I smelled blood. Mmmhh.I love the scent of blood, it calms me down. It's like a drug to me.

And there he was tied up in the chair, all covered in his blood. My men have done numbers on him. I am impressed with their work. This morning, I ordered my men to torture him as they please but not to kill him. I liked the view in front of me.

He was shot on his left leg & was stabbed in almost every part of his body. He had bruises all over his body. His left eye was swollen and blood was dripping out of his mouth. He was semi-conscious and his head was hanging down on his chest.

I motioned Markian to wake him up. He brought a jug of ice water and splashed it on his face.

He abruptly opened his eyes and blinked it few times to adjust the light.

Rex: 'wake pussy cat'

Rex pulled his head up by pulling his hair and then slowly he looked at the boys & then at me. He gasped & fear was evident in his eyes. I love this fear of people's faces
I know it Ummm...Psychotic but I am a bit twisted. I love torturing and killing cheaters. Blood just gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.
But..but I do have ethics and morals. I never killed any innocent people don't do sex trafficking either women trafficking. We don't involve any children. I sell arms and drugs legally and illegally both.

I showed him my signature devilish smirk and pulled a chair near him and sat down. Now I was on his eye level staring straight into his eyes.

Damien(king): 'So, how are you doing so far, john?

I smirked raising my eyebrows.

Damien(king):' I hope my men served you well.

John:'I-I .........am s-sorry k-king. P-please spare m-me. (He stuttered.)

He begged.
Hah...I didn't even start & he's already begging. Interesting!

I laughed loudly. That pathetic laugh sends a chill down the spine.

Damien/king: 'I didn't even start and you are already begging me.

You're such a pussy and still dared to steal what's mine. Huh?

I arched my brows. He was trembling with fear. His eyes were half-closed due to pain.

My men had done a number on him. QUITE SATISFYING!


I gritted my teeth but he gulped. He was too scared that words didn't leave his mouth.

I have had enough now! I am not someone with the patient. I lost my shit. I pulled out my gun and shot it on his right shoulder.


He screamed in agony.

John: 'Aaaahhh....'

I walked to the drawer and brought salt with me and sat back in the chair. The boys saw the packet I was holding & smirked getting the hint of what was I about to do.

I threw salt in his wound & he screamed more loudly this time.


Damien/king: 'YOU SON OF A BITCH.(punch)

I growled and pulled out my knife. I stabbed them on his left thigh.

John:' Aaaa....P-please aaahhhh....S-stop.....B-bosses l-let m-me..go....aaa

John:'H-he threatened t-to kill m-me if I d-didn't do what h-he say.'

He stuttered.

Damien/king: ' And what made you think I won't kill you? (I arched my eyebrows.)

John:'S-sorry k-king. P-please leave m-me.'

I looked at him bored. This motherfucker is just wasting my time.

Damien/king: 'who is he?'

John:'K-King I don't k-know his name. I- I haven't seen his f-face. H-He used t-to send m-meh-his m-men t-to to to to to make me do as he s-said.'

With that, I shot him straight in between his eyes. His blood splashed on my black shirt. I wiped my hands with a handkerchief. He was of no use to me. He didn't know about the man who ordered him to mess with me

But anyway..I'll find him out soo and make him pay for this.

Damien/king:'Clean the mess.'

I ordered my men and left the basement. Boys followed me outside.

Daniel:'Bro, I have some work left here. So, I'll be back later.'


I turned to leave but he called me.

Daniel: 'Damien?'
Damien/king: 'yeah'
Daniel: 'Could you accompany Ellie(Eleanor) to the animal shelter.? I promised her to give me her company today but it seems like I won't be free till the evening.
Damien: 'Hmm...sure.I'll go with her.'
will you be okay managing shipment works?
Daniel: 'I got it, king.'

For me, my family comes before anything else. I learned it from my dad. I had some shipment work but daniel will look after it. I would do any fucking thing in the world if it makes my baby sister happy so accompany her is the very smallest thing. She is our angel, soft and kind-hearted exactly like our mom. She is a carbon copy of her. Our parents died when she was just 16. Since then I took care of my siblings. She has wrapped all three of us around her tiny finger.

And then my phone rang. It was from Andy(head of security). So I picked it up without wasting any time because he only calls me when it's freaking important.

Andy: 'king, there is some problem with the security system of the mansion. Someone tried to break in the system.'

Damien:king: 'Will be there in 20 mins, andy.'

And I hung up. Boys were looking at me with a serious looknowing something was up.

Damien/king: 'Someone tried to break the security system of the mansion.'

Rex: 'But the house's security system is the most powerful in the world. How could.....

Then it struck him what I said. Fortunately, we were lucky enough this time.

Daniel: 'But how come no one ofuse got any emergency alarm on our phone?
Markian: 'cause they erupted our phone connection from the system installing a virus.

Markian said looking at his phone. And it indeed was disconnected thus we didn't get any warning.

Damien/king: 'Rex, you go with Ellie. Markian, you are coming with me.'
Rex: 'Okay. I'll better be moving my ass before gets pissed off and kick my ass.'

With that, he left.

Markian: 'Let's go, king.'
Daniel: 'I'll go & take care of shipment work.'

I nodded & headed towards the car. I hoped in the passenger seat & mark in the driver seat. He started the engine & drove in full speed towards the mansion.

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