Cruel Infidelity

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“You’re up early,” Rachel remarks, putting her spoon down. She’s hunched over a bowl of cereal, her phone open to a wall of text.

Is she reading a book on her phone? Heather bites her lip, realizing there’s no way she’s going win this year’s reading challenge. “Yeah, I couldn’t sleep,” she mumbles, pulling out a chair.

“Oh.” Rachel glances at the clock. “You should really try. Don’t you have clinicals today?”

She sighs. “Yes. Not for much longer though, just 20 more hours and I can take the exam.”

“That’s awesome.”

Heather stares at her, taking her appearance in. What the hell is so great about her? She looks so frumpy and worn out. She’s got nothing going for her except her gigantic ass, and really, it’s not even that great.

“What?” Rachel asks. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Heather blinks. “I was just thinking how nice you’d look with a shorter haircut.”

Rachel raises a brow. “Oh yeah?” she asks sarcastically.

“Yeah… Like have you ever considered a pixie cut?”

She snorts. “Have you?”

“Me?!” Heather exclaims, bringing a hand to her chest. “Oh no, no. Not me. I’m too girly for something like that. I could never pull it off.”

Rachel sips the milk from her bowl. “I don’t think I could pull it off either. I’ve always had long hair. Plus my hair is so curly, can you imagine how it’d look when it grows back out?”

“I really think you should do it,” she says enthusiastically.

Rachel rolls her eyes. “Yeah, Maybe. I’ll think about it.” She closes her phone’s screen. “You should really get some more sleep. I have to go now, text me later, okay?”

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If Rachel found out she’d called out sick to stay home and get anally dicked she’d be fuming mad. She’d probably even accuse her of cheating, or scold her on the importance of her future and how she’s throwing it all away. Heather scoffs. Nothing is more important than winning Andrew’s heart, she thinks.

She hadn’t realized how much work went into preparing for anal sex. After being mentally scarred from a series of anal horror stories online she made sure to fast the entire day, taking Sasha Gray’s advice she’d found posted on YouTube. She was too embarrassed to purchase a douche from the store, so she took an anonymous gay man’s advice and purchased a large bottle of Evian. This man swore that the only water to ever hit his ass was Evian. Not wanting to take any chances, she also purchased Evian. Obviously Pepsi was doing something right.

She brings the slightly-warmed bottle of water into the bathroom with her and strips completely naked. Positioning herself on all fours, she awkwardly tilts the opened bottle so that it’s aligned with her anus. She raises her ass in the air, putting the bottle at a 45 degree angle. The water pours into her asshole, some of it dribbling down the backs of her thighs, and she worries momentarily that her ass juice will find its way into her vagina. She just got done secretly taking a week’s worth of antibiotics for the UTI she denied having, so the last thing she needed was a yeast infection.

She stands up and wiggles her hips from side to side, shaking her ass as if gurgling mouthwash. There’s a sudden sensation of needing to release. As soon as she sits on the toilet, watery stool shoots from her anus. There isn’t a lot of brown, but there’s enough to warrant another ass full of Evian.

Once the water runs clear, and a couple of unexpected nuggets blow out, she places a few drops of vaginal soap into a new bottle.

Exhausted from her thorough anal cleansing, she clears the browsing history, not wanting to be questioned for her search query. She doubts Rachel would bother looking, but one can never be too careful.

She glares into the sink, finding Rachel’s filthy cereal bowl and orange juice glass. As annoyed as she was, she wasn’t going to clean someone else’s mess. It’s doubtful Andrew will be interested in looking in the sink, anyway. He has other plumbing to assess.

There’s a gentle knock on the front door. Heather sucks in a deep breath, slowly exhaling before greeting Andrew. He’s holding a bottle of Sliquid in one hand and a 3-pack of condoms in the other. He smirks, giving the lube a playful wiggle.

She fights the sinking feeling of disappointment rising in her chest. She had fully expected he’d be cumming inside of her, just as he’d done to Rachel. “You’re late,” she says flatly, not wanting to sound too eager.

“Ha, I know. I had to get a couple things,” he says, flicking his gaze to his hands.

Heather glares at him.

“What?” He laughs. “I don’t know where that ass has been.” He pauses a moment, staring at her shirt. “We’ll have to get you out of that quick.”

“Not a fan of the Seahawks?” she asks, furrowing her brows.

“God, no.” Andrew tugs at the hair she’d cropped on top of her head.

“Hey,” she says, pushing his hand away. She places her hands on top of her hair protectively.

“Is that straw or hair?” he asks pulling at it again. “It looks trashy bunched up on your head like that, take it down.”

She concedes, removing her brown scrunchy. “Happy?”

He leans in to kiss her, shoving his tongue down her throat and groping her tits hard.

“Ow!” She shoves him back. “Why are you being so rough?”

“Oh, shut up,” he says. “I didn’t come here to be bitched at.” He looks around the kitchen. “Let’s fuck in Rachel’s room.”

Ew, why?” she asks, scrunching her nose.

“Because I want to.”

Andrew turns Heather over so that she’s lying on her belly. He hikes her shirt up, exposing her bare back and ass. He pulls hard on her thong, ripping it down to her knees.

“Jesus, Andy!” she yells, jerking her head back to glare at him.

Offering no apology, he pushes her back into position and grabs at her hips, forcing her into a downward dog position. The cold lubricant gel hits her hole, followed by Andrew’s warm fingers massaging it in and around the target.

“Shouldn’t we warm up a little first?” Heather asks. “I read that—”

“I know what I’m doing!” Andrew snaps.

She hears the artificial click of a smartphone camera and whirls around. “Oh my God, what are you doing?”

“Just some material for later,” he answers, holding the phone above her ass.


“Yeah, I have a folder on my computer.”

Heather turns around, shaking her head.

“Don’t clench!” he orders. “Try to relax. Pretend you’re about to take a dump or something.” The head of his cock presses firmly against her anus, and her body tightens. “What did I just say!” he barks. “Don’t be so nervous, otherwise this is really going to hurt.”

Heather exhales, trying her best to calm down, but as soon as he pushes inward her knees buckle beneath her and she drops flat against the mattress.

Andrew pulls at her hips and positions her ass upward again. “I’m taking this ass whether you cooperate or not, alright?”

She freezes, realizing she might be ruining the experience for him. “Yes,” she answers, unsure of what she’s consenting to. She glances back to see Andrew holding his phone above her ass again.

He presses his throbbing cock head into her hole. Heather lets out a squeal and tries to pull away, her legs quaking.

Andrew stops again, placing his phone against the lamp on the nightstand, allowing it to film the action from a more convenient angle. He re-positions her and holds tightly to her chub-covered hips. “Don’t fucking move this time,” he growls. Slowly, he pushes in.

Heather sucks in air and exhales slowly. The sensation of a thick cock entering makes her brain think there’s a turd in the chamber. She fights against the wild urge to run to the bathroom, knowing if she did the moment would be ruined.

“That’s good, nice deep breaths,” Andrew encourages.

She watches him from the recording video of his phone squeeze more lubricant onto his shaft before pushing in further. Her hole puckers at the sensation of the cold gel.

“Why don’t you play with yourself a little bit,” he suggests.

Hesitantly she presses her fingers onto her clitoris and makes a circular motion. It’s a helpful distraction.

Andrew pushes in further, and then slowly and gently pumps in and out.

Heather’s asshole burns as the skin stretches to accommodate him. His large, hanging sack slaps her pussy with each thrust, adding to the novelty of her experience. She likes the way Andrew holds her tightly in place, his strong grip reminding her of who’s in charge. A loud moan escapes her lips as unexpected pleasure rushes through her body. She’d always thought women were lying when they would moan while bouncing their asses off cocks. She understands now. She wants to ask for more lube, but she doesn’t want to annoy him. He’s really into it, pushing in harder and faster. She focuses on the slap of his sweaty scrotum.

She clutches the sheets, biting down into a pillow, unsure if she can take anymore.

“I’m going to pull out of you now,” he announces.

Her breath hitches as he slowly extracts his cock. The sensation of needing to shit increases the further he gets to the end. She breathes heavily, clenching her fists. His head tugs at the exit, and she lets out a suppressed scream. To her surprise, removal proved to be more uncomfortable than insertion.

She remains stunned in place, her eyes blinking rapidly as she processes what had just happened.

She turns to catch him removing the condom, relieved to have it over with.

Andrew clutches her hips, pushing the tip of his dick into her vagina. He spreads her cheeks apart and lets out a low groan.

Satisfaction washes over her as his warm cum coats her inner walls.

Andrew rolls over next to her, letting out a loud and satisfied sigh. “That was nice,” he says, glancing over. He slaps her thigh a couple of times before sitting up. “Whelp.” He lets out a heavy sigh. “I’m gonna head out. Talk to Rachel for me, okay?”

Her heart drops. “Yeah, whatever.” Her rectum radiates with hot, burning pain.

She sits in the shower gently rubbing her freshly-widened hole. “I hope he doesn’t expect this every time,” she says aloud to herself. She doesn’t know how much more ass fucking she’d be able handle from a man with such a girthy member.

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Heather wakes to see Rachel hovering over her. “Oh, honey, you don’t look so good. Is everything okay?”

She groans, “Yeah, I’m fine. I think I’m going to start my period soon.”

Rachel bends down and kisses her forehead. “That’s odd,” she says, her lips pulling to one side. “I thought we were synced up. I haven’t started mine yet.”

She really hated Rachel sometimes. “I’m on birth control now, so…”

“Oh?” she asks, perplexed. “Why? I can’t get you pregnant.” She chortles.

“I just want to rest now,” she groans, turning to face away from Rachel’s prying eyes.

“Rough day at Valley Sky?” she asks, turning to go.

Heather grunts in the affirmative, hoping it’s enough to satisfy her interrogator.

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