Cruel Infidelity

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Tammy walks through the living room, roaming into the kitchen and back through again and again, glaring at her phone. “He isn’t answering.” She sneers.

“Forget about him,” Andrew says, unbuttoning his shirt. “What did you do today?”

“They’re probably fucking,” she mutters.

“Doubt it, who would want her?”

“You did.”

Andrew glares at her. “Only to play with, it wasn’t serious.”

“What is with men and anal sex?” she asks, whirling around. “I don’t get the fixation.”

“It’s not something that needs female understanding.”

She closes her eyes. “She fucked him!”

Andrew raises his eyebrows at the sudden outburst.

Her lips press into a thin flat line. She stares blankly into his amused, curious brown eyes. “He had shit all over his dick.” She pushes past him.

Andrew remains standing in place. “What, now?”

Tammy sits at the table, crossing one leg over the other, bouncing her knee. “How many times have you gotten shit on your dick?” She glares at him.

“It’s never happened to me. She must have had one in the chamber and not said anything.”

She grimaces. “He was acting all sorry like it was no big deal, but his cock was covered in shit. I’ll never be able to look at him the same again.” She eyes him.

“What’s that look for?”

She maintains her accusatory glare. “You’re the reason he got so curious about it. Because of your incessant bragging he wouldn’t stop begging me for it. ‘Oh, but Heather lets Andy do it, come on baby just one time.’”

“That’s a pretty good impression,” Andrew says quietly.

“It bothers you, doesn’t it?”


“You’re really going to act like it doesn’t piss you off? She seduced another man and your best friend fucked your girl.”

“Alright, yeah, it bothers me how easy it was for Chris to cross that line.”

“Yeah, because he secretly wanted her the whole time.”

He nods. “Yes, but I don’t think it’s as one-sided as you’re saying.”

Tammy’s brows knit together.

“You wouldn’t have come here as your first choice if you didn’t harbor secret desires of your own.”

“Don’t play head doctor with me, bud.”

“Admit it,” he says, leaning in closer. “Deep down inside… you wanted something to happen.”

“Oh yeah, I totally wanted Chris to ass fuck a cow,” she retorts, folding her arms.

He leans back in his chair. “That’s not what I meant. I think you wanted something to happen between us.” He licks his lips. “I think he bores you. I think maybe hearing Chris talk about the sex I give Heather made you curious.”

“Stop,” she says, looking away.

“Okay, fine.” He exhales. “Maybe I’m just projecting some of my own wishful thinking onto you.” He shrugs.

Tammy looks up.

He bites his lower lip and squints. “I could never quite figure out how a loser like Chris landed a woman like you.”

A woman like me?” she mocks.

“Well, yeah. Think about it. He failed out of college, he’s out of shape, and he lacks ambition.”

“So you’re faulting him for failing out of college? You do know that I never even went to college, right?”

“Well, you ended up doing pretty well for yourself despite that. It’s your house after all.”

“It’s not that great of a house,” she murmurs.

“A woman like you could have anything you want with the right guy...” he trails.

Tammy meets his intense gaze. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying… you deserve the kind of guy who has ambition… connections… You deserve a man who will make your dreams and desires a reality.”

Tammy’s lips quirk to one side in a look of quiet amusement.

“Did you really think I would buy a house for her? Start a family with her?”

“Honestly?” she asks. “Yes. She lets you walk all over her. You have free reign to do whatever you want. I saw it first hand.”

“It’s a game. I’m bored. She bores me and I’m punishing her for it. That’s not really who I am. I’d settle down for the right woman.”

“What about that girl you knocked up?”

Andrew shakes his head and shrugs. “What about her?”

“Why not settle down with her?”

“I’m taking responsibility for my child, and I see to it that her mother is financially sound. Beyond that, there is no attraction.” He pauses. “Tammy, look at me.” He cups her face, looking deep into her gray eyes. “You could have it all.”
Her mouth pulls into a line and she taps her leg. An awkward silence lingers between them for a moment. Andrew leans in, pressing his lips to her forehead and stands up, making his way into the bathroom.

If Chris wants to have sex with Heather, then she will have sex with Andrew. She imagines how devastated Heather will be when she finds out.

All she’d wanted was a secret, hot steamy affair with no strings attached, but Heather pushed her to all out warfare. She opens her purse and pulls out the pack of condoms she’d brought just in case. She wouldn’t be needing them any longer. She was out for his seed.

Steam pours out as she pushes the bathroom door open.

She peels her red shirt off over her head, revealing her small pert breasts. Next she steps out of her jeans. She takes a deep breath before carefully she tugging the shower curtain to the side.

Her eyes fall to Andrew’s sculpted buttocks. He turns around, his eyes closed with suds falling down over his face as he rinses his hair. Her mouth drops open. His cock is the biggest she’s ever seen.

“Do you like it?” His cock twitches.

She looks up, and without saying a word, steps inside to join him.

Andrew wraps his arms around her tight body. “I was wondering how this would happen.” he says with a smirk.

His penis prods into her pelvic bone. “Oh yeah,” she says, unsure of what to make of it.

“You’re so small and firm,” he acknowledges.

She laughs nervously. “And you’re huge and thick.”

He cranes his neck, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth. He picks her up, allowing her to wrap her legs around his torso. The head of his cock slides into her slick opening with ease.

Her breath hitches.

He lowers her onto his shaft, pushing it inside inch by inch.

“Oh, my god,” she whispers.

“Am I bigger than him?” he asks.

She nods. “Uh-huh.” It comes out like a moan.

Andrew groans, pressing in balls deep.

Tammy sighs loudly, never having been filled like this before.

In the throws of bouncing off his cock, a finger grazes her anus. “Don’t,” she whispers, grabbing his hand. He presses in anyway.

She’s too aroused to be mortified, and his complete and total lack of boundaries makes her involuntarily cum. After a few more thrusts, he finishes deep inside her, his index finger knuckle deep inside her ass.

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