Cruel Infidelity

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“You need to go,” Chris says in a frantic, hushed tone.

“What time is it?” She looks around, her eyes straining against the dark. “What’s going on?” she asks, her voice heavy with sleep.

“Here,” he says, pushing her purse into her chest.

“Chris,” she says more pointedly. “What’s going on?”

He sighs. “Tammy is coming back, I don’t want there to be an altercation, I can’t have that.”

Heather pulls her phone from beneath the pillow, 3:04 A.M. “Jesus,” she says to herself.

“Here, is that everything?” he asks, pushing her shirt into her chest.

“I don’t know.” She sits up, surveying her surroundings.

“Where are your pants?” he asks hurriedly. “Get dressed, oh my god.” His voice is shrill.

Heather finds her pants bunched up at the end of the bed between the sheet and blanket.

“Please,” Chris says. “Please don’t tell Tammy we had sex again. Don’t tell her you slept in our bed. Say I made you sleep on the couch and wouldn’t talk to you. Don’t tell Andy, either” He combs his fingers through his hair and rubs his face with his palms.

“Why?” she asks, confused. “She fucked Andrew–”

“Please, Heather. Don’t… You don’t know that.”

She nods to herself, finally understanding. They’re going to get back together. Of course they are.

Light sweeps through the room, and there’s a sound of tires on gravel just outside. “She’s here!” Chris shrieks. “Get your shit, Heather, Go!”

She fumbles toward the door.

“No!” Chris grabs her arm and pulls her back. “She’ll see you coming down the stairs. Fuck! Go out the back,” he says in a shrill whisper. Shoving her aside, he races down the staircase. “I’ll stall her!” he calls over his shoulder, whipping the front door open. It slams hard behind him.

The brisk night air laps at Heather’s exposed arms. She looks down at her phone. Nothing.

Does Andrew know Tammy left? She selects his name listed under Meat Pony in her contacts and brings the phone to her ear.



Air blows into the phone, and silence lingers between them for a moment. “Tammy’s back there, huh?”

“I’m at the end of the road,” she says, making her way around the house. “Can you come get me?”

“Can’t you walk?” he slurs. He sounds drunk.

Lowering her voice, ducking just beneath a window, she tells him that Chris threw her out in such a hurry that she’d left her coat. He didn’t give her a chance to get it.

He huffs. “You fuck him?”

“God, no,” she snaps, grimacing.

“See you soon.”

She moves the phone from her ear to see he’d disconnected. Prince charming as always.

Slowly, she straightens her legs, bringing herself just high enough to see over the windowsill. Tammy is pointing a finger at Chris, her chin jutting out and her face is as red as a tomato. “How many more times did you fuck the fat bitch!” she bellows.

Chris is hunched over, slack-jawed and looking pathetic. Tammy disappears from the room in a huff. Chris sits down on the couch and stares in the direction she’d gone. She reappears, holding Heather’s brown jacket. “The cunt must’ve left in a hurry, huh?” She throws the jacket at him.

He tosses it away as if it’s dirty. “Is that why you ran outside the way you did? To give her a clean get away?” He stands up and walks toward her.

Heather moves away from the window slightly, afraid he might see her, but he doesn’t take his eyes off his pygmy of a woman.

She tries to ignore the building nausea. Her throat tightens as she trudges along the road, just making it to the end as Andrew’s black Mustang roars toward her.

“At the end of the road, huh?” he calls through the open window. “Weird.”

She ignores him and opens the door. The warmth of the interior momentarily soothes her.

“I guess we’re stuck with each other,” he says mockingly.

“Guess so,” Heather replies in a clipped tone.

He pulls his cock out of his gray sweatpants, the elastic waste band nestled just under his balls. “How does he compare to this?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Don’t lie to me,” he hisses.

“I’m not lying!”

He grips a chunk of her hair, pulling her face toward his engorged phallus. “Prove it to me. Show me how badly you missed this.” He pulls the car behind a grocery store and kills the lights.

She wraps her lips around his cock, caressing his shaft with her tongue. He presses her head down, forcing her to deep throat him. He thrusts upward, hitting the back of her throat hard. The car door opens and he pushes her away. “Get out of the car.” He grabs her, pulling her tits out of her shirt.

She’s cold, but doesn’t want to ruin her chance to be welcomed back into his good graces.

He pulls her pants down and kneels, spreading her ass cheeks apart. He licks her pussy and ass, making the area into a water slide.

“Someone is going to see us,” she whimpers.

“There’s nobody out here.”

“The store’s going to open soon,” she whines.

He pushes her head down onto the hood of the car. “Shut up,” he says in a loud whisper, sliding his cock deep inside of her. “Ooh, there’s that tight pussy I remember.”

Heather closes her eyes, thankful that Chris is so much smaller than Andrew. She slides a hand over her clitoris and moves it in a circular motion. It’s satisfying to be filled like this again.

Andrew pushes himself balls deep. Wrapping his arm around her neck, he holds her against his body, leaning close to her. The warmth of his mouth tickles her ear. “No man will ever fuck you the way I do.”

She immediately slams her ass back and forth, sliding furiously off his cock. He’s right. There’s no other man who could ever compare to him. He stands still as she pounds her pussy off his throbbing cock. Her wetness soaking the both of them. He clutches her portly rump as he blows his load, letting out a stifled grunt.

The semen flooding her hole heightens her senses and she cums hard just seconds after him. She lay limp over the warm hood of his car as he remains pressed inside of her.

He rubs her ass before giving it a loud smack. “We’ve got company.”

Mmm.” Heather moans, no longer caring. “I hope they liked the show.”

He slides out of her and pulls his pants up. She stands up and looks to her left to see an older man holding a trash bag. She struts around the front of the car, not bothering to put her tits away. She winks at him before climbing inside.

“There’s the slut I remember,” Andrew says, giving her left breast an appreciative squeeze.

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