Cruel Infidelity

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Rachel turns, inspecting herself in the three-way mirrors. She never imagined she’d wear a white gown, let alone ever be married to a man. She closes her eyes and sucks in a deep breath before pulling the curtain open. It was time to sink or swim.

“You look absolutely stunning!” her mother exclaims, cupping her hands around her face. “Breathtaking, Rachel, really.”

“I think this is the one!” she chirps.

“I agree,” the store clerk chimes in.

“Just wait until Andy sees it,” her mother says, beaming.

“Not until the wedding,” she says sharply.

“Of course, of course. A Christmas ceremony is really going to be beautiful, just beautiful. You snagged yourself a good one.”

Rachel’s face falls momentarily as she stares at the price tag. “Do you think it’s too much?” she asks.

“He told you price wasn’t a concern.”

“I know, I guess I just feel guilty.”

“Guilty for what?” her mother asks, tilting her head.

“He just… he puts up with so much. He does so much. He’s such a kind, caring man and I don’t want him to feel like I’m taking advantage of him.”

“Well why on earth would he think something like that?” her mother asks, voice climbing in tone and concern.

“It’s just… Never mind.”


“He gets taken advantage of a lot, that’s all. He has trouble putting his foot down and saying no.”

“Oh, honey. Andrew’s a big boy, he can handle himself, I’m sure of it. Now let’s get this paid for and get some lunch, I’m starving.” She places a hand over her abdomen.

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