Cruel Infidelity

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“You’re almost there, baby. You’ve almost got all of me. Relax.”

Tammy lets out a ragged breath. “Andrew,” she murmurs. “It’s too big, I can’t.”

“Of course you can,” he grunts. He presses his palms hard on her small ass cheeks, willing her hole to open and accept him fully. “You’re doing so good. Just keep going with it.” His arm reaches over her, plucking the bottle of lube off the nightstand.

The cap clicks open, and cool, thick gobs of the clear liquid slide down the crack of her ass. His fingers tap her buttocks and he applies more to his shaft. “Just like that,” he says soothingly.

She closes her eyes and presses herself into him, breathing heavily and whimpering as her backdoor sucks in his thick cock.

The artificial click of his phone’s camera sounds through the room. He holds the phone in front of her. “You did it,” he says.

She can barely think straight, let alone respond to the picture of her gaped asshole. “How much longer?” she cries out. He slides slowly in and out of her. “You know, Heather never complained like this.”

She exhales, closing her eyes. As usual, it’s always about Heather.

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