Cruel Infidelity

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The windows are dark, and the neon sign flickers dimly. You’d never know the place was open if not for the small crowd loitering outside.

Tammy and Heather saunter past the group of men smoking, their banter halting as they take notice of the two of them. One guy spits on the sidewalk, another gives Heather the up and down. Tammy blanches. They’re only looking at her because she has big tits.

“I don’t know about this,” Heather says, turning. Her eyes wide and doe-like. She bites her thumbnail.

Tammy roles her eyes. “Oh come on, it’s just a drink.”

“Andrew will be mad if he finds out.”

“So don’t let him find out,” she says, exasperated.

“Go sit at that table, I’ll get us some drinks. What do you want?”

Heather bites her lip, looking around. Her arms are pulled in close to her body. “I don’t know.”

“Okay, I’ll decide for you then,” she says, forcing a smile. “Go grab that table over there before someone else does.” Tammy watches as big Heather waddles away. Her eyes are glued on her ass, she’s sure it’s gotten bigger since the last time she saw it. Her breasts look heavier, too.

“Here you are, my dear,” Tammy says in a sing-song voice.

“What is it?” she asks, staring suspiciously at the glass.

“Sex on the beach,” she answers. “It’s good.”

Tammy holds back the urge to yell at her as she turns her nose up at it. “So, you and Andy,” she starts in, sipping her beer. “What’s going on with that?”

Heather shrugs, her eyes darting in every direction.

“Drink up, you look anxious as fuck,” Tammy says, eyeing her.

She does as she’s told, and looks pleasantly surprised after the first sip. “Yes, he finally popped the question,” she confirms. “I didn’t think it would ever happen.”

“Nobody did,” Tammy confides. “But there’s just one problem…”

“What?” she asks, her eyes wide and panicked.

“Andrew says… Well no, maybe I shouldn’t say.”

“No, tell me! What is he saying?!”

Tammy is taken slightly aback at Heather’s desperation. “He’s just been saying he doesn’t know anything about marrying you.” She almost feels bad relaying the news, unsure of who is actually telling the truth now. Heather’s eyes go glossy.

“Forget about him!” Tammy yells, trying to look happy. “Fuck him, he’s a piece of shit.”

Heather carefully wipes under her eyes. “Is my mascara smudged at all?” she asks.

She squints. Heather’s bloated, fat face reminds her of a greedy chipmunk. “No, you look great!”

Heather starts to swallow back her drink, almost guzzling it.

She stares at Heather’s cleavage. Annoyance and a tinge of anger comes over her. “The best way to get over one man is to get under another,” she says slyly. “Those guys keep looking over here.”

She turns her head, looking in the men’s direction and then quickly looks away. She swallows the last of her drink. “Well, I’ve finished my drink, so whenever you’re ready, I am.”

“Ready for…?” Tammy asks, smirking.

“To go home. I don’t want Andy to worry.”

“He’s working late tonight.” she says. “I don’t think he will be doing much worrying.”

“How do you know he’s working late, and what’s with the tone?”

“Oh, come on. You know exactly why I said it like that. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, Andy and I talk.”

Heather’s face goes red. She hunches over, staring at her empty glass.

“Do you want another drink?” she asks, standing.

Heather nods slightly.

Tammy walks up to the bar, feeling aggravated with Heather’s pathetic demeanor. It was irritating how wrapped up on Andrew she was. She didn’t know who was worse or more insane, her or him. Now the whole marriage debacle was even more confusing and weird to her. Heather looked legitimately broken.

“Hey,” a man says behind her. “Couldn’t help but notice you and your friend. Are you two sisters?”

Tammy turns and looks up at the tall, sandy-haired guy hovering over her. He doesn’t look a day over 20. “You sure you’re old enough to drink?” she quips.

He smirks. “Mind if I buy you two a drink?”

“No, in fact, I think I’d like that,” she answers, batting her lashes.

“What’s your name?” he asks, leaning close to the bar.

“Jill,” she says, swaying.

“Well nice to meet you Jill, I’m Richard.” He points over to a darker-complected guy with dreads. “That’s my buddy, Fred,” he says.

“Fred?” she asks, furrowing her brows and smirking. Now she’s sure he’s lying about their names, too. This is going to be fun, she thinks.

“Would you and Fred like to join us?”

“I was just about to ask you the same thing.” He bites his lower lip.

“Well, go get him then.” She walks back to the table where Heather sits with her face buried in her phone.

“Put that away,” she says. “We’ve got company.”

Heather looks up, wide-eyed.

“Everything okay?” she asks. Heather looks to be on the verge of tears.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Andrew won’t answer my texts.”

“Look, we need to get off that topic. There’s a couple of guys who want to join us. I say we milk them for all the free drinks we can get.” She smiles conspiratorially. “I told them my name is Jill. You should make up a name, too. You know, so you can pretend to be someone else tonight. It will be fun.”

“Be someone else?” she asks warily.

“Yeah, like tonight you aren’t sad, depressed Heather. You’re the sexy, fun Liz, or something, I don’t know.”

Heather’s gaze drifts above her head. Tammy turns around to see what she’s looking at and finds Richard coming up behind her, Fred close behind.

“Are you going to introduce me to your friend?” Richard asks, smiling.

Tammy turns back around and stares hard at Heather, hoping to pressure her into playing along.

“I’m Liz,” Heather says.

Tammy smiles, satisfied with her response. Maybe Heather isn’t as uptight as she thought.

She nurses her beer as both Fred and Richard direct most of their attention to Heather’s exposed cleavage, watching them exchange looks, probably trying to figure out who has dibs on the fat chick.

“You two girls wanna get out of here?” Richard asks.

Tammy’s eyes light up, and she looks eagerly at Heather. “I’m game,” she exclaims. “Liz?”

Heather’s eye makeup is half way down her face, she looks like a broken-in sow. “Hell yeah, let’s go,” she says in a high-pitched tone.

Tammy clings to Richard, no longer sure of Fred. He’s certainly the quieter of the two. She’s more attracted to Richard’s charisma. His confidence is probably a good sign that he’s packing girth. She’s eager to find out if she’s guessed right. The only problem is Richard’s eyes are glued to Heather.

“Yo, Fred!” he calls, tossing the keys at him.

Fred turns just in time to get hit in the chest with the keys. He bends over, plucking them from the ground.

Tammy decides she will scoot into the backseat with Heather and set her straight about who’s getting who, but Richard beats her to it. He shoves in right next to her, leaving Tammy standing at the passenger-side door. Reluctantly, she sits up front with Fred.

Fred’s eyes drift to the rear-view mirror and then back down again. He turns the ignition and they make their way across town.

The sounds of kissing and light moans penetrate Tammy’s ears like an invasion. She watches Fred as he silently chauffeurs them to their destination, his eyes flicking from the windshield to the rear-view all the while.

“You okay with a motel room?” Fred asks finally. “I live with my parents and Richard’s fiancé wouldn’t exactly approve.”

“Fiancé?” she asks, her eyes widening. “How old are you guys?”

“I’m 23 and he’s 25.”

“Do you have a fiancé, too?” she asks, still surprised.

“No,” he admits. “I just kind of follow Rich around and take whichever girl he doesn’t want.”

His words sting. Alcohol has a way of loosening the tongue.

Grunts and lips smacking continue from the backseat undeterred, undoubtedly the conversation between her and Fred going unheard.

“I’m fine with it though,” he adds. “Especially tonight. You’re kinda hot… You know, for being old and all.”

Richard has donned an obnoxious hat with a pompom. Tammy grimaces at the sight of Heather leaning hard into him, his hat somehow making the scene worse. She shakes her head, deciding she will make Fred eat his words, and once Richard sees that she can fuck, he will regret picking that sloppy pig.

A heavy smell of old cigarettes hangs heavily on everything in the dingy motel room. She stares at the two beds, uncertain of how she feels about rolling around in them.

Heather and Richard fall into the bed without seeming to think about it. They roll around, frantically kissing like two teenage horn dogs. Heather’s tits flop out. They’re big and saggy and her nipples are the size of saucers. Tammy didn’t know nipples could take up so much real estate.

Fred’s warm hand takes hers, and he guides her to the adjacent bed. As Fred kisses her neck and fondles her chest, she looks on as Heather is stripped naked. She takes Richard’s cock into her mouth as if it’s second nature. Her neck bobs off it like a chicken hopped up on coke. Richard is still wearing that ridiculous red and blue pompom hat, which just seems even stranger now when paired with nothing else besides his white socks. She was wrong about his cock; it’s average at best.

“Come on now,” Fred whispers. “Let’s not let them have all the fun.” Tammy looks down at his exposed dick. It has more girth than Richard’s, at least. Uncircumcised, too.

She peels out of her shirt, and Fred helps her out of her pants. He kisses her tight stomach, licking it, moving down to her hips. He moans hungrily. And straightens up, ready to push his cock in.

“Do you have a condom?” she asks.

He frowns. “Really?”

“Yeah, really.” she says. “No offense.”

“Your friend doesn’t care.”

Tammy glances over. It’s true, she’s riding that kid raw dog. She hadn’t realized she was such an easy slut. Fucking for fun was one thing, but bareback? Heather’s ass bounces, slapping Richard’s legs. It ripples each time it makes contact.

“I have one for you,” Tammy says, reaching into her purse. “Hold on.” There was no way in hell she was going to risk this weirdo knocking her up or giving her herpes.

“Fuck my ass!” Heather cries out.

“Fucking score!” Richard cheers.

She pushes a condom into Fred’s hand. He’s staring at Heather ride his friend, his cock balls deep in her ass as she writhes and bounces off it.

“Do you do that, too?” Fred asks, looking hopeful.

“Not with guys I don’t know,” she mutters.

“Come on, don’t be boring. Look, she’s even gonna let him nut in her. Maybe we can skip the condom and just do what they’re doing.”

Brooo!” Richard yells. “Ass to mouth! This is wilder than a fuckin’ porno!”

Fred rolls the condom on and lets out an aggravated grunt.

“Get in on this, bro!” Richard calls. Heather’s gape is on full display as she sucks Richard’s cock.

“Sorry,” Fred says, shrugging. He stands up, nearly tripping over a shoe on the floor and sloppily pulls at the condom until it comes off. He spits on his hand and rubs his cock with it before pushing himself into Heather’s cavernous hole.

Seeing the results of hard anal from an outsider’s perspective made her rethink ever letting Andrew do it to her again. How doesn’t she shit herself on the norm? Or does she?

“Hey you… Um.” Richard snaps his fingers twice. “Sorry, forgot your name. Come sit on my face, I wanna eat your pussy while I blow a load down your sister’s throat.”

Tammy shakes her head and slides a leg into her underwear. This isn’t how she imagined the night ending up. Playing second fiddle to Heather? There could be nothing worse.

“Fuck you too, then!” he yells after her as she makes her way toward the door. “You’re old anyway.”

The last thing she hears is Fred groaning in pleasure. She imagines Heather’s ass overflowing with foreign seed.

She calls for an Uber as she walks along the edge of the parking lot. Her head is swimming as she pulls nicotine into her lungs. It doesn’t make her feel any better. Her entire plan to show Heather up backfired spectacularly. At least I have something to hold over her. Maybe I’ll organize a bachelorette party and really prove to Andy what a nasty slut his bride-to-be is. The more witnesses, the better.

She no longer doubts Heather’s claim of being engaged. She’s too basic to make something like that up, she thinks, taking another drag of her cigarette.

Headlights appear in the distance. She tosses her spent cigarette into the road and straightens her shirt. I’m going to destroy Heather’s life from the inside out.

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