Cruel Infidelity

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Tammy shows up with three other girls. Heather recognizes one of them, but can’t quite place where she’s seen her before.

“This is my cousin, Bonnie” Tammy says, placing her hand on her shoulder. They’re the closest in height, making Heather wonder if everyone in her family is underdeveloped and underweight. They both share the same avian features and short forehead.

“I was thinking we could hit up that motel again,” she says, smiling. “Unless you want to just stay here.”

The girls look around. “It wouldn’t be so bad just staying here,” the tall brunette says.

“Oh, you remember Tiffany, right? And I know you remember Amanda,” Tammy adds with a smile.

Heather’s eyes widen. Why would she invite her? She’s going to tell Andrew and ruin everything. It dawns on her suddenly that she’s the biggest woman in the room. She tugs on the hem of her shirt.

“No hard feelings,” Amanda says absently. She stands at the window and peers down at the driveway. “Is your neighbor going to call the cops on us or anything?”

“I don’t think so. Mike’s pretty quiet. He’s chill.”

“So then I take it you’re cool with staying here?”

Heather twists a strand of her hair around her finger. “Do you think that’s smart?” she asks, biting her lip.

“I think it’s fine. You said he’s gone all weekend, right?”


“Then that settles it.”

They all huddle around Heather’s laptop, each woman suggesting which guys they could try to invite. They end up bickering back and forth about it while Heather sits back and watches on. She sips her margarita in silence.

“Ew, not him. I don’t want him anywhere near my pussy,” Tiffany says.

Every time Heather looks up, she catches the tail end of a glare from Amanda. Why is she here? “Um, Tammy, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Yeah, go for it,” she says, staring at the screen.

“Oh, you have to message James,” Tiffany says. Other than Tammy, Tiffany seems to be the only other woman keen on getting dick tonight.

The more she thinks about it, the less sure she is about going through with it. “I mean… alone,” Heather murmurs.

Tammy looks up from the computer. “Yeah, okay.” She straightens. “Excuse me ladies, the bride-to-be and maid-of-honor need to have a little chat.”

Ignoring Tammy’s self-appointed position, she drags her into Rachel’s old room. “Why is Amanda here? She doesn’t even like me,” she whispers.

“What? Why do you think that?” Tammy whispers back.

“I can tell. I can just feel it. She keeps giving me these… looks.”

“I think you’re being paranoid.”

“Am I?” She crosses her arms. “Did you tell any of them about the other night?”

“No, of course not! Are you crazy?” She stares hard at Heather causing her to shift uncomfortably. “What happened after I left, anyway?”

“Nothing much,” she mutters.

“How did you end up getting home?”

“Fred dropped me off.”

“Are you going to get tested for anything?” she asks, leaning in close. “I know you didn’t use protection.”

“I’ll be fine,” she says, shaking her head. “Don’t worry about it.”

“What about Andy?”

“How would he even know? Do you really think he uses protection?”

Tammy raises her eyebrows. “Good point,” she admits.

A cheer rises from the kitchen. “Stephen Bradshaw just accepted the invite!”

Tammy turns, pulling the door open. “Oh, no way!”

Heather’s brows knit together. “Stephen knows Chris and Andy! I thought we were going to get a stripper or something, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.”

“Oh, stop!” yells Tammy. “Have a drink, you’re fun when you’re drunk.”

“No, I don’t think it’s a good idea, Andy is going to find out.”

“Oh, don’t be a pussy,” Amanda sneers.

Heather purses her lips together.

“Go get changed, Heather,” Tammy says, nodding. “Everything’s going to be fine.”

Several shots later and Heather’s body tingles, and her face feels numb when she smiles. They’ve managed to get a handful of guys to come over and drink with them.

Tiffany throws back a shot of Jack Daniel’s and slams it on the table. “I’m so nervous,” she slurs. “I’ve had a crush on Scott since high school.”

“Aren’t you with someone?” Heather prods, sure she’s seen her around with a decently attractive guy before.

“Aren’t you?” she shoots back.

Bonnie and Amanda exchange looks. It makes Heather uneasy, like they know something she doesn’t.

“Lets get some music going before the guys show up,” Tammy suggests, trying to diffuse the awkwardness.

Heather turns to Amanda. Feeling uninhibited, she asks, “You hate me, don’t you.”

Amanda’s eyes widen and she pulls back slightly, shifting her body away from her. “Why do you think that?” she murmurs, looking at Bonnie.


“Because you’re engaged to Andrew?” Bonnie interjects. “You did her a favor. She doesn’t care or miss that freak.”

Tammy hands Heather a beer. “Here, hun.”

Amanda excuses herself and moves to the couch in the living room.

Knock, knock

Heather’s eyes widen as she frantically makes eye contact with the other girls. Tammy smiles devilishly and Tiffany claps her hands together, smiling a big toothy grin.

Heather opens the door to a gaggle of Chads with dad bods. Bonnie and Tammy waste no time and start flirting immediately, pushing bottles of alcohol into their hands. The guys exchange knowing glances with one another.

“It’s hot in here, huh?” Tammy says slyly. She unfastens the top three buttons of her pink and white flannel shirt.

Tiffany giggles.

“Who’s the lucky bride to be?” Stephen asks, his eyes darting around the room.

Heather sheepishly raises her hand.

“And who’s the poor bastard?” the blond guy behind him asks.

“Does it matter, dude?” Stephen quips, giving him the side eye.

He shrugs, taking a swig of beer.

It dawns on her that Stephen has no idea about her and Andrew.

“How’s Chris been?” he asks, looking at Tammy.

“Don’t know, don’t care.”

“Oh, shit, what happened?”

“The bastard cheated on me,” she says, crossing her arms.

“Shit, that’s rough. I’m sorry. I’m sure whoever it was has nothing on you.”

Tammy grins wickedly in Heather’s direction.

Heather throws back a shot of whiskey. If Andrew couldn’t be bothered to mention her to his friends, then maybe she wasn’t doing anything wrong after all. She doubts they’d stick around if they knew whose woman they were about to fuck.

Tiffany approaches Scott and begins to kiss his neck. He’s all for it and gropes her breasts. The atmosphere begins to change, something carnal takes over. Bras come off and pants drop to the floor. There isn’t going to be any privacy.

Stephen squeezes Heather’s breasts, shaking them wildly before sucking on her nipples. She looks around the room, watching as Tiffany rides Scott on the couch, his cock sheathed in latex.

Amanda ignores the advances of one of the guys, her attention focused solely on her phone which seems to be aimed right at her. Heather shakes off the feeling that she’s being filmed. It didn’t make any sense, it’s just like Tammy said; she’s just being paranoid.

Tammy is on her knees sucking the cock of a guy sitting next to the one being ridden by Tiffany. One of his hands is tangled in Tammy’s hair, the other cupped around Tiffany’s right breast.

Stephen’s bare cock pushes inside of Heather’s sopping wet cunt. It feels too awkward to stop just to request he wear a condom. She still has the implant anyway, she reasons. He pulls out of her and tries to find another hole to press into. None of the girls are having it. Amanda waves him away and Bonnie tells him to get a condom.

He returns to Heather. “I guess you’re the only fun one.” He pushes back in.

“Heather likes it in her butt,” Tammy announces. This catches everyone’s attention.

Stephen guides Heather to her knees. Tammy brings the guy she was sucking over to Heather, guiding his cock into her pussy. “You boys need to share,” she says in a motherly tone. “James, why don’t you lay down on your back. We’re going to make a Bride Sandwich.” Stephen presses into her ass as James glides in and out of her pussy. “We need another dick for her mouth!” Tammy yells.

Scott pushes Tiffany off, removes the condom, and blows his load all over her face.

Amanda stands over her with her phone in hand. The flash goes off and a click sounds. There’s nothing Heather can do, she’s glutting on cock and can’t stop. She shoves her ass back, accidentally dislodging James’ dick.

Tiffany dresses herself, frowning. “Well this turned out to be a bore,” she says, staring at Heather with her nose curled.

A guttural moan rises from Heather’s throat as all three of her holes are stuffed with cock. As far as she’s concerned, she’s the only one in the room.

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