Cruel Infidelity

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Did the message from his mother mean anything? Did she really think he’d settled for a girl like Rachel? She didn’t even remember her or the baby’s name, let alone the gender. So how serious could it really be?

She rolls her eyes. Rachel is just a naive little girl. She didn’t know pain. She ran to mommy and daddy as soon as it got hard.

These thoughts plague her daily. She obsesses over it, entertaining theory after theory, but nothing ever makes sense.

Did she threaten him with child support payments? Is that what this was about? Is that why Andy is so desperate to stay on good terms with her?

She shuts her eyes tight, willing her mind to stop racing. None of this matters, she tells herself. Rachel isn’t even straight.

She’d be pregnant soon enough, she decides, a grin forming across her lips. She’d gone and had the implant removed the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and Andrew has been loading her fertile womb almost everyday. This thought soothes her. He couldn’t possibly be fucking other women, not anymore.

She curls into Andrew on the couch, feeling triumphant to have him in her arms. He’s finally allowing her to be close to him. She rubs his leg, hoping for another drilling before bed.

Excited that she’ll soon be with child, she can hardly contain her throbbing clitoris. She hopes to find out before the wedding so she can surprise him after he says, I do.

She doesn’t doubt for a second that Andy would be an amazing father, after all he was willing to travel out of state just to see his daughter, even putting up with her ugly lesbian mother. Her mind wanders, and she can’t help but wonder if she’s since gotten any fatter since the last time she’d seen her. Andrew’s mother had referred to her as ‘grossly obese’ after all.

She hasn’t been able to locate her on Facebook, which is more proof, she decides, that she’s super morbidly obese and too embarrassed to show herself.

The swollen tip of Andrew’s cock brushes her lips. She sucks on the precum before running her tongue down his shaft.

Her body jumps slightly, not expecting his phone to ding right next to her head.

He reaches for it, abruptly shoving her off of him and sitting upright.

“What’s wrong?” she asks, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

“This is what you do while I’m visiting my family?” he asks through a tight jaw. He scowls, his eyes burning a hole through her soul.

It takes her a moment to make sense of what she’s watching. A woman on an off-white carpet sandwiched in between two men. A third cock comes into frame, and it’s sucked into her lips like a giant milkshake straw.

“Oh...” she says.

“Yeah, OH.” Andrew repeats. “To think, I almost married you.”

“You can still marry me,” she pleads. Her heart slams hard against her rib cage. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like that,” Heather insists. She feels panic overtake her. The sense of betrayal is overwhelming, not even Rachel did her like this.

She reaches for Andrew, wanting to explain herself. Maybe if he knew how his indiscretions made her feel, he’d see this differently.

He rips his arm away from her. “They weren’t even wearing condoms!” he shouts. A vein protrudes from his neck. She’s never seen him so angry.

“How many dudes were there?”


“There’s pictures of you with three here, were there more?”

“Tammy set me up!” she croaks between shallow breaths. It all made sense now. This was the plan all along. “She wants you for herself, can’t you see that!”

“How would Tammy make you take three cocks in the apartment I fucking pay for?! Explain that to me!” He pauses, blowing a picture up with his thumb and index finger. He shakes his head, his mouth hanging open.

He turns to her, his eyes crazed. “James has a pregnant wife.” He looks her up and down, as if seeing her for the first time. “I know these guys.”

Heather holds a throw pillow over her body. “Maybe I’d have known that if you actually introduced me!” she shouts, the fear and shame turning to rage.

“The last time I did that, you fucked him. Guess it doesn’t matter though, you’ll fuck anyone by the looks of it! Right in front of people!”

Heather shifts. “Why don’t you tell me about Victra” she taunts.


“Victra, your daughter! Yeah, SEE. I’m not the only one with secrets!”

“You’re such a fucking sociopath!” he yells. “Deflection at its finest. You already know about my daughter. You were the whole reason it happened, remember!?”

Heather scowls. She stares down at her hot-pink toenails as tears well in the back of her eyes and her throat constricts. “Well isn’t that what you were doing? Bringing your secret family to your mother? Does she even know about me?”

Andrew lets out a quick laugh and runs his hands through his hair. “My daughter isn’t a secret. I’ve never kept her a secret.”

“You never talk about her to me!”

“And why would I? you’d just get mad and sulk.”

“You never answered my question!” Heather yells. “Does your mother know about me!?”

Andrew bares his teeth. “No!” he yells. “And thank God for that!”

“But she knows about Rachel?” she shrieks, her voice cracking.

“Rachel is the mother of my child. Of course she knows about her, you crazy bitch!”

“You got her pregnant again, didn’t you.”

Andrew stares at her.

“Didn’t you!” she shouts, certain of it now.

“All this just so you don’t have to face the fact that three dudes ran a train on you in this room.” He snorts. “In this room!”

Her chest rises and falls and she blinks, unable to find words. She stares at the empty chair, remembering Amanda sitting in it with her phone pointed right at her. The paranoia she’d felt and dismissed coming back to her now. She had been taking pictures and video of her. It was all planned.

She feels sick. She pulls her legs into her chest as she breaks into a cold sweat. The room shrinks around her. Andrew is far away and there’s a big magnifying glass over her. Everyone can see her now. No place to hide.

She forces herself up and barrels into the kitchen. Her keys jangle loudly as she scrapes them from the table and into her palm. She doesn’t bother with a coat, she can’t stay here a second longer.

“Where do you think you’re going!” he shouts. “I want to know who you’ve been talking to!”

She slams the door behind her, her feet hit the stairs so hard and fast, it takes all she has not to fly forward.

“That’s right, you filthy whore, RUN AWAY!” His voice sounds so much louder in the narrow hallway.

* * *

She’s been driving aimlessly on the highway for the past hour. She shivers realizing that she has no memory of the drive up until now. It’s called Highway Hypnosis, she remembers. Her subconscious mind guided her while her conscious mind was flooded with thoughts and images of destruction and hell fire. A dream before her eyes.

Rain patters on the roof of her car. The beating of her heart and the sound of her labored breaths are too loud to tune out, so she drives in silence.

After pulling into a rest station parking lot, she reaches for her phone. Her hands shake, but she wants answers—A reason for this. Why go through the trouble of creating such an elaborate plan just to hurt her?

Tammy answers the phone on the third ring. “Well hello,” she says. Her tone is a slap in the face. It is one of unrestrained amusement.

“What is your problem?” Heather asks, forcing a monotone. Hoping her voice doesn’t waver and give her pain away.

“I just thought Andrew ought to get a taste of his own medicine. Why do you care? He got what he deserved.”

“Wait, what?” she asks, perplexed. “You did all of that just to make Andrew feel bad?” Anger rises in her chest. “You didn’t stop to think, hey what about Heather!?”

“I did you a favor!” she snarls. “You should be thanking me!”

“You ruined my life!” she screams.

“God, you are so fucking lost.” Tammy says before hanging up.

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