Cruel Infidelity

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The smell of cigarettes always makes him think of Tammy. He doesn’t particularly care for it, having made Heather give up the dirty habit, but it’s somehow fitting to Tammy and her demeanor.

He doesn’t have control over her the way he does over Heather. He sometimes wonders if Rachel would fall in line after marriage or rebel. He knows he needs to remove her from her family, friends, and job in order to gain the type of influence over her required for such control. Impregnating her again would effectively enslave her to him financially.

Tammy is like a feral cat. He doubts even if he impregnated her that she would obey. Maybe that’s what he likes about her, he isn’t sure.

As much as he enjoys the feel of soft flesh between his fingers, rubbing dimpled skin, and watching fat warble—he needs a break every once in a while.

Tammy’s super-slender petite body is the perfect remedy for his aching balls. It’s Rachel’s fault for this sudden desire anyway. Had she not smelled like Tammy’s wet mouth, he wouldn’t have it.

“Didn’t expect to see you here,” Tammy says flirtatiously. Her fuck-me eyes penetrate his, and his cock twitches. He watches her walk away from the wide-open door, her narrow hips swaying seductively.

He steps inside, closing the door gently behind him. “You sure about that?” he asks, eyeing her scantily-clad body.

She brings a bottle of beer to her lips, pausing momentarily. Her heavy-lidded gaze washes over him. There’s something vacant in her glossy eyes; resentment, maybe.

Her bare feet make a soft pattering sound as she makes her way into the living room. He stares at them, unable to peel his eyes away. Exposed feet excite him, making him feel like an intruder. It’s like being privy to intimacy he has no right to.

“Where’s Chris?” he asks, directing his gaze toward the staircase.

“Don’t know. Don’t care,” she says, throwing herself onto the couch. She spreads her legs apart, exposing her slit as she drains the last of her beer.

“I don’t believe that.” He stares hungrily, entranced by the slightly-parted lips between her legs. The hint of labia sends blood straight to his cock.

Tammy rolls her eyes. “What don’t you believe? That I don’t know where he is or that I don’t care?”

“That you don’t care,” he says flatly.

“Oh yeah?” Tammy says, sitting up straight. Her genitalia disappears beneath her. “Why’s that?”

He bites the tip of his tongue, hardly able to think straight. “I’m no expert on the female mind, but I know from enough experience that women are nasty, petty little creatures. They don’t just let things go.” He licks his lips. “Women love to tear each other apart. Vengeance is sweet and just. It comes natural to women, and there’s nobody I know better at it than you.” He smirks. “Tricking and exposing Heather was clever.”

She purses her lips. Her body language is odd, he thinks. Perhaps she doesn’t like to be analyzed. “Fact is,” he continues. “You saved me from making a huge mistake. You clearly knew a lot more about Heather’s character than I ever did.” She slouches again, the line of her cunt slightly noticeable.

It’s so hot the way she lets her lingerie ride up her body like that. She has to know what she’s doing. Andrew runs a hand over his crotch.

“I doubt that very much. You’re a player and we’re your pawns. We played right into your little game, didn’t we?” Tammy stands up, pulling her red satin chemise over her head. She approaches him, completely naked.

His cock presses against the restraints of his pants. Something about her is different. Fuller. He takes her swollen breasts in his hands and smiles knowingly. “Are you…” he lets his words linger.

She nods.

Pushing inside of her feels like taking full ownership of her body, A new sense of entitlement over her takes hold of him. A part of him grows inside of her, bonding him to her for life.

He shifts his gaze from her pussy to her face. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is agape. She’s too crafty for her own good, I’ll have to watch this one.

His finger presses into her asshole with ease, and she swings her hips wildly. He holds her in place and thrusts in and out. The sex is wet and loud.

Tammy throws her head back and moans with pleasure. It’s enough to set him off. His balls pull into his body and his cock stiffens. Her pussy tightens around it like it a hot, wet glove.

He fantasizes about choking her until her face turns blue and her eyes bulge out of her head. He loves having the power to impregnate, but hates the idea of being a father. Controlling stupid bitches is what he lives for, and knocking them up makes it all the easier. Pitting them against each other and making himself into their sole reason for breathing is intoxicating.

He pulls her in close to his body, his shaft barely inching out of her. He presses it in as far as physically possible, stopped only by his sack. He keeps his cock in place until he’s sure he’s dumped every last drop. Imagining Tammy’s body being destroyed by pregnancy makes him think of Rachel. He needs to be careful with her until she’s legally his and swollen again with his seed.

He retracts his spent cock and Tammy gets up, padding her way to the bathroom. He watches her little ass disappear into the other room and thinks about Heather’s impressive gape.

He’ll have to get rid of her soon, he knows. She’s too much of a menace and distraction for the other girls. It pains him to think he’ll have to let such a perfect anal-slave walk. He’ll miss mentally torturing her and using her as an outlet for his darkest sexual desires.

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