Cruel Infidelity

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Tight, dark curls fall in front of Rachel’s face as she bends over to zip her black suitcase.

“Hey, everything is going to be alright, okay?”

Rachel sniffs, standing. She wipes at her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt, and smooths her hair. “It’s just hard, you know? I thought it was what I wanted, I mean, everyone tells me it’s what I should want.”

Jennifer smiles, sitting down. “You mean, being with a man?”

Rachel scoffs. “No, not just that. I mean, the whole thing that comes with marrying someone like Andrew.”

“I don’t understand. From what I’ve seen he’s nothing more than a cheating asshole.”

“He’s a cheating asshole, alright, but there’s more to it, it’s complicated.”

“How is it complicated?” she asks, flexing her jaw. “It’s only complicated if you make it that way.”

“Andrew’s family is loaded, okay? His father is basically untouchable, and that makes Andy untouchable. A man like that comes with status, comfort, and money… And competition.”

“That explains some things,” Jen says, looking at the floor.

Rachel sits down next to her. “But there’s no love there. As much as I’ve tried to feel something, I can’t. Marrying him may look like a victory for me on the outside, but it would be a mistake. It would be the end of me.”

Jen gives Rachel’s hand a tight squeeze. “I’m here for you,” she whispers. This time when she looks into Rachel’s eyes, she sees something different. Before where she thought she saw innocence, she sees malice. Maybe she isn’t the victim she pretends to be. Maybe this entire situation is to make me feel bad so Rachel can rub her status in my face.

She blinks, staring hard into Rachel’s clouded blue eyes. Pretending to be straight just to one-up Heather.

Suddenly all the memories of Rachel blowing her off and casting her aside for Heather come back to her. Despite having always been there when she and Heather got into one of their regular arguments, Rachel had continued to reject her in favor of Heather’s approval. And isn’t that exactly what’s happening again? Except now it’s about taking Heather’s boy toy under the guise of suffering a great injustice.

“If it isn’t what you want, then walk away. You’ll never be happy.”

“I’d be rich, though.” she says, wiping her eyes.

Jennifer smiles thinly. “Well, that’s true. You should try to make up your mind, though.” She moves to stand.

“He told me I’m not allowed to work. He wants me trapped inside with children, cleaning a huge house. I can’t live like that, Jen. I can’t be one of those people.”

She doesn’t deserve a man like Andrew, she thinks. She’s not strong or smart enough to handle a guy like that. Such men require a certain level of freedom, but not so much that they forget who they answer to.

The door swings open and a man enters. His brows are furrowed and his jaw is clenched as he takes in the room. His eyes fall on her, giving her what she believes is the up-and-down. She licks her lips discreetly, and peers up at him innocently.

“What the fuck is going on here?” he says, shifting his eyes away from her momentarily before returning her unwavering gaze.

“I’m leaving you,” Rachel says matter-of-fact.

“You’re leaving me?” he asks incredulously. “Going back to live with mummy and daddy in potato country?” he mocks.

“That isn’t your business,” she says, standing.

“It is if you’ve got my child inside of you.”

She plucks her dark purple travelers bag from the bed. Andrew is on her in seconds. He grabs her wrist. “Drop it,” he growls.

“Ow, you’re hurting me!” Rachel shrieks. “Jen!” she yells. “Help me!”

Jen sits frozen on the bed, her eyes wide. All she can think about is how fit and sexy Andrew is. His body looks so tight and chiseled under that shirt. His messy brown hair, and dark eyes. The stubble growing off his square jaw. No wonder he cheats on her. Jen wonders if he’s ever felt the pleasures of anal sex. It makes her hot to think she could introduce it to him, especially with the bonus optics of her perfectly sculpted, silicone ass.

“Let me go!” Rachel whines. “I’ll scream, don’t make me scream!”

Jennifer stands up, catching Andrew’s eye as she does.

Still holding Rachel’s wrists, he stares unmistakably at her breasts. “Is this your little dyke friend you were asking me permission to fuck?” he asks, still glaring at her.

What the hell is he talking about, she wonders.

The glint of his watch catches her eye. “Rachel, what should I do?” she asks, looking at the closed room door.

“You should go,” Andrew says firmly.

“Rache?” she asks, looking at her nervously.

Andrew pries the bag from her hand free and tosses it away from her. He pulls her close and with his mouth next to her ear and shouts, “If you want to leave, you can leave the way I met you… with Nothing!”

It turns Jen on to see Andrew manhandle Rachel this way. He reminds her of her father. She removes a card from her purse, and holds it in front of her breasts. Once she’s sure Rachel’s fiancé has taken notice, she slowly places it on the night stand behind her.

“Tell your dyke friend to get the fuck out of here!” he yells.

“Listen to him,” Rachel says in a defeated tone.

“Rachel, you can’t let him boss you around like that, not if you’re leaving.”

She stares up at her with her pathetic doe eyes. “I’m not leaving him.”

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