Cruel Infidelity

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“My legs are all sweaty,” she says, her voice partially muffled from the pillow.

Chris lifts his face from her ass. “That’s okay baby, it just means you’re having a good time.” He lifts his body up, dragging his hardened cock along her left thigh. He presses his cock between her cheeks, before pushing his shaft downward. His cock eases in. “Just the tip,” he whispers heavily. He presses her cheeks together, inching his way in further and further. “You’re one in a million,” he grunts.

He pumps in and out of her asshole with short, quick thrusts. The sweat of his legs adds to hers as he straddles her from behind. He slips out, and presses his cock to the back of her pussy, pushing in. He thrusts in deeply, one, two strokes before pulling out and pushing back into her ass. Slow, then fast. Three strokes. He pulls out and pushes into her pussy. One stroke. Into her ass, one stroke. He lets out a moan. He pushes back into her pussy, plugging her asshole with his thumb. “I wanna fill your pussy this time,” he moans.

“No,” Heather says, trying to turn.

“Don’t tell me no,” he says, pushing her shoulders down. He pulls his thumb from her ass and lays his weight on top of her, gliding in and out. “You’re so wet,” he growls.

She tries to twist away from him, but can’t. “Please, Chris. Don’t.”

“I love it when you beg.” He pushes in hard and deep, letting out a moan, but he doesn’t stop. Now his cock thrusts faster, extra slick from his semen.

Her vagina constricts around his dick. No, she thinks. Don’t.

An orgasm pulses through her body, and she involuntarily shrieks with unwanted pleasure.

“Yes…” he whispers, the tone sounding depraved. “Yes, baby, cum for me.”

They both lay there, limp. Her back slick with his body sweat.

His phone vibrates on the side table. He groans. “Don’t go anywhere.” He rolls off of her to reach for it. “Tammy…” he says, rolling his eyes.

He tosses the phone down, flipping Heather over onto her back. He plants his face between her thighs, his warm tongue lapping her. He sucks up the fluids running out hungrily, then taking her clit between his warm, wet lips.

The tip of his tongue darts in and out of her asshole before he tries tongue fucking her vagina.

The phone vibrates again. He pushes his cock back inside, reaching for it.

“Again?” Heather asks, exhausted.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he says, smiling.

With the phone still in hand he begins gliding in and out of her, his gut rubbing on her clitoris just right. She spreads her legs wider.

He sets the phone down long enough to slap her breasts together. He moans, shutting his eyes tightly before picking the phone back up.

He leans over her, his cock still inside, and opens his message. “No!” he yells. He bites his bottom lip, looking around frantically, and then begins thrusting hard and fast.

She pushes her pussy into him, eager for his gut to massage her clitoris again.

He pushes in and out in a frenzy.

She holds his ass in tightly as he blows his load for the fourth time, wriggling her hips and pressing herself to him.

He thrusts what’s left of his softening cock into her, allowing her to wiggle and wobble her pussy around on it.

“Come on, come on, come on,” he says through gritted teeth.

The sensation grows through her clitoris and roots through her limps, stopping at her heart. Pure bliss overtakes her as she cries out in unadulterated pleasure.

He jumps up off of her, throwing his pants on. “She’s on her way,” he says, rushed. “Get dressed and get in the truck.”

Without delay or question, she puts her bra on without bothering to clasp it. The crotch of her leggings moisten immediately as she hikes them up over her waist. She tucks her thong into her bra before dawning her gray tank top.

Chris flips the blinds open with two fingers. “Still clear,” he reports.

They both fly down the stairs and out the door. Heather gets into the passenger side and quickly ducks down.

Chris jumps into the driver’s seat, starting the truck. He pulls out quickly, holding the back of heather’s neck. “Stay down,” he says. He goes quiet for a moment. “We just passed her,” he says.

She glances up, watching him as he peers into the rear-view mirror.

“She stopped,” he says, flicking his eyes from the mirror to the windshield and back again.

“What’s she doing?”

“She’s continuing down the street,” he says, relief in his voice. “I thought she was going to turn around and chase me down for a minute. Crazy bitch.” He releases his grip on Heather’s neck.

Delete Created with Sketch.

“Who dropped you off?” her mother asks, looking out the window.

“Just a friend, mom.” She walks toward the bathroom. “I’m going to take a quick shower.”

“Yeah, sure…” her mother says, bringing hot coffee to her lips. “Everything alright?” she asks, her brows furrowing.

“Everything is fine. I just need some time to myself.”

“Is this in any way related to Rachel?”

“What? No. Why?”

“I heard she was in town.” She pauses. “Susanne called me, said you sent some hateful messages. Anything you want to talk about?”

Heather scoffs. “No, mom. Just mind your own business for once, okay.”

Her mother rolls her eyes. “You make it my business when you ask to park here overnight and then get whisked away by some stranger in a white truck.”

“Just stop, okay!” She closes the bathroom door, desperate to be left alone. She opens Google on her phone and looks up how long until she’s fertile again. The information seems to vary anywhere from 1-3 months after implant removal. “Thank God,” she whispers. The last thing she wanted was another one of Chris’ abortions.

She can’t stand him. His fat body, his tiny prick, and his excessive sweating repulsed her. But what can she do? She needs reassurance that she’s still desirable. Andrew won’t even let her blow him. Not until she and Tammy work out their differences and come to an arrangement.

It would seem not even Chris wanted her, though. He was so quick to dispose of her the second he thought Tammy might come back to him. She can picture him on his knees begging for her forgiveness this very second.

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