Cruel Infidelity

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Andrew stands in the bedroom packing his suitcase, clearly refusing to acknowledge the tapping of Heather’s fingernails on the wall just outside the door.

Incensed by his rude behavior, Heather clears her throat loudly. “Going somewhere?”

“A family thing,” he answers, clipped. “Christmas related.”

“Christmas isn’t for another week,” she says skeptically.

He zips his suitcase, exhaling loudly. “Does it matter?”

“Aren’t you going to ask where I’ve been?” she asks, shifting her weight on one leg and crossing her arms.

He holds up his phone, giving it a little shake. “I know where you’ve been.”

She unfolds her arms, furrowing her brows.

“You don’t think Chris tells me every time you show up? He thinks he’s one-upping me. I told him to keep your fat ass.” He smiles.

She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t at least backhand her. The old Andrew would have fucked her ass until she passed out as punishment. She thought she hated it, but now she craves it. Any kind of attention from him would be welcomed at this point. At least the ass reamings she’d gotten in the past proved he cared.

She stands in front of him. “You’ll never have this pussy again,” she says, trying her best to sound serious.

“You’re old news. Go to your micro-dicked slob.”

“I know you don’t mean that!”

“Look, I have to worry about Tammy now, so the last thing on my mind is having that pussy of yours.”

“It’s not yours! She’s lying!”

“It is.”

“It isn’t yours, there’s no possible way!”

“There’s just no room for you in my life anymore. You’ve refused to play nice and you’re stressing everyone out.”

She pulls her shirt off, revealing her breasts. “This is what you’re giving up, you know that, right?”

“You need to put those away and calm down.”

“She’s flat!” she yells, ignoring him. “You’ll be calling me when you miss real tits!”

He pushes past her. “I’m leaving and you’re in my way.”

She stands in front of the mirror, cradling her heavy breasts. Her hands rove over her soft belly and she turns to scrutinize herself from other angles. “I’m not fat,” she says to herself. “A little chubby maybe, but I’m not fat.”

She picks her phone up, and selects Chris’s name out of her contacts. He picks up on the first ring.


“Hey,” she says. “Why are you telling Andrew everything we do?”

“I thought I’d get under his skin the same way he gets under mine.”

“Tammy is having a kid by him, did you know that?”

He sighs. “Well… Fuck.”

“Do you think it’s his?” she asks, hoping he’ll take responsibility for it.

“Well, whose else could it be? That’s so messed up… She told me she didn’t even want kids.”

“Does it bother you or something?”

“Well, yeah. Of course it fucking bothers me. What the hell kind of question is that?”

“You still love her, don’t you.” It came out as more a statement than a question.

“I mean, yeah.”

“Even after all we’ve done?”

“I just needed a shoulder to cry on.”

“You came inside of me.” she reminds. “That doesn’t mean anything to you?”

“What? No. Why would that change anything? Do you want me to thank you for that or something?” He sighs. “Thanks to you I’ve lost the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m alone.”

“How was any of that my fault?” she asks, the pitch of her voice climbing.

“You—you just show up here throwing your pussy around, swinging your tits, knowing I was in a vulnerable state. I’m starting to think you planned the whole thing. You took advantage of me.”

“I took advantage of you?!” she yells, unable to believe what she’s hearing.

“You’re toxic. I’m hanging up now, don’t contact me anymore.”

“You’re the one who’s been contacting me!” she yells incredulously. “Hello?!” She pulls the phone away from her ear. Disconnected.

She paces back and forth, thinking of her next move. Where was Tammy now? Still with Chris? Were they fucking? Could she spin it in a way that they were?

She picks her phone up again and sends a text to Andrew, her fingers flying rapidly over the screen: I think Chris and Tammy are still fucking. Two words: Paternity Test.

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