Cruel Infidelity

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The lights blend together, forming a blur. Big Black Delta’s “Capsize” blares through the speakers, drowning out the mundane reality of her night job.

She throws her body back, holding herself steady with one hand firmly gripping the chrome pole. She gyrates her crotch against the smooth metal. She climbs the pole, easing herself down headfirst, splitting her legs across mid air. Dollar bills fly forward. She takes the pole behind her knee and spins.

When the music stops, she crawls around the stage, accentuating her ass with each pop of the hip. She looks purposefully into the eyes of each man she approaches, searching and hoping one might have a special proposition for her. Rent wasn’t getting any cheaper and she wasn’t getting any younger.

“Over here, pussy cat,” a man says from the end of the stage. The lighting makes it nearly impossible to make anyone’s faces out, a blessing when dancing, and a pain in the ass when collecting tips.

She recognizes him immediately, and sucks in a short breath. She wonders if she can play it off like she doesn’t know who he is, but she’s sure he can read it all over her face.

He smiles wryly, holding two bills between his fore and middle fingers.

She smiles, reaching forward.

He pulls the bills away from her just as she’s about to snatch them.

She smirks slightly, not wanting to cause a scene. She’s suddenly very aware of her bare breasts being on full display. A shiver runs through her. There’s a certain way some men tend to look at her that makes her feel ashamed and disgusting. She already knows what he wants, she’s been in this profession long enough to know.

“How about a lap dance,” he suggests.

She presses her lips together, grounding herself. It isn’t just a lap dance he wants.

“Somewhere a little more private,” he shouts,” competing with the filler music that’s just started—The quo to hurry up and get off the stage.

She fumbles around, collecting her tips. “Sure thing, honey” She forces a smile, careful to ensure it reaches her eyes. Men are pros at detecting fake smiles, though oddly, they never seem to question the validity of a female orgasm.

She hands a small wad of cash to the owner. “I’m going out back with a customer for extras,” she says.

He nods, motioning for a bouncer to escort her.

The room is dark safe for some dark blue ceiling lights. They cast an eerie glow around him as he sits motionless in a chair. “The Way We Are” by Kate Boy is barely audible, drowned out by the closed door.

“Come closer,” he says, his voice smoldering with desire.

Jennifer positions herself in front of him, swaying her hips back and forth, before bending her knees and dipping down. She spins around, sitting on his crotch, lightly rubbing her ass back and forth.

Andrew’s hands clutch the arm rests tightly.

She swallows hard, sensing his intentions.

“How much to touch your ass?” he whispers into her ear as she leans into him. “And… how much for you to touch me?” he murmurs.

She closes her eyes. It’s wrong. She wants to tell him this is wrong, he shouldn’t be here. She rubs her hands over her 350cc saline breasts.

“Never Enough” by KVB vibrates through the walls.

“For $500 I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

Andrew pulls her against him, taking her mouth into his. His tongue washes over her own as he kisses her with a frenzied passion rarely known to her.

Jennifer leans back, giving him space to remove his heavily engorged member.

“Take those panties off,” he commands, pulling at them.

“It’s against the rules,” she says playfully.

He tugs the small triangle of fabric to the side, revealing her smooth pussy lips.

His hardness presses against her opening, and she bites her lip, doing her best to quell a squeal of pleasure. It comes out as a whimper, and she’s soon filled with one of the thickest cocks she’s ever taken.

“How about that?” he moans. “That against the rules?”

His palms cup her 500cc ass cheeks. The sensation of her ass being squeezed excites her audibly. He thrusts in and out, the friction creating wet sloshing sounds.

“Turn around for me,” Andrew groans, nudging her.

“Under Your Spell” by Desire drones in as she slides her g-string off. Now in nothing more than stilettos, she bounces off his cock, ignoring her screaming quadriceps.

“I’m gonna blow!” he yells, clutching her hips.

This is when she’d normally stand up and finish him off orally, but she doesn’t stop. She bounces harder and faster.

Andrew pulls her against him, pressing her tight to his chest. “Not like that,” he whispers.

Jennifer slowly gyrates her hips back and forth.

He groans appreciatively.

She reaches down, massaging his scrotum.

He stops moving under her, and exhales sharply. His cock pulsates. He presses it in hard, letting out another groan. It pulsates several more times, as he slowly grinds it up and down. “Cum for me,” he commands, gripping her neck.

He presses his still-hard cock as deep as it can go.

She rubs her clitoris and moves around on his cock, slick with seed.

She’d prefer to stop now and mop herself up, but she’s never once disappointed a customer, and despite knowing who this is, she doesn’t waver on her work ethic.

Jennifer moans, falling back into him.

“How much of this do you split with your manager?” Andrew asks, counting the bills.

She eyes him suspiciously. “Clyde gets half of whatever I make doing extras.”

“That doesn’t sound fair.”

“Yeah, well, there isn’t much I can do about it.”

He shrugs, handing her the wad of cash. “There’s always something you can do about it,” he sighs.

She won’t be able to conceal this much cash under the soles of her feet. “This is taking a risk, but can you wait outside for me… with the money.”

Andrew points to his forehead, and smiles. He holds his hand out to her, palm face up.

She holds onto $100. “There’s no way he’ll believe I didn’t suck you off back here.”

“Classy,” he says.

She shrugs. “It comes with the territory.”

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“I’m going to cash out and head out early,” Jennifer says, pressing the Benjamin into Clyde’s calloused hand.

“You sure about that, honey? I can make some extra room for you up on stage.” He glances down at the bill. “Another satisfied customer, I take it.?”

She raises both eyebrows. “As far as I could tell.” She licks her lips.

He chuckles. “Come on back, I’ll get you squared up.”

“You have $250 in tips, and that’s $200 for you and $50 for the house. You earned $100 performing an extra, so that’s $40 for you, and $60 for the house.”

Jennifer’s mouth falls open slightly. “$40?”

“Expenses are going up, little lady. The house has to pay the tax man.”

“What happened to 50/50?”

“That isn’t very practical for the house, or for uncle Sam, now is it? You know, I take a lot of risks letting you girls perform your little tricks out back. I could lose my business if someone were to find out.” He cocks his head to the side. “Of course, you could always earn that $10 back…” He casts an appraising look over her breasts, still bare as required per the dress code.

Any other day she would have obliged and gagged on his gray-shrouded shaft, but she just got away with $500 under the house’s nose.

“I’m really tired,” she says, standing up.

He shrugs. “Wow, I guess you really are under the weather. That’s the first you’ve ever turned down easy money. Get some sleep, alright Princess? I can’t afford to have one of my top-tier girls out sick for too long.”

She smiles, bending down slightly to give him an obligatory embrace before turning to depart.

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“You look different with clothes on,” a voice says from behind her.

Jennifer turns to see Andrew emerge from the shadows. “Careful with that shit, you scared me.” She places her hand over her heart.

He takes her by the arm and pulls her into him.

She pulls back, but he holds her tightly as if hugging her. “You’re being watched,” he whispers.

She feels his hand inside of her coat pocket.

“What’s going on over there?” a voice shouts from the bar doorway.

“Just saying good night to a satisfied customer!” she calls back, waving to indicate she’s fine.

The bouncer nods.

Jennifer turns to see Andrew walking in the opposite direction toward his car. Shame and guilt hit her with sudden force. She just knowingly had sex with her friend’s husband for money. Rachel has no idea who he is or what he’s about, and there’s nothing she can say without revealing her part in it.

She feels the wad of cash in her pocket, knowing she won’t struggle this month trying to come up with rent. She won’t have to suck off a dozen guys just to get by. A part of her never wants to see him again, but the other part hopes she does.

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