Cruel Infidelity

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Rachel’s family swarm like flies, degenerates in formal attire. Their heads falling backward as drunken laughter erupts from their wormy lips topped upon double chins.

How long until Rachel gains all the weight back? Doesn’t matter, he tells himself. She’s just a prop.

A man so white his skin looks pinkish stands in his path, extending his arm out.“Where are you headed, the party is just getting started.”

Who’s this? An uncle? Her family is so monstrously huge and ugly. Can I really stay in Idaho and be surrounded by these lunatics? “I’m not feeling that great,” Andrew says.

“Not feeling good?—Honey, do you hear this?” The man says, turning to his portly wife. He looks back at Andrew, his neck bulging from his collar. “You’re going to leave her there all alone? Now that isn’t right.”

Andrew forces a smile. “I’m not leaving her there all alone, I just need some air.”

“Oh Danial, let him get some air,” his wife says. “I’m sure this dreadful music isn’t helping.” She points to the ceiling, shaking her head.

Danial’s wife’s thin, line-covered lips bear a striking resemblance to an over-stretched rubber band. The doughy skin below her jawline hangs loosely, seeming to be in a constant state of jiggling. She looks like a pile of melting flesh and fat that was carelessly stuffed into a bright, glittering trash bag. Most of the women here look like this, he realized. He doesn’t think he’s ever been mixed in with such a sexually-unappealing crowd in his life.

Danial’s eyes glance past him.

Andrew turns, following his gaze. Rachel’s speaking with a couple of her friends and maybe an aunt. She’ll be fine. He catches her eye and then turns away.

He walks outside into the brisk night air. Shivering, he gets into the Honda and starts the ignition. No sense in turning the heat on, it will only blow cold air.

He removes his main phone from the glove box to find a text message from Heather. He stares at it a moment, contemplating.

I still love u despite everything u put me thru.

Andrew bites his lip. If she’s still able to text him, then Tammy must be alive, or Heather is on the run. He doesn’t like the thought of there being any loose ends. He shakes his head. It was fucking stupid knocking that skank up. He rubs his mouth, his mind working.

He brings the phone to his ear. “Dad,” he says into the receiver. “We need to talk, can you come outside?”

He needs to get to Tammy before she’s questioned. He can’t risk being dragged into whatever ridiculous drama Heather’s caused. They need to be on the same page and take her out together. Then once Heather’s out of the picture, Tammy is next on the chopping block. That’ll be easy, he reasons. I’ve got a laundry list on that bitch.

“I’ll be right out,” his father says says. His tone is serious and stern. He’ll know what to do.

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