Cruel Infidelity

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It’s an incredible feeling not having to worry about anything, even if it’s just for a few days. Andrew couldn’t have called her at a better time. She’d gotten into an argument with her boss about the new ratios and stormed out on him in protest.

She didn’t understand why Andrew went through with marrying Rachel, she was so selfish and ungrateful. She made him buy a house he didn’t want, forced him to come to Idaho and shell out for a big, extravagant wedding just so she could brag and look down on her friends and family, it was gross. “I can’t stand women like her,” she’d said, rubbing Andrew’s aching back. The stress of it all had gotten to him. She understood now why he’d cheated on her.

Andrew was still upset after learning about what a drug addict Tammy is. He said he had no idea. It’s a good thing his dad has so many connections. “If it turns out the baby is mine, she won’t have more than a month tops before I get full custody.”

What an amazing man, she thinks, reflecting on his passion. A man who truly wants the best for his children.

Jennifer rolls over and opens her eyes. She’s pleased to see Andrew’s rock hard cock standing at attention, she knows exactly what to do. She wraps her lips around him and begins massaging his shaft with her tongue. He thrusts upward, holding her head into place while he throat fucks her. She’s well-practiced and takes almost all of him before gagging.

“I want that ass again,” he growls.

Andrew’s never had anal before and he’s completely addicted. This is exactly what she’d hoped for. His face when she first moved him inside of her anus was adorable. Like a little boy on Christmas Day. “Is this your first time?” she’d asked, and he’d nodded enthusiastically.

She sits on him reverse-cowgirl, easing down on him until he bottoms out.

They both jolt when there’s a knock on the door.

She whirls around. “Expecting someone?”

He looks just as perplexed. “Can you get it?” he asks. “I’m not exactly...” He motions to his erect penis.

She wraps a sheet around herself and makes her way to the door.

Rachel stands there holding a very young toddler in her arms.

A sudden pang of panic hits her. Her eyes widen at the surprise visitor. “Andrew!” she calls, alarm in her tone.

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