Cruel Infidelity

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The lawyers sitting across from her slide over a pad of paper and a pen. She takes it, eyeing the two men warily. “So, you want me to write that Heather’s been obsessing over and stalking Andrew for two years? How does it explain them sharing an apartment?”

“Andrew never shared an apartment with Ms. Anderson. There is no record of that.”

Her brows furrow. “How is that possible?”

“The sooner you write the statement the better.”

Tammy brings the pen to paper and begins writing.

The lawyers had explained to her the only way to guarantee her safety and avoid any possible counter-arguments from Heather’s defense attorney would be to paint her as a delusional stalker who desperately required a mental-illness diagnosis and a long stay in a state-funded mental ward.

“But she was lucid,” she’d protested.

“No,” they’d said, pushing back. “She’s very sick and created a wild fantasy in her head. She wrongfully believes she and Andrew were in a relationship, and she’s invented a slew of stories. We’d like it if you corroborated that.”

“But how does it explain what happened?”

“She invited you over to her residence. When you got there she attempted to cut the baby out from your womb.”

“Do you really think she would have done it, though?”

“We know she would have. But we need to convince a judge."

Tammy leans over the table, holding her face inches above the line-paper, and begins to write.

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