Cruel Infidelity

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Thick white blankets of clouds cover the sky, swelling with the threat of rain. Through her windshield Heather just barely makes out a sliver of light, or maybe that’s just the reflection of the yellow arches on the bag in her lap.

She flips the box open, taking in the ripe, beefy scent of her Big Mac. Her mouth salivates at the mere sight of it. Just as she’s about to rip into it, her phone rings. She stares at it a moment, licking her lips, contemplating.

“Hello?” It sounds like someone is chewing gum on the other end. “Hello?” she asks again.

“Are you retarded?” A male’s voice asks finally.

Heather pulls the phone away from her ear and stares at the screen as if it holds all the answers. “Who is this?” she demands.

“You know, I was gonna call you later today anyway, you didn’t have to go being hysterical and weird over it. I do go to school, remember?”

Heather exhales. “Andrew?” she asks meekly.

“So I take it you miss me?” he asks between chews.

“Yeah, of course I miss you. Do you miss me?” she asks, her voice rising.

He snickers. “See that’s just the thing. I don’t.”

Heather’s heart falls.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to fuck you again,” he says between chews, “But I need something a little more than what you’re able to give me.”

“I can give you a lot more than you know,” she says, confidently, staring at the burger on her lap.

“Oh yeah?” His tone is doubtful.

“Ever been with two girls at the same time?”


She’s taken aback. She hadn’t counted on that answer. “You don’t know what you’re missing,” she says. “How many other girls do you know who would give you their friend to fuck?”

“Well, that’s kind of how it works. I don’t know many women who go out looking for randos. I mean, I guess they’re out there—”

“She’s a virgin!” She swallows. “And what about… You know, the anal thing you mentioned. That wouldn’t be a problem, I bet I could even get my friend to let you do it to her, too. We had a deal, didn’t we?” She eyes the McDonald’s bag.

“Yeah, alright,” he says lazily. “I guess I can’t really turn an offer like that down. How good are you for it? This feels like bait.”

“Believe me, she’ll do whatever I tell her to do.”

“So then, tonight?”

Her breath catches. “Tonight is a bit short notice,” she says. “I have to work my magic on her first.”

“Okay, well, If you can convince your virgin friend to let me fuck her in all her holes, I’ll take you more seriously.”

“And you’ll train me to be your… slut?” she asks, the last word coming out awkwardly.

“Sure,” he says. “How about you text me when you’ve got it sorted. But I can’t be waiting around forever.”

“Are you eating dinner right now?” she asks, staring at her burger for the umpteenth time. She just wants to have a normal back and forth conversation. Why does it always have to revolve around sex, anyway? That’s so dull, she thinks.

“Later,” he says.

Heather looks around the parking lot before shoving a handful of fries into her mouth. She wipes her hands on her pants and opens her phone again. I’d Better make sure she’s having a good day at work, get on her good side if I’m going to make this work.

She bites into her burger and frowns. What if he likes Rachel better than me? she wonders. Heather bites her lip. What have I gotten myself into?

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Heather sits on the couch, her knee bouncing wildly as she chews on the end of a lighter.

She shifts the curtain aside and peers out the window into the night. Rain patters rhythmically against the glass, the empty street is illuminated by a single street lamp. Rachel will be home soon.

Her phone dings, and she reaches for it instantly. It could be something from Andrew.

Andrew doesn’t like big girls, just so you know. He was using you.

Tammy knows she’s insecure about her weight, why say something so immature and hurtful? She exhales audibly, quickly typing a response.

If he doesn’t like big girls, then why is he begging to be with me again?

She tosses the phone onto the coffee table and makes her way into the kitchen, tugging at the hem of her shirt. “Dumb bitch,” she says aloud, opening the fridge. She notices a new container of strawberry cheesecake. She takes it out and slices herself a heaping portion. Then she fills a mug with water and places it into the microwave. Afterward she stirs in a single-serve packet of instant coffee until it dissolves.

Heather sits on her bed and forks piece after piece of the dessert into her mouth so quickly she doesn’t have a chance to register the flavors. Her racing mind comes to a halt, momentarily numbing her. She forgets Tammy’s hateful text, even forgets the stress of how she’s going to convince Rachel to take Andrew’s cock for her. “I can make this work,” she says softly to herself. Rachel’s in love with me after all, it wouldn’t be too hard to take advantage of that. No, it would be a piece of cake. She snickers to herself, shoveling the last bite into her maw.

Heather is alerted by the sound of heavy steps and jangling keys. She shoots up, running to the door to greet Rachel, dawning nothing more than an over-sized Marilyn Manson T-shirt and a lacy black thong. Eat me, Drink me it reads across the back.

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise,” Rachel says smiling. She looks her up and down before wrapping her arms around her. Rachel pulls away. “You look good in my shirt.”

“I hope you’re ready to be pleasured,” Heather murmurs, staring into her eyes through heavy lids.

They kiss, and she pulls Rachel’s purple scrub top over her head, exposing her pale, freckled shoulders. Heather tilts her head back slightly, smiling. “Is that my tank top you’re wearing?

“It’s our tank top now,” she responds, smirking.

Heather tugs at the gray tank, unable to ignore how much baggier it looks on her. She leads Rachel into her bedroom.

A shirt hangs over a lamp in the corner, dimming the room to nothing more than a low glow. The floor is free of all previous clutter and clothing. Warm scents of lavender and vanilla fill the space thanks to a couple well-placed air fresheners.

“You really went all out,” Rachel remarks, looking around. Her eyes sparkle. Is she crying?

“Anything for my baby,” Heather coos, pulling her close.

Rachel removes her top, releasing her breasts. Heather eyes her large areolas and hopes Andrew will find them as repulsive as she does.

Rachel pushes her backward onto the bed and slowly sways her ample hips from side to side.

She peels her scrub bottoms downward bit by bit, exposing her bare, shockingly white flesh teasingly. Spinning around, she glances over her shoulder and bends over slowly. She pushes her corpulent hide out of her pants, exposing the pocked and dimpled skin of her paper-white ass.

Heather’s features tighten. Rachel’s asshole is just as hairy as her pussy. Using both of her hands, Heather pulls her backward toward her and spreads her cheeks open. Grimacing, she dives forward, tongue out.

“Oh, my!” Rachel yelps. “I wasn’t expecting that.”

Heather explores her anus with greed, darting and licking. She ignores the primal stench of ass, moving a hand to the small of her back, urging her to bend over further.

Yesss,” Rachel moans out. She turns to face Heather, grabbing the back of her neck and forcing her lips to hers.

Heather kisses her long and deep, taking a large, hanging breast into her palm and squeezing hard. Rachel lays on her back as she straddles her so that their clits line up. She spreads Rachel’s lips and then her own, pressing their exposed flesh together. Heather leans over her and whispers into her ear, “It would be so hot to watch you take a cock.”

“Oh yeah?” Rachel asks, gyrating her loins against Heather’s.

“Oh, yes. Watching a big fat cock penetrate that tight little pussy would be the hottest thing ever.”

Rachel doesn’t respond, instead she presses her lips to Heather’s neck, kissing and lightly suckling the area just below the jawline.

“Please, Rachel, take a fat cock for me, will you?”

Rachel pauses, looking hard into her eyes. “Wait, what? Are you actually being serious?”


“I’ve never been with a man before, Hez. You know that.”

“Which is why I want you to experience it. I want to watch you experience it.”

Rachel hesitates, the moment lost as it shifts into awkward silence. She pushes Heather off her and sits up. “I don’t know,” she says, covering her breasts and stomach with a pillow. “It seems kind of pointless. I mean, if you want me to experience a dick you could always fuck me with that strap-on I got you or something. It came in yesterday, but you were in a mood, so…” Her lips curve downward. “It was only wrapped in bubble wrap though, which I think is kind of weird.”

“Do you want to be a virgin forever?” Heather asks.

“I’m not a virgin,” Rachel answers defensively. “I’ve had sex with you.”

“That doesn’t count,” she retorts. “You need to be penetrated by a man.”

“Says who?” Rachel reaches for the comforter and pulls it over her body.

“Says everybody. Look it up.”

“So every queer is a virgin, then?” she says incredulously, rolling her eyes.

“You’re not gay, Rache. You said so yourself.”

Rachel fixes her eyes on her hands, not meeting Heather’s gaze. “So, to make you feel better about being with me, you want me to fuck some guy in front of you, is that what you’re saying?”

“No. I want you to experience what I did. I want to see you get off as a man dominates you sexually.”

Rachel squints. “What are you really trying to do here?”

It was becoming clear that Rachel wasn’t as dumb or easily swayed as she’d initially thought. She moves closer to her, taking her lips into hers, not letting Rachel pull away. “Look at me,” she says, holding Rachel’s face in her hands. “I had an amazing sexual experience with a man recently, and I want you to feel what I felt… And more importantly, I want you to learn how to pleasure me in the same way he did.”

Rachel looks down, her mouth parting. “So basically, what you’re saying is I’m not good enough for you.” She nods to herself, running her tongue over her bottom lip.

“I’m saying I’m a straight girl that loves dick. If you want me to be yours then you have to give me something just as good,” she says, staring hard into Rachel’s pale blue eyes.

Her mouth becomes a hard line. “I understand,” she responds in a diminutive whisper. “And did you have someone in mind?”

“Andrew from the party,” Heather says, barely hiding her giddiness.

A pained smile breaks across Rachel’s face. “Thought so.”

“You will love him,” she assures, reaching for her again.

Rachel swats her arms away. “I bet I will,” she sneers, picking her clothing up from the floor.

“Rachel, please,” Heather starts.

“I’ll do this for you one time,” she answers firmly. “But if you think I’m going to make this into a three-sum, you’re mistaken. Just because you want me to be dicked doesn’t mean I want to see it happen to you.” Her eyes darken. “If he touches you at all, I’m out.”

Heather stares hard at Rachel, her brows knitting together furiously, mouth falling open. “That’s not fair!” she cries.

“You said this is about me,” she snaps, turning on her, her breasts thrashing with the sudden movement. “Unless this is some little trick of yours just so you can see him again.” She pulls the tank top over her head.

“It’s not, I swear! Rachel… Come back to bed, please.”

“I need some air.”

Still naked, Heather trails her into the kitchen. “Where are you going?” she demands.

“I just told you,” she shoots back.

“Well if you’re going to get some ice cream, can you bring me back some, too?”

Rachel squints, not saying anything as she collects her keys from the kitchen table.

“And a pack of Marlboro lights,” she quickly adds.

“Yup,” Rachel snaps. “Sure thing. Anything for my cock queen.”

Heather winces. She isn’t used to being spoken to like this, and from Rachel of all people.

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