He and She

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This a story of two individuals discovering their sexuality and sexual desires

Deep Blue
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Chapter 1

He wanted to meet her at the trail. She parked her car… she did not see his car…” oh maybe, he is running late” she thought….

She looked at her phone … no new messages….She decided to walk to the place they decided to meet at on the trail…

The trail had tall canopy trees….. even on that bright hot day, it was cool on the trail. The chirping of the birds, the ripe mulberries on the trees and the gurgling of the stream nearby was mesmerizing… She wanted walk the trail hand in hand with him at that very moment…

She walked alone on the trail… humming to herself, smiling in anticipation of meeting him…

Suddenly she heard rustling of leaves… she was startled…. Before she could turn around … a hand covered her eyes… it was him…. those hands, that touch, his smell…. It had to be him…..

With hand still on her eyes, he ushered her to move forward… the other hand winding around her waist….. his body pressed against back…

In a couple of minutes, they stopped….He slowly took off his hand from her eyes…. she saw a little clearing in the woods with tall trees surrounding it on all sides almost in a circle …. There was a comforter on the ground, small makeshift table and 5 chairs, three bottles of wine lay chilling in the ice box…There was a picnic basket too….She was impressed by the sight… It seemed like he had put in a lot of effort to make their date special…..

He could not keep his eyes off her… She was wearing a peach sleeveless shirt with a zipper that was left open. He could get a tiny glimpse of her deep cleavage… She wore a dark pink skirt that stopped mid thigh… giving him a view of her fleshy thighs and long legs….. She had dangling rose gold earrings, a thin tennis bracelet in rose gold, a a thin anklet on her right foot and peach tennis shoes….Her skirt swishing in the gentle breeze… her hair in disarray due to the breeze… some strands across her face….

He was tempted to take her right there but he had so much planned for them…Take her he would … but he needed to be patient today…..

She was puzzled on seeing the number of chairs… it was date and she did not expect any company…. Before she could ask anything, he just sealed her lips with his…. First softly nibbling at her lips and then slightly pulling at her upper lip.. his hands pulling her closer …

She then realized that her was just wearing running shorts …. No shirt… Just the way she wanted to see him…

He continued to kiss her… She reciprocated with equal fervor… pushing him against a tree and taking full control of the kiss… Her tongue exploring his lips, tongue, mouth……her hands feeling his bare back……His hands feeling her round ass over her short skirt… squeezing them as he kissed her back….She could feel his ‘little me’ getting all excited… hardening and pressing against her thighs….

Something felt different about him today… she was wondering how he allowed her control this early in their foreplay… and he preferred to get to her boobs first but he was squeezing her ass right now….

She heard rustling of leaves… she immediately distanced herself from him…. She turned around to see 2 more guys who looked just like him…in similar shorts - no shirt….. she stood completely shocked & puzzled
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