Billionaire's Ex-wife

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After her divorce, Julie is left with her kids to raise them alone. What she never saw coming was Matteo to make things horrible for her. She is left with a bad image and, it is hard to survive. And, as if it wasn’t enough her work had brought her to her ex-husband again. But this time to arrange things at his wedding. Matteo De Lucca knows he had made the right kind of decision to not let his wife and daughter affect him. So, when the opportunity arrives to show how he is still very much in control he didn’t think twice but divorced his wife. Will Matteo proceed to marry another woman as he has planned or will end up trying everything to get back to his ex-wife? Second Book in series Indifferent Read book 1 named Billionaire’s wife first. (it's a must) 18+

Erotica / Romance
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The following is a sneak peek into the story.

“I divorced your pretty Julie,” I said making his eyes widened. Of course, I knew my father will react.

I wonder what else he expected. It was inevitable.

“You…you…” My father was shivering with anger.

“Save it…you don’t get to lecture me. What did you say? I am in love with her…and, that good for nothing baby. Of course, not…I know me. I know what I am, dad.” My mind was calm after a very long time.

“How…could you? Ava,” My father managed but I only shrugged my shoulders. “...She is with Julie. I wonder how long she will keep her without my support.”

“You are...a...beast.” I smiled knowing even this title doesn’t reach me.

“Well, you can say that I got a very…great deal and I couldn’t reject. I am going to marry Grace Campbell. The wealthiest woman right now…and, let me tell you...she is breathtaking...” His face was showing disgust. Well, I didn’t expect him to welcome me too. I knew he was going to make a scene.

“You…you are stupid,” My father said making me shake my head in amusement.

“Only you think so. And, can keep her if you want. I am sure Julie will give up only need to price her right.” I said as I walked to fill a glass for myself.

“No…you divorced Grace Campbell.”

I laughed. “No…why I would do that? And, then we are not married yet. Her mother wants it to be a big…”


“She can go to hell for all I care. And, then again…raising that baby on her own will not be less than hell for her.” I shook my head before getting the rest of my drink.

“Julie is Grace Campbell,” My father said making me choke on my drink. I narrowed my eyes at my father. It was only now that I noticed his face was red in anger.

“That’s not true,” I said looking at my father. I wonder what he could get from lying…absolutely nothing.

“How?” I asked but he only shot daggers with his eyes. I recalled how Grace always acted like a street hooker. And, now when I think of it...Julie’s mouth…of course, it resembled a lot to Olivia…along with her brown curls. I recalled the moment from the morning when I signed the papers…Or the time when I gladly gave away the rights on my daughter.

“You...are a loser.” He said making me recall how Grace wanted to marry soon. Of course, she wanted it before she could get busted.

“I can’t let her go and how...” I gritted before turning on my heels. Of course, my dad married me to someone who was worth it but now she was free. But I wonder how her hidden identity was supposed to help me out. Why my father didn’t tell me earlier. But now wasn’t the time.

Not even that…her social status was ruined. Even if I want her back…she doesn’t have a great image. And, the moment she will realize she is Grace Campbell of course, she won’t let me in.


I had to think about something. I tried to call Julie and she didn’t pick up. Of course, I told her she is free now. Taking my Benz out I drove back to my place. I barely missed a car trying to cut me and pulled in front of a small park and punched the steering. There was no way that I could let her go. No matter what kind of image she had in front of people right now.

I should know some way. There has to be some way. After all, she used to be my wife.

This is the second Book in Indifferent Series. You need to read Book 1 first.

This Book isn’t a stand-alone and can’t be read first.

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