Billionaire's Ex-wife

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Chapter 1

Julie’s POV

“Matteo…Matteo…I” I tried to say but he shook his head in disbelief. I inhaled sharply when he came to lean over me.

“Tell me…tell me what you got to say. You...” He came closer before uttering “…played with me. Lied to me…you said me you love me?” And, there it was. Of course, he wanted to kill me and I couldn’t die.

“Of course, I loved you but…” I wonder if it could work on him. “…I didn’t know…I didn’t know how to let go of my baby, Matteo. I knew you…and I knew you won’t…agree once you are convinced that you didn’t want this baby…so, I didn’t have any other way to…I…love you Matteo….No!” I yelled seeing his hand approaching me.

“Really?...” He shrieked making me jump again. How much I wished that my lower lip doesn’t tremble because my eyes full of tears and my shivering body aren’t any help.

“…then, why do you look like you’re eyeing your death and not your lover?” He grazed his hand to get my hair back from my shoulder. His eyes fixed on my neck. I couldn’t help my eyes getting wide.

“You…only fear me. You…can never love, Julie. It’s not in your hands because you are a fucking WOMAN!” I hiccupped when he came to squeeze my mouth next. My arms came to rest on my belly. “Please, Matteo…please…I am sorry. I swear I don’t…I don’t need anything.”

“No, no, no, no,…you have no fucking idea what you have done to yourself. You lost your…body. And, this body wasn’t even yours. It was mine. You were mine to fucking do anything.” He left me with a jerk and I gasped.

Was he going to hurt my baby?

“I…I only wanted to save my baby, Matteo. It’s…it’s yours too. And, it’s…innocent. Please don’t hurt us. I beg you.”

He gave a humourless laugh before shaking his head. “Do you think I care? I told you. Didn’t I? Without a good body…tsk…I am not going to look at you. You…bore a child for a very wrong man, Julie…very wrong man.” He said and I squeezed my eyes shut. Pressing my hand against my mouth I tried to muffle a loud sob. I knew I failed my baby girl. I didn’t want to live a life where she has to face a father like Matteo.

He got his face back to his magazine. “Matteo…please,”

“One word from your mouth…I dare you,” He hissed with his finger standing in a warning and I gulped looking at his pissed face.

I wonder where we were going. I didn’t want to see his face but here I was again standing right into his trap. No one came to ask for even a drink and I was thirsty for all the hours our flight went on. I sat there wondering how I will save my baby from him if he decided to snatch her from me.

We landed in the US. He had his hand tightened around my wrist all the time as we made our way out. Of course, he didn’t forget to pass comments on how bad I look or how I have destroyed what was his. He wasn’t changed even a little bit. All he cared about was how I look like. I looked away the moment he came to sit in the car. My arms still hugging my belly.

“One million dollars, Julie…fucking one million dollars were paid for you. You were the most costly woman I ever had and this is what it turns out to be…” He said the moment our car started. His eyes came to stare at my belly as he shook his head in disappointment.

“…pathetic…” He whispered,

“…and, your lover who helped you? You fucked him, right?”

“No!” I gasped but jumped when he caught my wrist to get my hand to pull me to him. “Tell me? Or why he would help you?” He gritted the words and I was disgusted to my guts.

“No one, no one helped me. I…had a job.” I barely whispered before wincing. Not believing I was staring back into these same cruel eyes.

“Oh shut up! I know it was David.” I sobbed when he gritted his mouth. “…Just wait for the moment I will get my hands on him. And, you? You didn’t even think of me. I fucking killed for you. And, I do want to kill you all this time. Even your thought kept me...unrest. For all these months…” I gasped as he leaned in. His nose almost touching mine, “...I didn’t even blink thinking about you. I should eliminate you…but no…” A very cruel smile rest on his face. “...I will see you suffer. I will see you suffer...with this kid…for this kid…until you will start hating the mere existence of this baby.” I winced when the pain from my wrist shot up. It had his fingers printed over it. Even the thought that these very hands could hurt Ava was dreading enough. She is only a baby and this man knew no mercy.

Our car entered a huge estate. Though it seemed luxurious with every detail of the wide lawn to the huge swimming pool. It wasn’t as vast as his mansion in Italy. I wonder if he owns this place but then recalled how he was here all the time in the US.

At night time, I couldn’t focus on many things but it had a lot of floors...with blue-tinted glass windows and a much modern exterior it cried out wealth. Our car was pulled in front of the door. He got out but I couldn’t leave the car. When I didn’t make any move a driver came to open the door for me.

“You really think this attitude of yours is going to help you?” He said while I only stared at his fingerprints on my wrist. I bit my lower lip hard inhaling sharp. I took my time getting out of the car. And, the moment that car got away I found him looking at my belly.

The interior inside was modern. The living area had a high ceiling with a huge chandelier. We passed the area and there stood a huge set of stairs at both sides but he took the right one. I followed him at my pace and only got slower. My lower back was killing me.

“I bought this one three months ago. I had spent three million dollars to change the interior. But at least, this investment of mine will let me do anything with this place…very unlike of something we both know.”

I noticed a living area on this floor right inside a spacious balcony. At our left, a huge bar stood where a man in his twenties was working.

“Leave,” Matteo said and that man followed.

“Can’t take any risks with you or the next thing I would know you eloped with this guy.” My insides were on fire. But I had to take it. Not because I don’t want to fight him. It was because I had my baby at stake. And, as I followed him with little steps I felt more vulnerable than before. I was huge, slower, helpless and of course, worried sick thinking about the safety of my baby.

“You will live there…right across my room.” I turn to look at the door to which he was pointing. I was about to walk there when he asked, “When all of this will be over?” He asked making me look at him. It took me some time to what he asked.

“Four…weeks.” He shook his head.

“Try to avoid me when you look like this. It is literally hurting my eyes…Gross.” He breathed the last word under his breath before walking ahead to his room. I stood there relaxed that I was off the hook. At least, it seems like it.

“Also, I have...” I jumped finding his attention. “...cameras and guards who are advised to not let you out. Don’t waste your energy. We don’t want your baby worrying in there.” He left and I stood there for a few minutes.

I walked to the balcony that was indeed very huge. I went there to notice another balcony right above this one. It was wider and even had a swimming pool. I did notice guards and from here I could count seven now. I wonder what David was doing to save himself. He didn’t deserve to get into trouble because of me.

But what shocked me most was Matteo not trying to kill me. What he was up to? I wonder but then recalled how he mentioned making me and my baby suffer. I wonder what Matteo had in his mind. Of course, he had months to decide what he was going to do with me…or if he comes across this baby. At least, he didn’t mention killing my baby. Oh God, why I am trapped with this man again.

The worst scenarios kept playing my mind the whole night. My baby was going to be so small to face her father. She can’t save herself. I knew I couldn’t talk it out with Matteo. He knew that I lied to him but he didn’t have any right to get mad. Any mother would save her child and do what I did. Not wanting a kid was his problem. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Even Ava was not at rest.

I stayed in my room in the morning and only got out when I thought he won’t be here at this time. I got out and walked to the kitchen. A man was working to prepare breakfast. I wonder for whom he is setting it and had to ask. “What’s on the menu?”

That person looked at me before starting. “I am setting the breakfast for Matteo?”

“Oh, he is still here?” I asked and he looked at me. I had a deep blue colour maxi dress on. It was huge and let my body breathe just right.

“He doesn’t leave the place much. Would you like to have the same thing? Or I have muffins and bacon…”

“Yea, sure,” I replied and got out recalling how everything came crashing down. I was here…far from Dr Christine. She knew everything about my case and I trusted her all this time. I don’t think I can trust anyone else for my baby. But then I wonder if Matteo will arrange any doctor for me. I wonder how to ask him.

I walked out to the dining area but then recalled how he had asked me not to show myself to him. Leaving the area I starting going up to my room but found him coming down. He had a black shirt on with white dress pants. His sleeves were up high and I wonder if he had a woman in his room.

Is this where I want to keep my baby? I wonder.

“I am sorry. I didn’t know you were home.” I was about to walk past him when he held my wrist.

“You look sick,” He whispered before staring at my belly. I too looked down before getting my eyes to him.

“No, I don’t,” I said firmly but my breath hitched when he cornered me on the stairs.

“You do…and, you are…what else…you will call it.” His smile only got creepier. I blinked finding his eyes on my mouth. That was exactly the thing I didn’t want.

“You look pathetic...”

“How my body looks like doesn’t bother me as much as you think it should. If this body provides me with a healthy baby…and, it will be the case I am sure…I will be fine with it.” I stared right into his eyes.

“But you know what bothers me? Seeing the body I own to get wasted for this…” I sucked on my air the moment I felt his finger pointing to my belly. I almost believe he will hurt Ava. And, even the thought was enough to shake me. Holding my arms around my belly I took a step back.

“You are making it sound as if I am the only parent of this baby. You…you caused this…and, how you didn’t expect me to get pregnant…” My voice was cracking. “…when…”

“Oh, yeah, yeah…make it look like a big deal. Are you the first woman who is pregnant? How difficult it could be to get an abortion when I did everything for you. Wasn’t I enough?” He hissed coming closer and I looked away. Even the stairs dread me. He could push me from here. I just couldn’t trust him.

I gasped when he rested his hand on my jaw before grazing his thumb on my mouth. “I don’t know why you are doing this? Why you want to compete with this baby when this baby is literally from you. It’s yours, Matteo.”

“For fuck’s sake Julie…we both know why you kept it…and, even fucking ran away. You did it all to secure your future more…thinking this baby is the key.”

“Of course, I will never use this baby…”

“Oh yes! You won’t…because I refuse to father this baby. Never ever I would like to give it anything I fucking earned because that’s not mine. Yes…I refuse to give this baby anything because that’s not Matteo De Lucca’s.” My breaths only got shallow as he threw venom. I knew I didn’t need him to love my child. Or…even provide for it if this is what he meant. But…his words pierced me. I know I shouldn’t expect anything from him but my baby was right here. And, the mere fact that her biological father hates her so much couldn’t stop me from being affected.

I walked past him to get to my room. The bed was huge and faced a small balcony. I sat on the bed and pulled my hair back. Hot tears burned my cheeks as I stared at my belly. I didn’t look hideous. My body was doing great to nourish my daughter and she had every right to be born. “I love you…and, I will love you twice more than any father would love his child. You are literally everything to me. And, I can’t…” I broke into tears. “…I can’t wait for you…to come into my arms. I am so scared, Ava. I am so scared for you.”

The last thing my baby deserved was to be hated. She didn’t do anything at all. Keeping her was my decision. She didn’t ask to be born. Matteo was literally the reason that she was here.

“I am so sorry. You see this is why I don’t want your father to be around. I hope…I hope you understand if he isn’t around much. We…we don’t need him. We will be happy.”

My breakfast was served in my room. I didn’t have my cell phone to reach Veronica. I could tell they must be worried sick. And, I hope Veronica doesn’t take any drastic steps.

I got one of my maternity dresses. It was a huge peach coloured maxi. Getting into the bathroom I removed my dress. There was a tub but I was looking forward to a quick shower. The shower didn’t have any glass around but was in an open space.

I couldn’t help but stare at the large mirror. I was sure changed a lot. My arms, neck and everything else had gained weight along with my belly that was almost exploding. My nipples were darker and huge. Well, I completely look like a woman if he can’t see it…good…I don’t want him to see me anyway. Maybe then he will let me go with my baby. But then my eyes stared at the words inked on me.

This is Matteo De Lucca’s.

Shaking my head in disappointment I walked to turn the shower on. I held my shoulders that were as hard as steel. I wonder what Matteo was planning. Or what exactly was going in his mind. I was sure he wasn’t going to let me off for lying to him. But…wouldn’t he show how much my actions affected him if he mentions this again. Of course, he was trying to act collected to show he is indifferent. But enough is enough. I can’t continue playing his wife. I really wish I could know what was playing in his mind but I can’t. I had to figure out how to provide the best for my baby and Matteo was sure not in the list.

“Oh fuck,” I heard his voice and gasped turning around. I barely managed not to slip and took support from the wall behind.

The next chapter will have Matteo’s POV.

Love you all. I am looking forward to your comments of course.

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