Billionaire's Ex-wife

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Chapter 2

Matteo’s POV

I stared at her as she made her way up. I wanted to hurt her. I…wanted to hurt her so badly for thinking she can trap me or use me and get away with it. But I couldn’t. I am still mad but looking at what she had done to herself I was disgusted.

I wonder why women go through to these lengths only to trap men. Why they would offer a child to someone who doesn’t need it from them. How hard it could be to get an abortion? At least it won’t be more trouble than actually carrying it to full term.

I got down and asked Peter to come. I was to sign some documents that I left unattended thanks to my wife. Also, there were more investors for the Riverland project too. And, I was still to give them some time.

Done with the breakfast I checked my cellphone to find an email from the doctor who was seeing my father. I didn’t open it. I knew if he was dead I will receive a call.

Peter arrived and started with the files requiring my signature. My office was almost completed here but I was thinking to resume matters after the opening of my Riverland project. I was still looking through files when I noticed some pictures taken on the site. One of the women standing in the engineering team was pregnant.

“Who is she?” I asked,

“She is the wife of our chief engineer. She was visiting the site that day.” He answered making me wonder what job Julie was talking about.

“What happened to that driver?” I asked making Peter nod his head. “I think he is still covering his back. There must be someone helping him out…”

“And, what job…Julie was talking about?” I cut him off.

“She was working in a cafeteria. If you want I can find the details.” He offered and I shook my head.

“Who cares?” I replied signing the documents.

“About the meeting…Mr. Lou’s assistant wanted to set a date.” I inhaled sharply while my entire mind could only think about what to do with this baby. There was a very good chance that it was mine and…she had every way to cash it.

“No,…We can’t do it right now. Let them wait…we don’t want investors. They…need us.” I replied and told my butler to tighten the security. I couldn’t take any chances with her. I started walking to my room to only stare at her door.

I know one day she will lose all the hopes she had wrapped with this baby. I was not going to give her anything and she was bound to be disappointed and hate this baby. I chugged down the energy drink my new dietician has formulated for me.

Fuck…this whole place was mine. If I wanted to see her I had every right. And,…I think I haven’t told her enough about her greed.

I went inside her room to find it empty. Placing the bottle on the table I walked to her balcony. The view wasn’t bad. And, then it clicked. Yes….I gotta make things official. There is no way I will spend a single penny on the baby that I never wanted. If she can run away from me she sure can find a way to make things work.

I heard the shower out of her bathroom and my feet took me to the ajar door. My mouth was twisted looking at her body. It was hard not to look at what she had become. She was a piece of art. But wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around? I was never attracted to a plus woman but her…thighs seemed touchable. I wonder if I could still handle her or was she too much to take.

I walked to her. I knew I shouldn’t. If anyone comes to know I did something like this…but no one was here right now. And, she won’t tell anyone. Her hair was not blonde anymore. The colour was left only at the ends now while the rest of her hair was brown. Her hands tried to reach her back but couldn’t. She didn’t try anymore and the moment her hips swayed she jumped to look at me. I think I said something. I don’t know what but I had made the noise and now the deer was alerted.

Her breasts seemed heavy and I blinked inhaling sharply when she tried to hide it with her arms before turning around. She was huge and wasn’t a girl anymore. She was a woman. A woman I made and I had every fucking right on her fibre.

“Matteo…” She gasped cowering into the wall when I placed my hand on her back. Her lips trembling could make my throat dry.

To solve the problem you gotta first accept the problem. I recalled one of the times when my grandfather told me about business. I stared at her dewy skin.

Julie de Lucca, my poor wife had a kind of effect on me because nothing else could explain why I haven’t killed her when she had given me every reason to. Holding her face I made her look at me. Her eyes remained lowered before she broke the moment looking away.

“Don’t…Do you hear me? Don’t you dare to refuse my touch?” This finally made her look at me.

“What’s with you?” She gasped the moment I inched near. Our mouths almost touching even her breathing would let her brush those rosy lips with mine.

“You…you are with me…” I kissed her while my arms held her back. Of course, I groaned feeling her belly keeping us apart but couldn’t help grazing my hands on her back before shoving my tongue in her. Losing her balance she caught my arms while I kept exploring her mouth.

Pulling away I trailed my tongue on her jawline that wasn’t as sharp as it was used to be. But heck I refuse to let her go. Her skin was as soft as I last recall and her scent was driving me crazy like nothing before. I felt her hand coming onto my chest that I held to bend behind her back. She gasped for the air making me stare at her neck. It was spotless.

“Well, I see you were not with any real men? What? They only wanted to shag you.” I breathed the words on her face making her eyes narrowed.

“How could you?... Stay away Matteo… you are going to hurt me…I know.” We both looked down for a second.

“Do I look like I care? I want you outside right now…” And, leaning to her mouth I whispered, “And, don’t bother to dress up. I guess there is nothing left to hide.”

Getting out I dumped my shirt before my pants followed. She came out of the bathroom wearing a robe. Her feet were slower and head down. “Get it off,” I ordered as I walked to her and held her waist. She looked right into my eyes.

“I don’t know why you are doing this.” She said and didn’t flinch when pulling her close I kissed the corner of her mouth.

“Well…I own you. Just because you decided to do things with your body…doesn’t make you any less of mine. You…” I held her face up. “…have to do what I ask you to do. All the times… every time.”

“You said you won’t want me if I got out of shape.” Was she sad about it?

“This is why you did it? Well, it gives me even more reason to claim what is mine.” Getting my hand in her robe I kissed her neck using my other hand to have her waist snaked. I felt her hands stirred against my chest.

I wonder how but I was attracted to her plus size. And, I knew it was only because she was Julie. I pulled her robe down even more and it came off in a minute. I kneaded her ass and that only got her weight more on my arm as I lowered to get my mouth on her nipple that seemed way too juicy.

“Matteo!” She gasped and I pulled away to get her wrist to take her to bed.

“We don’t want any harm right?” I said as she sat on the bed and I got on to take my boxers off.

“Why are you doing this? You don’t want me…I…will walk away from your life. I promise I will never ask for a penny. Don’t you believe me when I am saying I won’t ask for any money?” She said while I only came closer to touch her shoulders.

“You also said that you love me. And,…I am the kind of lover you wanted…and,…right now, your lover wants to fuck you.” I said before pressing her shoulders down. All one could see was her huge belly. I groaned touching her thighs. These were even juicier.

I kissed her neck before getting my knee on the edge of the bed. She inhaled sharply and got up more on the bed giving me space.

I pulled away to look at the small red mark on her neck that I knew will soon turn purple. And, this is when I knew I couldn’t wait anymore and held her boobs in my hands before lowering down to get her left nipple in my mouth. My other hand went down to touch her and the moment she moaned I growled. “Fuck…I am so gonna fuck you.” She shivered under me. Her one hand pulled my hair with all her strength while her other hand only stayed at my chest as if she wanted me to remain sane enough to take care of her belly.

“Matteo…please…aww…” She yelled making me leave her. Sliding my tongue around her nipple was as much fun as biting on it.

She had a red mark on it. I looked into her eyes before growling. “Turn around,” I ordered pulling back.

Of course, she took her time to follow. She was slow no matter what. I had her ass up high in the air and there she was…to do anything as I please. I let my hand graze on her ass before coming to mount her. I smelled the sweet scent of her shampoo as I tried to invade her. It was after months when I was having my wife. She gasped as I started moving.

“You do realize you weren’t here to take care of it, right?”

“Matteo…” She gasped fisting the sheets.

I held her boobs before grazing my hand on her belly. The whole room was echoing with our breaths and my balls slapping against her skin. I shut my eyes the moment she convulsed around my shaft. I kissed her soft cheeks before licking her face.

“Matteo…” She called for me again and I saw her head coming to rest on the bed. “Come on babe, you missed it, right? Or you got someone better than me.” I asked all the while ramming her. I hated myself more for believing her lies. My chest was rubbing against her back and she groaned when I stopped moving to let it all go in her belly.

“We aren’t done yet…and, this position sucked…” I got off before lying beside her. My hand never left her skin. I removed hair from her face before cupping her face tenderly. “…but your lovers must have tried other positions with you…right?” She opened her eyes and inhaled before smiling.

“Don’t speak…when you don’t know how to talk…just don’t.” Her smile didn’t reach her eyes and I rubbed my thumb on her mouth.

“Well, is it hard for you? Knowing you can’t go back to live your life with you lovers…with whomever, you wanted to...” My thumb caressed the corner of her mouth.

“...Or it’s harder to spend it with the man you can’t manipulate?” This made her look into my eyes.

“Well, I almost did.”

“No, you have done more than that…” This got some lines on her head. She shivered when I got her leg up before bending it. She followed my lead and turned around.

I kissed her neck before tugging her skin with my teeth. Her breath hitched the moment I invaded her. Getting my arm around her breasts I held her close. “Matteo…please slow…” she begged and I couldn’t let her complete as I started the drill.

Her one hand remained at her back on my chest while the other caught my wrist of the arm that held her close.

I wonder if she really had been sleeping with that driver. She never denied it. And, that only boiled my blood even more. I knew I will explode with frustration if I won’t get it off. And, she should take responsibility for all the tension her body had caused me. Not to forget she was my wife lawfully. Totally responsible to take care of me.

I came for the second time and groaned pumping her. Satiated with my fill I lay on my back while she stayed without moving. I got my one hand up to caress her ass. “Get this motherfucker out sooner. He had been staying there more than he deserves…” And, I swear only grazing my hand on her skin was enough to make me go hard. I could go on forever with her.

She didn’t react and I made a call to my lawyer the moment I came into my room. Telling him exactly what I want. I asked the staff to prepare a hearty meal. I had known what she liked most by her friends mentioning her taste in the food. So, I got all that she could want. She earned it after all she did to bring this baby boy no one wanted.

I worked on reading the marketing reports. The progress our cosmetic and fashion industry was showing was promising me that these could be the bull of my income in no time. Our real estate business was flourishing too. I had two interview requests that I declined again. But I did have my mind to attend such interviews after I am done with launching my Riverland project.

At the dinner time, I got down to find her already seated at the end of the table. I smiled looking at her neck. Her dress was nothing like I would like to see her in. She had her maternity dress on. The white colour suited her and the way her hair was combed in a perfect half-bun I could tell she was trying to impress me.

“You could continue. I wasn’t looking forward to eating with you.” I took my place and got the napkin.

“I was told you asked for me at the dinner.” She managed and twisted her mouth when I looked at her body in response.

“Well, that’s because I can. I wanted to have a meeting with you. That’s all.” I replied before motioning my staff. They placed a file in front of her while I started eating.

“What’s this?” She asked,

“Well, these are the papers confirming you are solely responsible to bring this kid up. And, will be the sole guardian.” Her mouth dropped looking at the file before she looked at me. Her eyes held complaints.

“What? You literally ran away to save this kid. Even if you don’t know…let me tell you, Julie. Believe in yourself…you can deal with it.” Her tongue lightly grazed the lower lip.

“You…you are unbelievable…” She said and I smiled cutting her off.

“It also claims…and you admit that this child…has nothing to do with your husband.” She looked at me without breathing.

“Why you want to do this?” She asked and I nodded.

“Come on, sign it…but please have the diner first.” I sliced the mutton but got static when she said, “Pen?” She was looking at the person who passed her the file. Getting the pen she signed at all the places that person guided her to.

“Great,…trying to do what? Impress me? I really wish you had someone else as your husband. Too bad…it’s me” She smiled before holding the fork and knife.

“Thank you, Matteo.” She said not knowing what awaited her. And, her smile only ignited the lava. What does she think? Will I make it easy for her? You…Julie De Lucca will cry on the top of your lungs how much you hate this baby. How much you regret getting it in the world.

It was after twelve in the night and no matter how much I tried I knew I wanted her. Her body never left my mind and I hated this fact more than anything. It wasn’t as if I couldn’t get into her room. Whenever I think about it her smile annoyed me. She knew she had a kind of control over me. And, what I did earlier in the day was proving how she wasn’t disgusting enough.

I wonder how I can stop thinking about her. Apparently, when she was not in my reach I couldn’t forget her. Well, for the first I knew it was something completely normal. One can get addicted to a woman and…like any addiction this can be solved too. Maybe…leaving her to…I got to my phone before ordering,

“Get my plane ready. I will leave for the U.A.E.” I said and started getting ready. Yes,…it was the only way to get her off my mind. This time…I know where she is. I am bound to not think about her. And, of course, there will be many women. I knew I can get over her. I inhaled recalling her bump. Getting my tie I looked at myself for the last time. And, how much her full body turns me on.

I got out of my room and stared at her door and before I knew I was standing in her room. She had the windows open and it was quite windy here. She seemed deep in her slumber and had her back almost at the edge. I grazed her thigh before coming to get her hair off her face. I recalled the day I first saw her. I would have never chosen her to give birth. It was such a waste of her perfect body.

I wonder how stupid one has to be to give birth for me. Her belly moved and my eyes widened. And, it kept on moving even making Julie stir. I wonder if she was in pain. Fuck…it was gross. I wonder if the baby was trying to come out.

“Wake up…” She groaned and stirred while I made a call.

“We need a doctor here. It’s urgent. My wife is about to give birth.” I said making her awake fully. “Don’t move…and, don’t look down.” She got her eyes narrowed before asking.

“Matteo…what are you doing here?” She was fully awake and looked at her belly. I wonder why she wasn’t surprised.

“Fuck…I think it is coming out. Hold it in...” I got out and called the guards to stay alert for the arrival of the doctor. They arrived in fifteen minutes.

“She is going to give birth. And, you gotta make it quick.” I told the team that included two men and three women.

I waited before shaking my head. It doesn’t concern me. I…can’t stay here. I was about to walk away when I found the doctor coming out.

I looked at him as he spoke. “She is alright. It’s not the time.” He said and I wonder.

“But…are you sure?” I wonder if what I saw was only my imagination.

“No, Mr Lucca. I am sure. It is fine. It must be a false alarm. You can go in.” I twisted my mouth before looking at the door. The nurses soon came out and I got in contemplating what went wrong.

“What was this?” She asked and I looked at her.

“I…saw your belly moving. It was coming out.” She looked at me without moving before shaking her head in no.

“My belly was moving because the baby was moving in there.” I wonder if she meant what she just said.

“The baby can move…if they move you can…see the belly moving?...” I asked and she nodded her head.

“...And, you are saying it doesn’t hurt?” I asked wondering it has to be impossible.

“Sometimes yes…sometimes it doesn’t…I want to sleep if you…” I only got closer to her bed interrupting her speech. She looked at my attire but didn’t say a thing.

“Why are you doing this?” She breathed the moment I held her chin.

“Why do you think I am doing it?” She slowly looked away and it only stirred something in me. I swear I could go on forever with her. I held her left boob that was almost coming out of her nightie. And, grazed my thumb surprising myself.

“You get ready. We are leaving.” She looked at me. A little panic settled on her face.

“To where?” She asked,

“Wherever I will decide,” I replied and in an hour we left for U.A.E.

I was to stay here for three weeks and inaugurate my project. Also, I wanted to spend time with the C.E.O here and make sure that things go smoothly. And, in the meantime, she could be there giving me the family man image. I Inhaled sharp as I looked at her sleepy figure in my luxury cabin in the plane.

Somewhere I have to accept that I was taking her because I wanted her. Damn it…there has to be a way out. She…is going to annihilate me one day…and, will look down at me thinking she got into me. We can’t let this happen. Can we? I grazed my finger on her belly and it moved.

I had a huge penthouse here. I bought it the time River land’s idea came into inception. I bought a very huge chunk of the island at a very prime location and now it was turned into a little city. It was going to serve political and economic benefits to nearby countries the most. The first person I was going to have a meeting with was the Cabinet minister of Kuwait. I was reading the agenda’s he wanted to talk about when she stirred.

I hated the fact that I was less anxious from the moment she is back. And, though I assigned her a different room in my huge penthouse I ended up here beside her. The sense of having her around to fuck anytime was thrilling enough for me.

I couldn’t help but imagine how things could be different if she had aborted this baby for me. To only prove her love to me. And, live without using such tactics wanting to make her position secure. My chest burned with an unseen fire knowing she lied to me.

I accepted her despite her being so poor. She couldn’t give a thing and I was willing to keep her as my wife thinking this poor soul is in love with me. But she dared to play with my feelings. And, I actually believed her. She was way too good…and, really gave her all to prove her nonexistent feelings for me. I recalled the times when she came down holding a candle for me looking like an angel descended from the heavens. I should have been wiser than to ever believe her lies.

Soon, darling…soon…and, the moment I got to hold back…you have no idea how cruel I can be.

Be ready to read about Ava’s arrival in the next one.

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