Billionaire's Ex-wife

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Chapter 4

It’s a very very long chapter. So, you better give me my comments. The ending is sad af. Don’t kill me.
Matteo’s POV

“Congratulations! Cheers! Woah!” A lot of people stood clapping for me as I pulled the string. But all I could recall was her standing under an umbrella with that lad.

My uncle was the first one who came forward to give me a side hug and many followed too. Later, followed the state minister of Kuwait.

“Where’s your wife? Killed her or what?” Mrs Saud came to ask and I leaned in to hug her, “She is in labour.”

“Woah, I guess this day is really yours.”

“Every day is mine.” I winked pulling away.

“So, she wasn’t with anyone. That person seemed to be helping her.” Mrs Saud came to stand by my side and I laugh.

“I am giving her right at home. She doesn’t need anyone else.” She nodded her head.

“Shouldn’t you be with her? Such a stupid woman to bear a child for you.”

Her audacity.

“Stupid…but show me a more powerful woman here. She knows…how to play.”

Screwed me. My wife literally screwed me.

“Powerful?” She scoffed.

“She…is the mother of my future heir.” I pointed to the stone behind where the Lucca enterprise was engraved.

And, there it was Julie in my mind. The day she told me she has fallen for me. What does she think? That I will be at her feet worshipping her?

“Mr Lucca? Let me introduce you to Mr Paige. He is my childhood friend. We went to Oxford together.” Mr Hashimi introduced me to a man. I shook my hands with him.

“He is a professor in physics.” Making the interaction brief I added,

“Please come to the party tonight.”

The speeches followed. The C.E.O and I exchanged the files as I delegate him the powers as a signing authority. And, mentioned briefly about the other projects our enterprise working on. Saying that we are always open for collaboration I descended the stage. Though it was a lie. We were open to only who is worth it.

Coming down I found Peter approaching me and knowing I will again be busy meeting people I let him finish. “Mrs Lucca delivered a baby girl.”

I looked at him static. I knew she was pregnant and delivering and it shouldn’t come as a surprise but I wonder why she would give birth to a daughter. What use a daughter would be for her?

The food was served and I met other state ministers before excusing myself. It was three in the afternoon and I had to attend the party at night.

I looked at the huge buildings passing me. What the hell she was plotting? I wonder.

“A daughter…she is going to be nothing but trouble. Well, who am I to worry? That’s her problem.”

Getting to her room the first thing I noticed was her looking down.

“So, it’s a girl,” I said making her all alert. She held a blanket close to her body that I assume was the baby. She looked drained and her hands were shaking as they clutched onto the baby.

“You…really is something. Aren’t you?” I shook my head barely caging my laugh. Her breathing only escalated.

“I wonder why you would want a girl. She…is not worth anything. I mean…if you planned to move my heart or wanted something out of her. Birthing a son could have been a way…somehow.” I got the cigarette out before looking at that little foot peeking out.

“And, for how long you think you can hide her from me?” I heard a little whining that turned into a constant pitch.

“Matteo…you said she is mine.” And, I widened my eyes.

“Did I show I want her? No!” Scoffing I shook my head.

“I had a puppy once. No matter how much you try to hide her from me. You can’t hide her.”

“What are you talking about?” She asked and I couldn’t help my laugh looking at her face.

“You will know when it’s time…just…keep her the way she is right now…or you never know,” I warned her and hell…she looked scared. I left knowing I can’t stay here.

I could tell it was all a façade. She was really good at acting and that burns me.

I went to a famous bar and all I could recall was her being protective over a few moments old baby? Peter called me and I left for a very famous resort that wasn’t far from my project. Almost all the rich from every part of the world attended. Given it was the night they could interact with me.

Julie’s POV

There was a proud smile on his face before he left. It was as if I lost something. He didn’t make a move to look at her face and I too only pulled away to find her sleeping when he left. There was a huge party in the evening too. Of course, I couldn’t attend but at ten I got visitors. Mrs Hashimi and her sister came to look for Ava.

“I only come to know about her now in the party. Or I would have brought presents.” She held Ava and cooed. And, for a moment it did feel good. Mina came with tea to serve them.

“I will come in tomorrow. Let me know if you want anything. I…know you don’t have your friends here…so…I hope I am not intruding.” Mrs Hashimi said and I couldn’t help but resist. “No…you are not. In fact, it feels great.”

“Well, I really wish Matteo could manage not to leave you. But…things like these are by-products marrying to business tycoons.” I smiled and complimented her dress.

“How did you come to know about…Ava? Matteo?” I asked and she smiled weirdly. “Of course, after the inauguration ceremony in the morning when Peter came to inform him my husband was there. Can you believe he didn’t tell me? Or I would have brought many presents for my little princess…”

“How did he tell you?” I wonder how he would have looked while admitting he has a baby.

“Is everything fine between you two?” She asked and I shook my head. “It’s just he wasn’t here. So, I got a little mad.”

“Aww, girl, you shouldn’t. He was busy…and, he looked very happy when he admitted the birth of her baby.”

“No…how did he admit it?” I asked again and this time she looked at her sister.

“Well, he was giving a speech and in the end, he admitted how he couldn’t be there for her daughter. You know…it was his speech and he got emotional. He is a great man. I must tell you.” And, then it clicked me. He did it for his own benefit.

I got my baby back as she woke up. I looked into her eyes. And, those grey eyes stared back at me. She blinked a few times and I smiled. Yea, girl. You made it.

They left given the time of the night. I changed her diaper and fed her almost dozing off. She was given some injections but those midwives were due to come and check again tomorrow. It was a special service that let you give birth at your home.

At night, I felt thirsty and no matter how many times I tried for the intercom no one came. Making sure she had pillows around her I left for the kitchen. But the moment I came back I found Matteo standing in the middle of the room quite close to the bed. He was looking at Ava and I couldn’t help but run to get to her side.

“This is my place. She…” He pointed at her rudely. “…is living at my place. How long do you think you can hide her from me.” I didn’t reply and only focused on picking Ava carefully.

“Great,…now if you are done kissing your trophy go and set me dinner.”

He left and I wonder what it was about? Mina was really not in the kitchen. I wonder why he let her off. What if he wants to kill Ava and didn’t want any witnesses. My throat was dry and I got out walking to his room. It seems he was in the shower. I got the frozen foods and microwave them before setting the table.

My eyes were fixed on him when he came out of his room and the moment I found him getting to my room I called, “Your dinner is ready.”

I didn’t wait for him and started to leave but got static in the middle, “Where are you going?” I looked at him.


“Ava?” His brows shot. “…whatever…you are mine when I come home. No Ava…when I am here.” He was such a bully. My brows narrowed.

“What does it mean? She is a few hours old. She can’t take care of her. And,…and, she is my part. Just…not attached anymore. Try to understand Matteo…she…” I walked to him and was about to pass him but the moment I tried to get into the room he caught my arm.

“And, you are mine.” I looked at him shocked. His eyes were deadly serious. Taking me to the dinner table he left my wrist. I stood while he took the seat. “Where is napkin?” He asked and my throat got dry. My eyes fixed on the door before I have to look away to focus on finding the napkins.

And, then it happened. I heard her cry and without giving him a look I ran to the room and locked the doors.

Fuck with his napkins.

Ava continued crying and I wonder what was wrong with her. I tried to feed her but she couldn’t stop. It took me an hour to make her at peace. My eyes were getting heavy and I so wanted to sleep.

At three in the night, I was startled out of my sleep hearing a knock on the door. I couldn’t open my eyes and looked at Ava who had her little hands fisted.

“Julie? Open the door.” I heard him say and looked at Ava.

I feared she will wake up and almost ran to get to the door to whisper. “Don’t do this…she will wake up.”

“Then, you should open the door.” His voice wasn’t a whisper and I hated him for doing so.

“I…” And, he knocked on the door again.

I opened the door only to walk back to the bed when he caught my arm. “Matteo?...” I winced.

“What do you think you are?” He hissed and I sniffed looking at him.


“Don’t…I told you. She…isn’t my responsibility. You are the only reason she is here and I…will never accept behaviour like this from your side again.”


“I don’t care. I don’t wanna hear. You better not forget that you are my property and Ava. I only let her be here to make your life worse…not better.” He looked in a trance. I pinched his fingers to make him lose.

“Leave me,” I whimper.

“Oh no…I am not finished yet. I…don’t want to see you love her. The only thing I want to see is you regretting having her. I want to see you hating her like you should be doing.” He gritted burning my ear with his venom.

“She is my baby, Matteo. Why I would hate her?” I tightened my hand around his wrist to make him lose his grip.

“Because I won’t provide for her. You will get nothing out of her and you…will hate her.” He said before letting me go with a jerk. I held my arm looking at him.

“You have gone mad. I…I love my Ava.” I said before getting onto the bed to see if she is alright but then looked at him in fury.

“I didn’t birth her to have your money. You are a sick head. You can keep your money. If I can have a baby I can provide for her too. So,…” I was shivering with anger but continued on low whispering. “…So, you don’t need to lose your temper. My daughter and I don’t want your money.”

“That’s great. That’s awesome. I will see how you will provide for her then.” He said before leaving and I looked at my baby in wonder. Of course, I wonder how I will provide for her. I was sure that he won’t let me have the kind of jobs I can do.

He was doing nothing but taking revenge for lying to him. My baby woke up and I tried to calm her all the while wondering where I will arrange her things.

In the morning, Mrs Hashimi and her sister did arrive to pay the visit. And, bought more than a lot. It was as if a gesture from my almighty. Maybe he was trying to say not to worry.

There were bags of supplies. I opened them after they left to find blankets, dresses, shoes, oils and everything one could imagine with beautiful toys.

“You like it? Because I am loving these.” I kissed her mouth as she continued sleeping.

Mina left to get the groceries and there was someone on the phone asking for permission. “Are you expecting some guests?” Thinking it will be from the service who was supposed to come and check on Ava I replied

“Yes…please let them in,” I spoke and cooed Ava who was opening her eyes. I went to open the door and waited for a few minutes before I found a very unexpected guest.

“I couldn’t stay away. Can I have a look?” He asked and I laughed awkwardly looking at the bouquet and a balloon in his hand.

“Yea…please come in.” I wonder if Matteo has sent him to…test me?

“Would you like to have something?...” I trailed off as he makes himself comfortable.

“No,…let me hold her.” I pressed my mouth as his hand grazed mine and just that moment I refuse to give him my daughter.

“What’s the matter, Liam?” And, all he had to give me were confused eyes.

“What?... I thought you will be alone. And, I was right. You…you need someone.” I looked at him surprised.

“No, I don’t need anyone. You…you are nothing but trouble. I…I know you are working for Matteo. And, I don’t know why you of all the people would be a part of it.”

He looked at me shocked. “No, that’s not true. I really mean help. And, fuck him. I don’t know why you are staying with him. Just…tell me what you want. And, I will help you out of it.”

“And, how much you are taking from Matteo to test me?” I hissed and he too looked pissed.

“You are crossing your limits…and, if there was any doubt…now I know you are trapped in this bond.”

“What if?” I walked closer to him and looked right into his eyes. “Just leave…so I could have one less problem to deal with.”

He looked at me for a few seconds before he left and I couldn’t help but wonder if I was letting a chance slipping away. No,…I am not standing where I can take a chance. I…have to be very dotted on my daughter. We already have a lot on our plate.

Only two days later I had to take the plane with Matteo and leave for the US. This city was always going to be special for me. For here, I get to see my Ava for the first time. Not a few seconds later Matteo came to sit beside me and looking out I wonder if it was the last time I saw Liam.

But I was here trapped in what seems to be my decision. “Make sure she keeps on sleeping. We don’t want your daughter to ruin my time.” He looked at Ava with utter disapproval and the moment plane took off he left our side to get into his room.

I was still to have a good sleep. And, the moment air hostess came to tell me Matteo has asked for my presence I wonder how he got the heart. I got up but resisted when she tried to take Ava from me.

“Only you are asked…I will take care of Miss. Ava.”

With a heavy heart, I let her go. “You can call me when she wakes up,” I said and she assured me.

I walked to his room. It was really the time to have a conversation with him. We have to have clear boundaries.

I walk in to find him filling his glass with whiskey. “Why do you keep doing this? You said Ava is mine…and, now you ask that woman to take care of her who we really don’t know is experienced enough.”

“Are you?” He asked back.

“I am her mother…”

“Are you?” He cut me off and I looked at him.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked,

“She is your responsibility. And, you are mine. So, indirectly…you have to depend on me to ask anything for her.”

“That’s…that’s not what you said…its…” My voice was getting weak.

“And, you will give her what? This whole world will have eyes on what she wears and where she goes…”

“I will manage.” My voice only came in a whisper as he neared.

“No…you will do exactly what I ask of you because you got no other way…” His mouth leaned to my ear.

“…and, now you got something you want to protect. Your Ava…if she won’t survive what you will use to act.” I felt tired. As if someone has put a heavy stone on my chest.

“What do you want?” I asked,

“That’s more like it. I want you to stay away from Ava. At least, when I am around. I don’t like it when you act in front of me. I know you want to say you are not acting but…save it. So, as I am around now…you can’t with Ava.”

“She…needs me.” I hiccupped feeling his grip over my shoulder.

“Says who?” He whispered,


“Do you think I will believe you?” My eyes couldn’t help but sting as his eyes got down to my body.

“So, you said you love me, right?” He got his other hand on my waist.

“Matteo…” I caught his hand.

“You better not resist.” His teeth tugged my ear and I cringed feeling his breaths on me. The whole place started feeling suffocated. Even the thought of sex was enough to make me resist.

“I am healing...please I can’t,” I begged, catching his hand going down and looked up in his eyes.

“You still have to satisfy somehow…you have to stay.”

I didn’t get to see Ava the whole flight. There wasn’t a single moment when my heart was at ease. It was as if someone was cutting my heart out with a butter knife.

I was restless when we were asked to go to our seats and the moment I found Ava I ran to her only for him to get my arm. I looked at him surprised. He can’t be this heartless.

The air hostess took Ava out of our sight on his order. And, the moment we landed I heard her crying. “Please,” I begged. I could only hope that he let me have her for all I had done for him in the whole flight but he didn’t even move.

“Matteo…leave me.” But his grip on my wrist only tightened. I was more agile getting down the stairs. Thinking once we get to our cars I will have my daughter but all of my hopes were gone when the car started the moment he got in.

“My Ava?” I started.

“No, she can’t be here. You have to be with me when I am around.”

“Please stop with this!” I was going mad wondering what if something happens to her. I could literally feel my breathing getting low. At one point I had to inhale very sharp.

There was indeed one car following us. And, the moment our cars were pulled inside his place I got down to only run to the car behind us. There was my Ava with that air hostess.

I got her from that woman and relaxed when I found her eyes moving. She was breathing that was for sure. Not giving any chance to him I took long strides to get to my room and didn’t forget to lock the door.

I only prayed to my almighty to change his heart. I hope for nothing but for a way to get rid of him. I wanted him out of my life because I didn’t have anything left to deal with him.

He only came at three in the night. And, to save Ava from any further interruption I had to open the door. He tried to look past me but I stood in front of him.

“I will follow you,” I said making his eyes resting on me.

“No, you…will shift to my room…and, we will have to move her down given her loud mouth will disturb us…or we can send her to servant quarters. She will be cared for…” I narrowed my eyes.

“She won’t…I…promise.” I looked at my back when he looked at Ava. I went there to keep pillows around her.

“She…I promise I will stay with you all the time when you are home…I will manage somehow…I promise.” I told him and left with him. I sneak out of the bed the moment he let me go into his sleep. I went to my room to find Ava completely awake but quiet. I cooed to her and lighted the room well. I fed her and went back to his room the moment she went to sleep.

The next morning when he left I talked to two women to take the shifts for staying around Ava when Matteo is home. They agreed and the rest of the day I tried to tell them everything about Ava. One of them was a mother too and had experience with babies.

Days only went on to become more exhausting but among all, she was growing just fine. Ava was two months old when Mr Lucca came to pay a visit to her. Seeing she doesn’t have a cradle he did order a lot of things.

It was the first time when I didn’t complain to him for Matteo. It is not that I was getting used to him. It’s just I didn’t have the energy. The moment I woke up I never know when I will have the luxury to close my eyes. Every time I let go of Ava a part of me remained stressful and to top it all he wanted me to look back to normal.

Matteo had a three-day trip and the moment I got to know that I won’t be required to follow him I was at cloud nine. Mr Lucca invited us to stay with him and I didn’t decline the request knowing I had to leave this space for some time.

Given his not so good condition, he could only stay a little with Ava and after that, I was free to sleep and talk to her without any time up. Just for the fresh air, I got out to visit a park nearby. I dressed her into a pretty top and she too smiled more than usual. I knew she would like it here. She was quick to notice that her mom was hers all the time now.

I was smiling at a woman who has a one-year-old when I heard someone call me. “Julie,” I turn to find Liam. My eyes got narrowed.

“Let me explain. I can’t stop thinking about you. I…left the job and now all I want is a chance. I…I was never working for him to test you or anything. Please…don’t throw me away. Let me in…give me a chance.” My throat pained looking at him. I wonder what in the world I can tell him.

“It is too late. I…I am standing somewhere so far, Liam. I…I can’t…He will never let me go…and,…and, I am really scared of him. I can’t…I can’t trust anyone. My one mistake can…”

“Not anymore. You are not alone in this. I swear Julie…please trust me. I…I can’t do this without you.” Something in his eyes let me want to hold him but I refrained with all I got.

“Are you even listening to yourself? I am married.”

“I still want you.” He said making me look at him.

“I don’t know,” I whispered lowly.

“Take this cellphone. I…We can talk at night. Please…” He forwarded me the cell phone and I accepted reluctantly. I knew how much this could help.

He walked with me for a little. Ava too tried to jump on him. Though he asked me many times I couldn’t let him have her. I bid my farewell and wonder what this step of me will land me into. A part of me was firm not to trust him but then another part of me couldn’t help but dream a future where I will be loved by a man who I could only dream about. I was at a crossroads where now with me Ava’s life was at stake too.

At ten in the night, the cellphone chimed with a hello and I had my heart dropped into my stomach when I replied, yes back.

I can file for your divorce if you want. I know you think it will be very hard but that’s why I am here. I looked at the message and switched off the phone. I didn’t want to believe in something that I knew can never come true. Liam didn’t know Matteo but I did. And, I knew it wasn’t possible.

The other day I went to the park too and it didn’t come as a surprise when I find him. I asked him if he was stalking me and he was quite blunt in admitting how he didn’t have any other way. He seemed a little bit tired and exhausted.

“Why you didn’t reply me?” He asked and I didn’t have an answer.

“I don’t know. He loves his money and he will never let me go given he has to give the alimony.”

“But that’s your right.” He said making me look at him.

“No…I would rather want my freedom. And, not…money.” He seemed in disbelief.

“Of course,” His answer was reluctant.

“What…is your plan to get the divorce then? I think he will agree to a divorce if he is given the guarantee that I will not receive any alimony or child support.”

“That’s insane.” He added losing the calm.

“Yea…” I agree.

“I have to go…” I said and he bid farewell to Ava but then just I was about to turn he held my hand. I looked at him and inhaled sharp. He came closer and my throat was dry. And, then he kissed me. Liam kissed me. The guy who could never notice me. It was as if the whole universe was repaying me for all the damage caused.

“I love you.” He said pulling away. It was so unreal. One could never believe. He was the second man who kissed me but it was nothing like Matteo. He was gentle and slow. I looked away and he said he is sorry. I didn’t want him to be but I didn’t say it.

I came back home knowing what I did was wrong but nothing good has ever come out of staying a good girl. I don’t know what Ava will think of me but…I guess one day I will be able to tell her how I had to do what I did.

That night when Ava went to sleep I called him. He picked up on the second ring. “Hello,” I asked,

“Hello,” A very breathy response came.

“I hope I didn’t disturb.”

“No, was just running.”

“Oh…I didn’t want you to be sorry.” I said on the phone biting my lips.

“For what?” He asked back.

“It is fine. You can call me when you are…home.” I said and he too responded with a heavy Ok.

I looked at Ava who looked so cute but before I could cut the call I sense he was still on the phone.

“Hello…” I said but find him busy with someone.

“…don’t tell me…what use of her trapping when she isn’t coming with the alimony. I don’t think she is worth it. And, for her…you are…letting her have you.” I wonder what is this about.

“You really think I will let it all go. You…have no idea…ok? If he divorces her he would want everyone to know how good he was. If anything…it will be in billions…stay patient?”

“Fuck…it better has to be in billions.”

“Yea…it will be. It’s just I should haven’t told you about it. I think she only said it for the sake of saying. There is no way she would let go of the alimony.” I cut the call sobbing. How stupid I was? How stupid. I should have known better.

I cried all night long. I wonder why it couldn’t be true at times. I wonder how I could ever believe anyone when I had Ava with me. She had gotten no one but me. I wonder if I was weak enough to latch on to any opportunity coming my way. I wasn’t this light skirt. How I could ever believe that something good comes out of forbidden. And, it was a huge favour that I get to know about him before I took any reckless step.

And, at midnight I was so scared. I feared getting this weak ever again. I feared I will not get the chance to know in time just as I did today. And, among all, I feared Matteo ever knowing about it.

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