Billionaire's Ex-wife

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Chapter 5

I kissed my daughter laughing as she refused to get changed. She was only six months old but so strong. She was a good girl but not when you want to change her diaper. I didn’t go to visit Mr Lucca though Matteo did get his other business trips. I heard her giggling as I turned to dump. She knew she gave me the hard time and I laughed noticing that lovely smile.

I heard the cellphone vibrating and without me checking I knew it was Liam. I hadn’t picked his phone and I guess somewhere he should know the reason too. I had gotten numerous texts from his side but that too was not enough for me to respond. I didn’t throw away the phone knowing I can use it if needed. And, not to forget I had tried contacting Veronica. So far, David was safe at her maternal home in Switzerland but I wonder for how long they would try to hide.

Ava had grown a liking to this place she recognizes as home. Her favourite place was the living area where a huge aquarium was hoisted. The problem was Matteo was strict in the orders that he didn’t want to see Ava anywhere but locked up in her room. So, I had to get her to her room before it is his time.

I was feeding her and lost in the deep thoughts. At times I felt so content knowing my daughter was safe and well-fed. And, if I do nothing with my life more I was content.

She threw up a little on me and telling the staff to have a look at her I went to change. Coming down I was getting my hair into a bun when I found Matteo standing so close to her. And before I could take a step he leaned to her level.

“Who am I?” He asked while what seems to be shaking her. I was about to say something when I heard Ava laughing.

“I am a monster.” He growled and she laughed harder.

“Monster.” He tickled her and she responded but when I saw him catching her from her collar to get her in the air I had to intervene.


“What was she doing here?” He asked back without looking at me.

“Matt…no,” He swings her in the air and my heart skipped the beat.

“Don’t do that!” I yelled.

“Look Ava…she is your mother. She only wants to take advantage of you…” Looking at me Ava whined getting her hands in the air.

“And, here I am…someone you can take advantage of…so…choose wisely.” He asked but she only whined louder.

I neared and tried to hold her. “No…your time with Ava is up…come here.” He asked for the maid and gave her Ava who continued asking for me.

“She is not used to leave me at this time.” I resisted but his eyes told me I had no other option.

“Matt…” I said weakly as I took his jacket off wondering if he could allow me to see my Ava. “Don’t you fuck up the rules or we will have to send Ava away. You know…I own so many places…and, she…” I wonder if he could notice the helplessness on my face because he stopped.

“I want my…” He grazed his thumb on my mouth. “…wife back. The beautiful one…and, the one I could fuck all night long. Who...would welcome me with a smile...and stays quiet no matter what I do.” He held my waist and kissed my neck.

“Matteo…” My breath hitched.

“...I…I am healing,” I whispered while his hand groped me. “Well, you know the other way. And…I think you are loving it here more.” I looked away trying to not burst.

The next day when he got away, I ran to Ava’s room. After feeding her I was taking Ava’s pictures because she looked so cute in her green dress. I was smiling looking at the screen when I got a text from Liam. “You brought it on you.” I wonder what he meant. My fingers irked to text him but I refrained.

Ava soon fell asleep and I kissed her before closing my eyes for a moment but gasped feeling a very strong grip on my arm. Opening my eyes I found Matteo fuming in anger. “Matt?” I sobbed resisting but he only dragged me.

“Leave me…” I hiccupped and winced at the pain that shot from my arm.

Even I wonder at this point what got into him. Was he drunk? Was he going to kill me? My feet hurriedly follow him as my body got into defensive mode. “Who the fuck he is?” He growled pushing me with a jerk. I hardly managed not to get onto the wall.

“Who?” I asked back and he threw the pictures at me. It was Liam indeed but none of the pictures showed his face.

My eyes welled up with tears while my mind went haywire. Ava plastered to my chest was the proof it was one of the recent.

“I…I can explain.” I stammered.

“No!” He grabbed my neck and I pushed his chest to save me.

“Please…please….” I gasped in pure fear and hissed in pain when he pulled my hair with all he got.

“I want a name…a fucking name.” He growled while I sobbed.

“Leave me…” I writhed for air. I wonder if there was no one who will come to help me.

“Don’t do this with you!” Matteo shouted at the top of his lungs on my face.

“I don’t know…I…don’t know…”

“Seriously! How many have you been with to forget it!” He shouted in my ear while I only slapped his arms for him to let me go.

“Please…” This time my voice got so weak. I was so scared.

“Liam…Liam…” I breathed out and gasped when he let go of my neck. I sobbed louder sinking to the floor but then hiccupped when he caught me to drag me to the room.

“Leave me…” I resisted.

“Why? The whole fucking world knows about this. YOU…are everywhere.” He shouted pushing me onto the bed and I wonder if what he was saying was true.

He left and didn’t forget to shut the door after him. I cried and wonder what would happen. And, for all, I feared he will get his hands on the cellphone and that would put Veronica and David into trouble too.

Molly came to open the door with lunch after an hour and I ran to the door to get to Ava’s room. Molly was one of the maids who helped me with Ava. The room seems untouched so far. And, I got the cellphone before coming to ask Molly. “Where is he?”

“He left after you two got into argument.” I looked at the phone and typed my name. Several articles popped up with Liam’s face blur.

Titles were cruel and I wonder what would happen now. I fed Ava but had to leave when his car pulled in front of the mansion. Molly locked my door and I asked her to make sure Ava doesn’t make any sound. I didn’t want him to have his mind on Ava in all of this.

I switched off the cellphone before throwing it under the bed. I had my whole neck sore and shivered wondering what is coming next. I looked at him with my head held high as he entered.

A smile etched on his face as he entered. “Wow, look at you…” He looked murderous with his veins popping. “…well, Mrs Lucca your name is a word on the streets. And, not for not so obvious reasons…come on…tell me where did you two fuck? the park?…” He stood right in front of me.

“It was just a kiss. I…carried away…I admit.” I gasped when he sank his fingers around my mouth. “I…so want to burn you with that lad…younger than me…is this want you wanted deep inside of you?” He whispered over my mouth

“It didn’t mean anything. He…is not worth it.” I held his wrist weakly. “Please…I would never cheat on any…one.”

He laughed and looked maniac. “I believe you. Let’s just say I do…” And, I looked at him in surprise. “…but I will make sure that this whole world doesn’t get to know…” I narrowed my eyes and he continued gripping my mouth tighter.

“ seemed to be enjoying it though.”

“No…I said it didn’t mean anything. Can you please forget it?” I pleaded to look at him. “I can’t. And, I won’t.” He growled and I winced when he pulled me in all the while pulling my hair with his other hand. I writhed in his arms and he smiled. “This is what you feel for me…right?”

I closed my eyes disgusted feeling him grow. “Were you thinking of him when you were sucking me?...” It was as if he was stabbing me.

“...I…will get out of this mud unscathed and I will show you how.” I was shivering with humiliation when he let go of me. And, I was wondering how everyone would be thinking of me. Ungrateful, shameless, gold digger…there were a lot of names in the articles and I wonder how he would turn into his advantage.

I didn’t sleep the whole night worrying if he would hurt me. He didn’t touch me that night though I knew he was aroused somehow in this situation too.

The next day, I tried to be very careful and left Ava on my own before it was his time to come home. I made sure that he would find me in the room when he comes. Not for the slightest moment, I wanted his mind to go onto Ava.

I tried to look presentable and wanted to make no mistakes today. It was seven in the evening when he came but he wasn’t alone. With him stood a blonde girl and not to mention quite young. That woman got static looking at me and looked at Matteo. “Who is she?” She asked,

“You can leave…or stay.” He said and I left without a moment and went straight to Ava’s room. It was ten in the night when I got down to the kitchen and noticed that woman leaving. One of the drivers was there to drive her. And, when I got up my breath hitched finding him in Ava’s room.

I carefully walked past him for him to only get my arm. “You…are not allowed around her.” He said making me look at him in shock.

“What are you talking about?” I resisted.

“You don’t know?” He asked back.

“Leave me, Matteo. You can’t ask something like this. She…” I was cut off when he dragged me to his room. I was disgusted when he threw me on the bed but before I could get up he hovered me. His hands held my wrists.

“What? Don’t like it with me?” My leg shook with pure fear. He raised his hand and thinking he is going to hit me I gasped. He caught my mouth to make me look at him. He looked mad. It had been a lot of time since we last joined but I had not forgotten even to least bit how he could feel when I am least in the mood.

“I am sure she was good enough. Wasn’t she?” I dared I know.

“She was…but you will be here…” His mouth was so close to my face. “…whenever I want you.” He kissed me hard and hovered over me getting my wrists pinned on the bed. I was disgusted by those dirty sheets.

My chest felt suffocated as he continued exploring my mouth. I dig my nails in his hands but it was as if he can’t feel anything. I groaned in his mouth when he bit my lip hard. My knees were tightly pressed together. Frustrated he pulled away and seemed to get rid of his robe while I fisted the sheets and pulled them getting into the ball slowly.

All the times from my pregnancy get back at me. He wasn’t there to support me in the most crucial of my times but never once forgets his rights on my body.

I had my eyes watered when he came at me again. He looked pissed when his arms came to held my waist to turn me around.

“I don’t want to look at you.” My throat hurt when his nose came to sniff my hair. I closed my eyes and had my body stiff knowing he is going to do it. My skin crawled feeling his hand lifting my dress up.

“It was a mistake you said…” I gasped when he groped me with all he got and only fisted my hands feeling him tearing my innerwear. His breaths felt like acid as he pushed me forward. My mouth hung open and my hand automatically get to pull the sheets.

“Imagine Ava seeing those pictures. You…are…ruined.” I blinked my eyes not in the situation to think about anything. At one point I wanted to resist but couldn’t even move. I wanted to shut off, didn’t want to feel anything but I wasn’t numb. My back hurt and my body convulsed around his hard member.

“Such a slut. I knew you are a slut all this time.” I hiccupped and was limbless when he let go of him. I don’t know why I didn’t move. He pulled out and didn’t stay in the room.

It was in the morning when I got up to take a bath. Ava was already up and I asked Molly to set Ava’s favourite purree. She was so excited looking at me and surprisingly wasn’t even mad. It was ten in the morning when Molly almost came running to me. “Mr Lucca has given his official statement on your scandal.” My heart skipped a beat.

“What did he say?” I asked and when she didn’t respond I checked my cellphone.

There were indeed articles and I skipped to the part where his very brief statement read, “My wife and I accept that there was a third person for a while but now everything is sorted. There is no dissolving our marriage. If anything, we are stronger than before. I would like for all of you to respect our privacy.” I wonder what he was trying to prove.

As for me, I tried to make Ava sleep before his time and remained in his room beforehand. The more I think about his statement the more I wonder. What he was trying to pull?

I got down from my bed to get his coat. And, looked at him when he pulled me in. I hadn’t forgotten what he did yesterday. And, after his statement where he was ready to tell the world how he was fine with his wife’s infidelity was another blow.

“I have dinner tonight. And, I want you to put the effort in looking like…MY WIFE.” He gritted the last two words making me shake. I nodded my head but he was quick to put his all weight on me. “But first I want you to satisfy me.” I blinked my eyes wondering why he wanted to be seen with me.

We got out to the dinner as he had some important meeting. I couldn’t help but worry what people at the dinner would be thinking about us.

The couple was from the Netherlands but they did have some other people from their company. I tried my best to pay attention, or a minute out and I would start thinking about Ava and time seems to be static. At one moment the host asked me about our daughter but Matteo shifted the conversation skillfully saying she had developed a bond with her babysitter and we aren’t worried anymore.

That was not true. Now, I could feel Ava crazy whenever I come to see her as if she is trying to ask why I left her in the first place. I don’t know why but today my heart wasn’t at ease. It was the third time Matteo got me out for a meeting after Ava but this time it was different. People had eyes on me. And, I didn’t miss at some points when they would stop to look at each other to pass gazes.

I was impatient to have a look at Ava when we got home. I knew only holding her would make this all lessen. But the moment I found Molly standing with our butler Noir I couldn’t help but ask. “Is everything alright?”

“What’s wrong?” Matteo asked coming in after a few seconds.

“Miss Ava got hurt…she is in her room. She is alright but.” I didn’t let her finish and ran to her room. Throwing my purse on her bed I looked at my baby sobbing hard. Tears were dried on her cheeks as she whimpers in her sleep.

“Mommy is here, Ava…darling I am here,” I whispered hardly getting my sob in check. A white patch on the left side of her head squeezed my heart.

I collected her in my arms and check her fever. She was indeed a little feverish. It was…her first fever.

I found Matteo coming in and refuse to look in his way. And, when he didn’t say anything I explained. “She got fever.”

“Doctor has prescribed her some medicines for few days.” The maid from behind said and I didn’t move. Her little warm breaths on my neck calm me. She…had to stay. She can’t leave me but then I realized that it was always me who left her.

Matteo left after a few moments and I stayed with Ava all night. I woke up to feed her and give her medicines. She fell and had three stitches on the head. I asked the maid why they didn’t inform us and this is when I come to know that they were strictly prohibited to come to me for Ava if he is around. She was crying, was hurt, wanted her mother and I wasn’t around.

Ava wasn’t at rest for a single moment and I was on coals seeing her restless. I took her outside in the evening and didn’t make any move to follow Matteo when his car arrived. And, swear to God if he tried to part Ava I was going to break the hell.

And, I knew I wasn’t overthinking finding Ava better getting my full attention. She could tell I was more attentive with her. And, she was indeed enjoying it.

I took her to point to golden fishes in the pond. I looked up to find a mesmerizing evening and turned back to spot Matteo on the terrace.

She finally smiled and I looked down to smile back. Indeed, she was strong. I look up to find Matteo who I knew was thinking of parting us. I got into the mansion and took the stairs.

“Mrs Lucca…you should eat something now. You haven’t eaten anything.” Molly said after me.

“No…I am not hungry.” I replied resuming my walk.

“You feed her. It is not good for you to skip meals…” I didn’t let her finish and kept walking to only notice Matteo coming down.

“Just like you…wants attention all the time.” I looked up and before he could ask me to leave her I passed him. There was one thing he was forgetting. It wasn’t him she carved to get attention from. He didn’t have anything to worry about.

It was seven in the evening when I found him going out and huffed knowing I won’t be required to leave Ava. I got her favourite pink unicorn and we played until she was fast asleep.

I don’t know what happened to Liam but he didn’t text or call after that day. I wonder how he could stoop this low. There wasn’t a single moment when I don’t worry what my friends, or family must be thinking of me. And, when Ava is sleeping my anxiety could shoot really quickly.

The sky rumbled outside and I walked to shut the windows. Making sure she had pillows around I went in to take a bath. Coming out I combed my hair and change into my night suit before coming to kiss Ava. But the moment I noticed her burning hot I pulled away. She was burning in fever. I called her and tried to get her up but she didn’t even move.

God! Ava!

I ran downstairs to the servant quarters. Molly was talking to other maids and I was breathless when I tried to say, “Please call for help. Ava is burning in fever. And, she is not…responsive.”

Molly ran at once while Brie commented. “It’s so bad outside. I don’t think anyone can manage to come at this time.”

“Then, we should go without wasting a moment. You!...please ask the driver to make the car ready. I…I am coming with Ava.” I turned and got up to collect Ava. She was shivering at this moment and my whole existence trembled. I came down barefoot. I knew we didn’t have much time.

“We are not allowed to let you go alone in the car. Mr Lucca has prohibited any driver to follow you.” Noir spoke standing with his head low.

“What! You are not serious? You do realize what you are talking about.” When no one moved an inch I ran upstairs to knock on his door.

“Matteo…Matt!” I yelled until he opened the door.

“Ava isn’t alright. We need to take her to the hospital.” I didn’t wait for him to say anything. He seemed half pissed and was standing in his robe.

“Call the assistance here.” He said before turning away.

“They can’t be here. It is not good outside. Matt! I think she is dying.”

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