Billionaire's Ex-wife

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Chapter 6

“They can’t be here. It is not good outside. Matt! I think she is dying.” He turned around and looked at her.

“What the fuck happened?” And, in the next moment, she wasn’t in my hands anymore.

“She is fucking purple. What you have done to her?” He yelled as I tried to keep up with him.

“She was fine…I don’t know.” I said as I rushed outside.

He kept on taking the stairs to the basement and there was one of the drivers who rushed to the car. “You are not coming with me.” He said making me gasp.

“I can’t trust you with her.”

“I wasn’t talking to you for fuck’s sake. This car only has two seats.” He said and I didn’t mind.

He gave me Ava back as if giving me a parcel. I got her nestled between my arms before he took the car out. The clinic was literally two minutes away from our mansion. We two stood in our night suits in the hospital as the doctor took her into the emergency.

“If I get to know that it was your doing to get my attention. I swear I am going to kill you.”

I looked at his feet and those were bare. And, not to forget it was a storm alert but he got out for her.

“You care for her.” His eyes narrowed before he looked at me as if I am stupid.

“No, if something happens to her people are gonna say I am responsible or lose my mind over your infidelity.” I wonder from where this man thinks.

“Mr Lucca…Ava is fine but…it turns out that stitches used on her were not fit and that went wrong.”

“What do you mean…not fit?” Matteo asked back.

“Well, it was a mistake...”

“No…you are not getting it. She is my daughter. Was your team not aware who they were treating when they nursed her yesterday?” The doctor seemed puzzled.

“How is she now?” I asked making Matteo look at me.

“I am talking!”

“How is she now?” Matteo looked at the man who trembled.

“She will be fine.”

“She better be. She is mine…and, no I am not the good person you think I am. I am the person you don’t want to mess up with.” Matteo roared only disturbing the people who were passing us.

The doctor left and he too left after the doctor. I wonder why he was behaving like this. Did he care about Ava? Was I blind to not notice that he would care about Ava? No, he didn’t even want her here in the first place. Not knowing what he is up to I followed him.

Coming in I was horrified seeing how he wasn’t letting anyone around Ava. “What are you doing? Are you trying to kill Ava?” I exclaimed making him look at me.

“No…they had already killed her...almost. I have called one of my friends and I can’t let them do anything until we are sure what they are up to.”

“But I think she needs this treatment right away.” Ignoring me he pointed at the nurse.

“You! Get this out of her wrist. We can’t trust you, people. We are leaving.”

“Please, don’t do this,” I whispered helplessly. He was causing a ruckus.

“First, she doesn’t need emergency treatment now. Second, this is the last time you are speaking or we will leave you here.” He got Ava and walked out to his car and we left for the pediatric hospital.

One of his friends did have the paperwork ready and Ava was admitted in no time. He stayed and booked a room for Ava all the time for the next five years. It was four in the morning when the doctor comes to talk to us.

“She will be fine. But I would like to keep her under observation for a day.”

“Great…I will send my driver to pick her up once it is time.” He replied before looking at me.

“I will stay with her.”

“Last time I check you are not a nurse. You are not staying here.” He said but I only narrowed my eyes.

“It is better for her mother to stay.” The doctor intervened and he huffed looking at me.

“Great…keep up with your acting. Now…what do you want?...want to call one of your lovers here and cry on his shoulder?” I looked at him shocked but he didn’t stay to hear from my side.

Ava and I stayed in the hospital until six in the evening. Her room was huge. I couldn’t help but play the whole scenario in my mind. If her condition could get him to do work for her why not her beautiful little acts. And, this is when I recalled all the times when I made sure how she never gets to see her father.

No matter how much I wished or wanted I was still living with him for what now seems like a lot of time. And, if Ava was going to grow up with her dad she deserved a chance of getting to have won her father’s heart. He must be the worst person in the world but somehow he had to learn how to not hurt Ava with his words. And, how much I wished he could do this.

We got home and I left Ava alone and went to sleep in his room. I did hear him coming into the room and just as I plotted he did leave the room. I got out and walked to Ava’s room slowly to only notice him standing in the middle of the room staring at Ava.

I didn’t get in and for once trusted he won’t hurt Ava. It was indeed a very hard step for me but I knew I had to do it. She was amazing and it was impossible to not lose your heart to her.

In the morning, Ava’s grandfather came to pay a visit. He had more speech disability but could look at Ava without blinking. One of the maids came to feed Mr Lucca but I asked her to leave the food.

I came forward to feed Mr Lucca. “I would have been doing this job if you didn’t make me sign the papers.” I still hadn’t forgotten how he made me sign the papers for the penalty to break the marriage with his son.

“I…I…am not sorry. One day…you…realize…know why I did what I did.” I cleaned his mouth before helping him with his next spoon.

“He is in love with you…and, Ava too.” He said making me shake my head in amusement.

“He can’t love anything.” It hurts how confident my voice was.

“Then, are...still alive. You...ruined his...plans of getting...richer, his worst...dream of...becoming...a father…and, even...caught up in...a scandal. Give reason why...Matteo didn’t...kill you.” And, this somehow made me recall how he was different after I told him I loved him. I shook the thought away quickly.

“That’s because…he wants to torture me.”

“Well, that too...can be...the reason.” He replied and I laughed at how easy it was for him to give up on his son.

“She is adorable…” I look at Ava too.

“Yes…she is,” I whispered.

Mr Lucca stayed for the next five days. It was only when the weekend was around he left. It was after a few weeks when Matteo told me about a party and seemed pretty worked up. “Thanks to I have to attend birthday parties too.” I wonder why he had to make a huge deal out of it. I worked on choosing a modest dress and got him ready as I was supposed to.

It was only when I was ready to leave he commented, “Where’s Ava?”

“Was she coming?” I asked,

“I told you it’s a party. She is the reason that we are invited in the first place. It’s a fucking birthday party for a one-year-old. People are already asking for her. Haven’t you noticed? Where is your mind?” I looked at him dumbfounded.

“You could have mentioned,” I whispered completely puzzled.

“Bring her. You have got five minutes.” He said before heading out and I almost ran upstairs to get her in a dress. She was sleepy and it wasn’t hard. Her eyes were telling me she didn’t want to go but I still got her ready anyway.

“Wake her up. She can’t attend like this.” Matteo noticed she was sleeping after our vehicle got on the road.

“You can’t possibly have the heart to wake her up and it’s better for both of us that she is sleeping?” I looked at him defeated but in the next moment, he got her from my hands.

“And, I thought you said you loved her? When all you want is for her to sleep all the time.” I wonder from where it came.

“Ava? Ava…you can’t sleep you hear me?” He jerked her and she did stir before crying out loud.

“You are going to a party for fuck’s sake. You can’t cry. She is going to ruin my image today.” He looked at me and handed her back to me. She cried in the whole drive and didn’t stop looking at Matteo for a single second as if asking me to get revenge on him.

He was annoyed the moment we stepped in. There were kids running around and he had to smile. I can’t lie seeing him in agony was amazing. I tried to stay at a distance or I knew he was going to hold me or hurt me to vent off.

Our hosts met us all smiles as Matteo forward to greet them but the moment I tried to said my greetings their smiles shrank. And, this is when my heart was stabbed. I recalled my scandal and how my reputation was in shambles.

It wasn’t hard for me to notice that many were giving us stares. I looked up to Matteo and I could tell now his smile was real. He enjoyed getting me ruined. I spotted Mrs Hashimi’s sister who came to attend with her three years old but she didn’t even stop to stare the moment we got eye contact.

“You are hanging by the thread I can cut anytime,” Matteo whispered in my ear and my throat felt stuff. I kissed my scared Ava and inhaled her scent to get going. I knew she was the only thing that should matter.

“She too will ask you about your affair one day,” Matteo whispered in my ear and I looked at him with my eyes full of tears. I excused myself and wasn’t seeing when I bumped into someone while entering the mansion.

“Excuse me, I am sorry.” I tried to pass but got static listening to.

“Watch where you going!” The woman shouted and I looked up to notice furious eyes looking back at me.

“It’s you who bumped into me.” I looked at her surprised.

“You could have ruined my dress. Do you know how expensive it is?” She gritted lowly and I looked at her surprised.

“I don’t mean any harm but you were not looking too.” She seemed to be charging at me when we both were interrupted.

“Grace…honey, is everything alright.” It was not hard to recognize the voice.

“It’s nothing. She was asking for the way. I was telling her it’s my first time here too.” She kept on explaining while Sofia stared at me. I could tell she was trying her best to pass a smile as she approached me.

“Mrs Lucca…how are you doing?” I noticed how she didn’t call me Julie today.

“I am doing fine.” Ava started whining.

“Maybe Matteo was right. You can’t deal with kids.” I looked at her blank.

“Excuse me? I am her mom.”

“Nothing…you can pass her to me. I can get her to her dad if you don’t want her.” She had pity in her eyes for Ava.

“She is fine with me. It’s just past her sleeping time.” I said before excusing myself with a nod.

Getting in I noticed a spacious living room and getting to the back area I found a quiet place to relax Ava. I cooed her to sleep and told her how much of a good girl she is. It didn’t take her much time to relax. She still had her eyes wide open as she continues to lean on me.

“Isn’t it a beautiful night Ava?” I whispered kissing her head.

“But we need to go out. And, you don’t need to get scared this time. I am here…and will be always.” She stayed quiet. I already knew that she won’t sleep without her bed. I felt so weak for a moment I knew I was going to collapse. Maybe she was becoming heavy or what. I would get tired in a few minutes. My head was all dizzy but Ava was calm and not scared anymore and this is what mattered.

I got out with a much calmer Ava and mentally prepared myself to face Matteo but the moment I step out I found people gathered to wish the kid who had his birthday.

I walked to Matteo after locating him. And, not a few minutes later a photographer passed us. We stood to pose for a perfect picture and the moment that guy went away he whispered, “Thank God, she didn’t cause a scene.”

I looked at Matteo. “We disturbed her. Why it has to be now? They should have arranged the party in the noon.” He ignored my comment and we two smiled as Mr and Mrs Anderson approached us.

Their treatment too was different and at this point, I was trying to get used to it. “Congratulations, I heard about Grace,” Matteo added making me look at him.

“We are too excited? Have you two met?” Mrs Anderson added making Matteo smile.

“I couldn’t make it to Mrs Olivia’s party.” I already knew how much he hated Mrs Olivia. Definitely, her daughter coming wasn’t good news to him.

“Oh…she is here.” Mrs Anderson tried to locate her but then said, “Umm, she must be busy. You know…everyone wants to know about her or about her life so far.” Mrs Anderson seemed excited and for one part I was excited too. Mrs Olivia seemed a great woman and had it enough already. She deserved this much.

“I would love to see her,” I commented and Mrs Anderson replied,

“I can understand. Can you believe it? She is already receiving letters from admirers.” Mrs Anderson opened up a little to me. Maybe it was the excitement that they got a lost family member back.

“Well, she must be very beautiful given Mrs Olivia too is a charm.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, may we have your attention please,…” The mother of the birthday boy started and we too got attentive.

“…as we all had already met our amazing Grace at the previous party…most of us still can’t get over the fact that our darling friend Olivia got her daughter back. Not only this…our Olivia is far more generous than before. And, didn’t think twice before donating to the organization I run for the blind kids.”

“When her birthday is coming?” Matteo asked me making me look at him defeated.

“…And, as we all know our beautiful Grace…who is here with her mother is being eyed by many. I have literally got asked by fifteen gentlemen who wants me to introduce her to them. So, to make the matters a little fated I had written down the twenty-five names and whoever is chosen will get to have a dance with her….” The whole crowd laughed and she started, “…and, that can be your chance.”

“…So, I got the names here of all the single men here and we have got one. And, here I am to tell you who is the lucky one. It is…Matteo De Lucca…” even her face got a little mischievous while Mr Anderson seemed literally pissed at the mention as he stared back at us.

The whispers into the crowd got louder while Matteo hissed. “Did they actually try to get on my nerves?” Matteo didn’t have to take more than a few steps to get to our host. He got the mic from her before passing a smile to the crowd.

“It is indeed a missed opportunity but I have not one but two girls here. Quite busy I must tell you all. Please…try with the next name…and, I must add whoever it is going to be…must be a lucky man.” I noticed his pissed smile as he returned the mic to the host and the woman stood still before getting to the other name and I could tell she didn’t have any. She pondered for a moment before whispering. “It is Christian Antonio.”

The crowd cheered on again and Matteo took me to the dance floor too where some couples were already busy. He held me with Ava sandwiched between us. He held Ava lovingly and looked at me. I knew it was for the act but just for the moment, I could tell that even if the whole world would stand against me he had to stand with me. For as long as we three were the family he wasn’t going to let us lose our face.

His arms came to set on my waist and I looked at his shoulder realizing how all the cold stares from the crowd doesn’t reach me anymore. It was as if he was the one standing and giving me the anchor.

We left for the home shortly after and making Ava comfortable in her bed I came into his room to find coming out of the closet.

“She was very tired,” I told him wondering how he would react to her report.

“I was beaten too. You somehow have to make her understand how to behave in public.” I stayed quiet for a moment before nodding my head. I wonder if he had noticed she is only eight months old.

Getting my diamond earrings I was about to get into the closet when he held my arm. I looked at his mouth before he dragged me to the bed.

And, now if I come to think of it he never took me to bed as if I was a human. He would always take me as if I am his purchased commodity. I don’t know why he looked so different to me though he was pretty much pissed as always and assertive in his moves. And, the moment I lay on the bed awake with his leg caging me close to him I closed my eyes to only feel his hot breaths on my neck.

My eyes welled up as I tried to cage my sob. I knew he would never look at me as anything but a gold digger. He would never respect me or love Ava. To live with him was so tiring but somehow I was here making and raising my family with this man. The kind of man I would have never wanted but the man I had seen with all of his flaws.

The next day I assisted him until he was already having his breakfast. My heart started beating faster the moment Molly came holding Ava and fixed her in her baby seat for the breakfast.

“What’s she doing here?” His voice came sharp and I wonder if trying to closing the bridge between us is going to be a disaster.

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