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Ace: An Erotic Anthology

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An erotic anthology detailing the interactions of a group of friends on their journey to becoming more.

Erotica / Romance
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I Watch, You Watch, We Watch

JAI (Age 22)

Voyeurism: the practice of deriving sexual pleasure or arousal from seeing others nude or committing sexual acts

For as long as I could remember, Ace has been here. Has been my best friend, we’re practically inseparable. People always assumed he was like a brother to me, but it was never like that for us. Not when he spent every night when one of our mothers was working late molding me to my bed, leaving my thighs shaking and me incoherent. No, it was never like that for us. It hadn’t been like that two years ago when he took my virginity and it never would. No, we were us. Jaison and Ace or Jace as I liked to call us in my diary.

Getting up from my seat on my bed, I looked outside my bedroom window at Ace’s. I could see him inside his room, it looked like he was either going to or just getting out of the shower.

Hastily rushing towards my bed, I spread myself out making sure that I had a good enough view of his window. Once I was settled comfortably, I stared intensely out of my window again. I watched him drop the towel to the ground and reach for his moisturizer from the top of his wardrobe. And as I watched him spread the creamy mixture across the full expanse of his broad chest and carefully massage it into his limbs, I felt my hand mirroring his actions. It carefully raked across my chest, slowing as it grazed against my sensitive nipples. Subconsciously, my other hand reached behind me and unlatched my bra before quickly tossing it across the room. My hand returned to fondling myself, this time tugging and twisting my areolae.

By this time he’d finished with his upper body and was starting to moisturize his abdomen and the longer I watched him, the more the lotion reminded me of a similar substance that he often covered me with. As my desire-stricken mind focused on Ace, the hand that wasn’t busy carefully placed two of my fingers in my mouth and my head bobbed along until they were adequately damp. As my heavy lids began opening and closing, my damp fingers caressed my stomach before lowering themselves between my thighs.

I guess I could’ve done without wetting them, after all, there was an ocean between my thighs. After I’d finally grown tired of teasing myself, two fingers slipped within my walls and my eyes closed simultaneously. I worked my fingers in and out of myself slowly, then quickly over and over again. Taking myself to the edge, but never truly cresting the wave.

In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

Occasionally, I’d swipe my thumb across my clit. Softly. Roughly. From side to side. In different angles. My well-practiced hand doing whatever felt right.

As I lay there, soaked in sweat with my juices already beginning to stick to my satin sheets, I felt another hand. One that was most definitely not my own, glide across my stomach and between my thighs. As I began to open my eyes, it ripped my hand away and smoothly slid two fingers between my walls. Oh. I gasped softly and my eyes screwed shut after feeling the fingers scrape across my spot.

Ooh ooh oh! Oh, God! I moaned and screamed as I felt another finger join the two and all three pick up speed, curving occasionally. After a few minutes, my back arched and my thighs shook. I was so close. As I felt my stomach tighten the fingers slipped out. Damnit, I’d been so close.

Yet, before I could complain the fingers returned meticulously circling my entrance. They’d get so close but refused to enter. After listening to me softly whimper while writhing around fruitlessly, the intruder slid them back inside. And after ruthlessly edging me several more times, he finally spoke.

“Did you enjoy the show, Jaison?” It was Ace. However, I was left unable to respond as his fingers picked up their speed, once more slamming inside of me and reaching places I never could alone.

“Answer me!” If I’d been speechless before, I was incoherent now. There was no way for my brain to properly form sentences. Not when he’d long since stopped hitting my g-spot and had begun harshly attacking my c-spot all the while roughly dragging his thumb across my clit.

Right when I thought I’d finally get there, he yanked his fingers out and left me wanting. My heavy lids slipped open and my blown pupils tried to focus on him. When they’d finally managed to adjust, I saw his smirking face and his hand reaching up towards my face.

He dragged his fingers that were drenched in my juices across my lips, coating them better than any gloss ever did and before he could pull away I drained every drop from his fingers, showing him everything I’d practiced.

“Good girl” he mumbled absentmindedly while using his other hand to caress my face.

“Only for you, Daddy” I replied instantly.

His dark eyes darkened further and before I could register anything else I was flipped over onto my stomach. I felt his rough hands caressing my butt cheeks before harshly slapping each one a few times. It hurt so well. It always did with him.

“Bad girl. Are you teasing me? I’d hope not, especially when you haven’t been properly punished for spying on me and playing with my pussy without permission.” I felt him caress my cheeks once more and felt excitement arise deep within. Was I about to be punished?

“Count, babygirl” he said before I felt a series of blows land on my cheeks.


*Time skip*

...TWENTY-FIVE.” By the time he finished my face was covered in tears and my voice was hoarse. I felt him slide his hand between my folds and I couldn’t force myself to be the least bit embarrassed by the wetness found there. After all, he’d caused it.

“You enjoyed that? Didn’t you sweetheart? You like it when Daddy’s rough with you? Don’t you babygirl?” He groaned in my ear.

Trying to stabilize my still labored breathing, I remained silent. He rubbed my now sensitive ass again before harshly delivering another blow to it.

“Love, if you don’t answer me, I’ll be forced to punish you again.”

And as much as I’d enjoyed it and would assuredly enjoy it again, I couldn’t handle being teased like that again.

“I did! I love it when you’re rough with me, Daddy!” I cried out. I figured that if I answered that way all of his usual questions would be void and I was not disappointed.

As I lay there panting into my pillow with my curls sticking to my neck, I heard his belt unbuckle and his pants drop to the floor. Moments later, I felt his skin brush against mine and his other head brush against my entrance. Yes, this is what I’d been waiting for! This is what I wanted! He slid up and down against my slit, wetting himself, causing my hips to push themselves backward against his until finally, he held me down.

“Be still, baby. Good things come to those who wait.” He rumbled into my ear.

I lay there panting and finally, when tears began to slide down my face he slid inside. My mouth opened and closed with my teeth locking around my pillow. He had always been so big and each time he only seemed to grow. There was just always something about the initial penetration that got me. It always had just enough pain, the good kind of course. And as we lay there on my bed, Ace resumed the ritual he’d started with his fingers and my headboard banged to a rhythm almost as old as time itself.

After a while my back arched and I screamed myself hoarse as my fingers clawed through my sheets only to end up digging into my mattress as they looked for something to grab onto. It was too much, I couldn’t take anymore. I tried to crawl forward and escape his harsh strokes, but he wouldn’t let me. He never let me run from his dick.

I subconsciously found myself thrusting my hips back onto his and he took hold of a wad of my curls. Any other time I would’ve been pissed, but not now. Not when a negative response could leave me on the edge again. No, definitely not now. I felt Ace finally speed up after stopping or slowing down whenever I’d try to hide my screams. He always liked to hear them, but I was always scared someone would catch us.

“Do you want to come, love? Ask Daddy to take you there?” I heard his baritone softly caress my eardrums, a sharp contrast to the deep, penetrating strokes that came between every other word.

“Please, may I come? Can you please make me come, Daddy?” I barely managed to get out. Ace roughly gripped my throat and worked himself within me in a way that he never had before. Yes, this was phenomenal. I was his and I didn’t need anyone else! I belong to him. My orgasms belong to him! Yes.

Seconds that felt like minutes or maybe minutes that felt like seconds later, I felt myself reach for the stars. And at that moment as my back arched further and my toes curled I made a noise that didn’t sound anywhere near human. And inside of my mind, I knew I should pray that no one heard and that no one would mention it to my mother. Yet I couldn’t bring myself to stop or care. And right when I was reaching the end of my climax, I felt the warm feeling of Ace releasing within me. Thank God for birth control because Ace never seemed to use a condom. As I felt spurt after spurt shoot off deep within me, my traitorous uterus forced my body through another climax desperately trying to obtain his cum.

Finally, when my orgasm began subsiding, I felt Ace pick me up and my vision began focusing.

“Where are we going?” I asked while wrapping my arms tightly around his neck.

“To pee” he replied. Moments like this reminded me of how lucky I was, he fucked my brains out and cared about my health.

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