On Your Knees

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Chapter 11


My little nymph was timid as I led her through the mansion. I kept her tiny hand within my grasp and enjoyed the feeling of her soft skin against my palm. Knowing she didn’t want to be spotted, I stuck to the shadows until we made it to the guest room I was assigned for the weekend.

Her nerves and excitement were such a potent smell that it was driving me wild. Elle smelled sweet and I wanted to devour her. To set my mouth on her and taste every inch of her perfect skin.

Knowing she had given herself to me and only me made me want her more. I wish I had known sooner that it was her first time, I would have ensured it was a better experience instead of fucking her like a beast in the middle of a fountain.

But there would be time to show her more. To show my little nymph the pleasures of the world. Tonight, was going to be the start of something new for both of us.

I would lay her down in the bed and show her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. We still had hours before the sun rose and I would use every minute to have her hard, fast, slow, and gentle. Everything I could in this limited time.

There was still so much we didn’t know about one another but there would be time for all of that when I took her back to the North. Because no matter what happened this weekend, I was taking her home with me. My wolf chose her, and we were going to have her.

But there was something strange that I lingered on. She was here, but not a guest. And she knew Alpha Prescott and refused to linger on any topic that might reveal more.

Elle was hiding many things from me. Though I was confident it wouldn’t be for long. She was holding back now, but once she was ready to fully open up to me, I was going to make her mine for good.

The second the bedroom was shut and locked behind me I grabbed Elle by the hips and threw her over my shoulder. She was so petite that it was easy to carry her across the room and grope her ass through her dress as I took long strides.

“Oh my!” She squirmed over my shoulder but when she felt my palm on her perfectly round ass she stopped. I didn’t miss the soft moan from her lips when I massaged her ass close to her pussy.

A growl rumbled through my chest when I tossed her down onto the enormous bed. The wind left her in a gasp as she bounced back from the force of my throw. But I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on my beast right now. My instincts were taking control as I crawled over her body.

The little nymph didn’t seem to mind. Her legs spread under me as I settled my weight on top of her, and her blue eyes seemed glued to my face like she couldn’t look away. My cock sprung to life as I ground my body against hers. The friction of the clothing separating us irritated me and I snarled as I tore her dress from her body.

“Aiden!” Elle gasped as the green silk was torn to shreds. “My dress!”

“I’ll get a new one. You can have all the dresses you want.” My breath wavered as I took a moment to admire her naked body under me. Beautifully soft, pale skin and curves to die for.

Big blue eyes that looked so innocent. Long, black hair that was as soft as a feather. Perfectly round, full breasts with pink nipples that made my mouth water.

I wanted to taste and devour and fill her.


The sweet scent of her arousal hit me like a brick wall. It was such a stunning smell that sent me off like a wild beast. I wound up groaning and gritting my teeth as I ran my nose down her body. Between her breasts and tight to the apex of her legs.

“Mm, I can smell your dripping wet cunt.” I rose back up her body to gaze upon Elle’s flushed face. She was blushing furiously, but I could see the haze of desire clouding her eyes. “You need me, don’t you?”

“Aiden.” She whimpered my name. “Ah!” I rubbed two fingers along her wet slit, enjoying the feeling of how slick she was.

“So sweet you are squirming for me, little nymph.” I drew my fingers back. “What a shame you’ll have to wait for my cock.”

“What?” Elle lifted her head to watch me as I stood up from the bed. Her body was splayed and ready for me, but I needed to draw this moment out just a bit longer. If my wolf was pushed any further, he would have control of tonight and I couldn’t let that happen yet.

“Touch yourself.” I demanded, and her pale eyes went wide. Elle’s soft lips parted in a silent gasp as I began to strip down for her once again. She enjoyed watching me in the woods and I liked the knowledge that her eyes were on me alone.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, Elle.” I warned, my voice dipping lower in a partial growl.

I moved slow, taking off one item of clothing at a time as her trembling hand reached between her legs. My chest heaved when he spread her legs further apart and spread her pussy for my hungry gaze. Then she began to circle her clit.

Soft, breathy moans slipped past her lips and her eyes began to close as she pleasured herself.

“Imagine that it’s me there, between your legs. Touching you and satisfying you.” She nodded her head and bit her plump bottom lip.

Once I was fully undressed, I couldn’t stop my wandering hand from going to my cock. The sight of Elle touching herself for me was making my dick impossibly harder. I was frozen in place for a few moments as I stroked myself to the sight of her delicious body slowly writhing.

“Aiden.” Elle threw her head back and moaned my name. That’s the moment my control snapped. Not all the way, but enough for me to pounce on her and tear her hand away from her dripping folds.

“Come, little nymph, tonight we unleash the beast that lives in your delicious body.” When her eyes snapped open the golden glow of her wolf greeted me. “I will spend the rest of this night teaching her to purr.”

Elle shuddered against me so hard another wave of her arousal washed over me, and I set my teeth to her skin before I knew what I was doing. The beast inside me snapped and snarled to sink my teeth in her neck and mark her for the world, so everyone would know that she was mine.

But I loosened my jaw and laved my tongue out to lick her instead.

Down her neck. Across her collarbones. I kissed and sucked each of her pebbled nipples into my mouth and felt her quivering beneath me. Then down her stomach, biting random places on her body, just underneath her breast, her ribs, her abdomen.

So soft and smooth and all for me.

Each whimper and moan was music to my ears and she would sing, only for me.

I held back for as long as I could. Trailing my tongue over her hips and gently biting the inside of her thighs. But her dripping cunt was so close, and I could smell the sweetness of her juices drawing me in. Like the sweet nectar of a flower and I was the bee drawn to her.

So, I buried my face in her pussy and began to feast.

I lapped up every drop of her liquid arousal and moaned deep in the back of my throat at the taste. Elle arched off the bed when I pushed my tongue into her tight hole and undulated against her g-spot.

“Ahn!” She cried out. I looked up and saw her clawing at the bed and breathing heavily as I fucked her with my mouth. The sight of her enjoying what I was doing made me only want more. Pushing my face further into her I closed my eyes and savored the taste and smell of her.

Elle’s thighs trapped my head against her, and I was happy enough to die there. She shook and moaned as I continued tongue-fucking her, hitting every sensitive spot in her that would bring her to the peak of ecstasy.

Even when she began to tremble and cry out from her orgasm I didn’t stop. Circling my tongue over her clit slowly, drawing out each wave of her climax so that it lasted longer. Each slow lick making her tense up and twitch, I didn’t want to stop torturing her with these lovely reactions to my mouth on her.

When I finally did lift my face from her slick cunt, I could feel her juices coating my face. I rose over her body licking over the bite marks I left earlier and watching goosebumps spread over her skin in response. My hand tangled in her gorgeous hair and I slanted my face over her to catch her mouth.

Elle whined and moaned as I claimed her. My lips parted and opened her mouth for my tongue to delve in and explore her. I moved my tongue along hers and spread her arousal so she could experience a taste of herself.

Pulling back to look at her doe eyes and swollen lips made me feel as feral as the wolf under my skin. A low rumble echoed through my chest and Elle focused her eyes on me at the sound.

“Elle, I hope you know that I truly do adore you, because I am going to fuck you like I don’t.” I couldn’t hold back any longer and had to warn her that this was going to be rough.

“Yes.” Her voice was barely more than a whisper. My cock was sliding inside of her tight cunt before the word was fully past her lips. “Oh gods!”

The nymph arched her soft body against me as I impaled her. Going as deep as I could, her pussy so was so ready for me that I nearly roared from pressure and heat of it. Gripping my cock so tight as she clenched on me.

“I want to feel you quivering beneath me. Shaking uncontrollably as I fuck you so hard, you’ll be unable to look me in the eyes because of what I’ve done to you.” I bit down on the side of her neck and groaned against her flesh.

Elle’s arms and legs wrapped around me as I began pounding into her. Her nails raked down my back and sides and her legs held me close, so I was only giving her short, deep thrusts. But it wasn’t enough. I needed to go deeper.

I pushed up and broke out of her hold. Once on my knees I grabbed her legs and threw them up, so her ankles were on my shoulders. Then I hugged her legs to my chest and continued thrusting my hips.

“Aiden! It’s so deep Aiden! Please… please!” There were tears in the corner of her eyes but a delirious simile on her lips as I drove into her repeatedly. She didn’t know what she was begging for, but I welcomed my name on her lips.

I pushed between her legs and reached out to caress my thumb over her bottom lip. “These beautiful lips look so good kiss-swollen and whimpering my name. Begging me for release.”

“Aiden,” she mumbled my name and I shoved my thumb into her mouth. She sucked on my thumb in a way that made my balls tighten up and I was already going wild with the way her tight walls were milking my cock.

I was getting close and didn’t want to blow too soon. Without warning I pulled out and grabbed Elle’s hips. She mewled as I flipped her over, but the sound was quickly muffled as I shoved her face into the pillow.

One stroke and I was entering her from behind. This angle was even deeper, and I felt her quaking with her toes curled as I slammed into her.

“I’m going to make you scream until the only word on your lips is my name.” My fist twisted in her hair and I jerked her head up.

“Ah!” She gasped through a strangled cry when I pulled her up until her back was against my chest. With my fist in her hair controlling her head I turned her face to the side and stole her lips. Elle kissed me back eagerly even as her body rocked against mine.

Tightening my fingers in her hair to hold her in place I used my free hand to reach around and rub circles over her clit. She was already so sensitive from all the things I had done to her it only took a few seconds before she was coming again.

“Aiden!” This time when she cried out there were small tears that slipped free from her eyes and down her cheeks. I opened my mouth and licked them from her face. Elle inhaled sharply, practically vibrating with her recent orgasm.

Her tight cunt was clenching me so hard that when I let go of her body and she slumped onto the mattress I was already on the edge. So, I grabbed her hips and furiously pounded into her. It only took a few deep strokes for my cock to explode its release into her pussy. Filling her up and claiming her.

I fell on top of her and reached around to grab her by the throat, I traced my lips across the shell of her ear and growled , “Next time you go into heat I am going to breed you. My sweet little nymph is going to be so well-fucked and pumped full of my cum that you won’t be able to walk straight.”

As I whispered these dirty promises into her ear Elle seized up and clenched on me again while I slowly continued to fuck my cum deep inside of her.

“Ah! Ah!” Her cries were muffled by the bed and my hand on her throat, but she was coming again.

“Oh, you like hearing those dirty words, Elle? You’re a filthy girl, aren’t you?” I bit down on her earlobe and felt a shiver race down her spine. “This is what you crave isn’t it? Dirty actions and smutty words. They’re certainly satisfying, aren’t they?”

“Yes, Aiden, yes.” She was panting heavily, and my cock was still hard as a rock.

One push and I was back on my knees behind her. I lifted her hips and she squealed as I did, but I was more focused on something else. I spread her ass and watched my cum leak out of her dripping, well-fucked hole. The sight of my claim on her body made my dick twitch and I was aching to bury it inside of her again.

Once I had an eye full of Elle dripping from me, I shoved her until she rolled on the bed, laying on her back with legs spread once again. She was so dainty it was easy to maneuver her, and she seemed to enjoy every position I put her in.

Elle looked up to me with this daze in her eyes that told me her brain was addled from rutting all night. But it wasn’t over yet. My eyes traveled down her lush body and the little marks I had left all over her skin. My wolf howled in the back of my mind to mark her permanently, but it wasn’t time for that yet.

Grabbing her knees, I shoved them up into her chest and began to slide the length of my dick over her wet slit. She moaned and circled her hips in rhythm with my lazy thrusts, letting the head of my dick rub against her swollen bundle of nerves.

“Are you still afraid of the big, bad wolf, nymph?” I taunted.

“No,” she whined and tilted her hips to encourage my cock to slip into her.

“You are mine, Elle, do you hear me?” My hand snuck down to grasp her chin and force her eyes to focus on me.

When I began to sink my cock back inside of her eager cunt Elle’s blue eyes began to glow as her inner beast came to the surface once more.

“Yes,” she purred, and finally, fully opened to me.


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