On Your Knees

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Chapter 12


Elle Brighton.

It didn’t take much digging to find out why her name seemed familiar when I first heard it. The rumors surrounding Alpha Prescott and his so-called wayward stepdaughter were well known within his pack. Of course, I had done my own research on the family before agreeing to come down here for this charade.

Alpha Rhett Prescott was scheming something, it was obvious in his negotiations that he wanted something, or someone, to use to his advantage. His first mistake was thinking that any one of the Lycans he invited here would fall prey to his half-baked scams. One of the other wolves, perhaps, but not a Lycan.

Certainly not me.

I closed the file on Alpha Prescott and slipped it back into my suitcase. Looking over my shoulder I saw Elle sleeping soundly in my bed with a golden shaft of sunlight streaming across her bare back.

She was heavily exhausted after the work I put her through, and it brought a smile to my face. I crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bed, then ran my fingers through her luscious black hair.


Soon enough for good.

If the rumors were correct then my sweet little nymph wasn’t treated very well around here, especially after the death of her mother. It only spurred on my determination to make her my mate and take her back north.

If I didn’t have a morning meeting with the other Lycans I would have stayed here with her. But this trip wasn’t one for leisure, although having Elle around made it easy to forget I was here for business.

The slight curve down to her lips and furrow in her brow told me that her dreams were burdened, and I didn’t like the thought. I leaned forward and kissed the top of her head, she shifted in her sleep but eventually rolled over and burrowed into the pillows.

“Sleep tight, Elle. You’ll need all the rest you can get.” I left her with the unheard promise and locked the door to my room as I left so the house staff wouldn’t barge in and find Elle in my room.

At the end of the hall, I paused, wondering if she would still be asleep by the time I got back. But it was only a secret meeting for the Lycan Alphas and wouldn’t take long.

Most of the absurdly large mansion was quiet after the noisy party last night. The other four Lycan Alphas all waited for me out in the garden where we had agreed to meet.

“Finally, Alpha Calderon, we’ve been waiting for you!” Samson barked, bristling with irritation.

“Down, boy,” I waved him off. “I had something important to tend to.”

“You cocky-” Alpha Samson stepped forwards and the others began to tense up with the wild energy crackling through the air.

“So,” I stepped into the center of the group and shoved Samson back in line, “Alpha Prescott wants the numbers of a Lycan pack and the power that comes with being tied to an Alpha of our caliber. He means to make a deal tonight at dinner, but he’s been skirting around what he has to offer.”

I looked around at the others who didn’t say a word. Dragging my hand through my hair I inhaled and rolled my eyes. “Does no one know what he’s planning? Anyone want to share with the class? Oscar? William? No one?”

Oscar shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, his daughter has tried to seduce each of us at some point.”

My eyes snapped up and a growl ripped from me. They stepped back with a flicker of confusion in their eyes at my reaction, and when I realized who they meant I took a deep breath to steady my beast.

“Octavia Prescott?” I clarified, although I knew it wasn’t Elle they were speaking of. It seemed as if Rhett was deliberately trying to keep his stepdaughter a secret.

“Of course,” Alpha William snorted. “She’s either desperate, or as power hungry as her father is.”

“Or in on his plans,” Samson added.

“She tried to dance with me last night, and there was nothing subtle about her intentions.” I remembered Octavia sneaking up on me on the dance floor as I had been waiting for Elle to show up.

“Whatever he offers I don’t think I’d take a deal with him. Honestly, my pack is better off.” Alpha Samson crossed his arms across his chest and looked out over the garden.

The sun rose higher and finally crested over the tops of the trees of the surrounding forest. Birds chirped and called to the other creatures of the woods to wake for the day.

“Yeah, the drinking and dancing is nice, but I haven’t seen or heard anything yet that makes me want to make a deal with him. Maybe one of the werewolf Alphas he invited will fall for his dazzling show.” Alpha Oscar shrugged and stuck his hands into his pockets.

Rubbing my chin and looking over the other Lycans I wondered if I should mention Elle. None of them seemed interested in taking a deal with Rhett, but if any one of them still remaining silent was considering it they might look less favorably on him if they knew he wasn’t the family man he proclaimed to be.

For now, I decided to keep it to myself. There was still time to listen to what Rhett Prescott wanted and steal Elle away. The day was early and knowing she was in my bed made me antsy to get back to my room before the meetings continued tonight.

“Alright, I guess no one plans on leaving here having made a deal with him. In that case, let’s enjoy the fucking show, boys.” I spread my arms wide and smiled with my fellow Lycans. Eyes all briefly glowing silver before they grinned in response.

Making my way through the house I stopped at the bustling kitchens to grab something for Elle. Two of the werewolf Alphas were at the massive table chatting over breakfast and I nodded cordially at them as I passed.

There were too many options, and I didn’t know what Elle enjoyed eating, so I grabbed one of everything.

“Alpha Calderon!” Rhett’s voice made my lip curl and I had to swallow the growl at the back of my throat. My mind raced with the few lines of rumors I read this morning about how he kept Elle out of sight, and I wanted to claw his eyes out.

She deserved so much more, but I needed to continue playing this game. For now.

“How are the Lycans enjoying my territory?” He was at least two heads shorter than me and had to crane his head up to look in my eyes.

I leaned against the back of a chair at the table and bit into an apple. “It’s not the north, but it’s decent.” I shrugged and looked over the table. “I must admit I do enjoy your garden. There’s a particular fountain that caught my attention the other night.”

“Ah, yes, my darling wife loved that garden. She spent most of her time there before she became ill.” Rhett frowned and looked out the wall of towering windows across from us.

“I am sorry for your loss, Alpha Prescott. I’ve heard she was a lovely woman, and a wonderful mother.” He didn’t notice where I was going with this and that was advantageous for me.

“Ah, Serena was an angel. My darling Octavia just adored her. The garden hasn’t been the same since she left us.” He rubbed a hand over his protruding gut and pursed his lips in thought.

“I’m sure her daughter Elle adored her as well.” As soon as my nymph’s name was past my lips Rhett tensed up and from the side of his face, I could see the hint of a scowl he was trying to hide.

“Oh, you knew about Elle?” He straightened up. “I mean, yes, of course she loved her very much. They were all very close. Happy family, naturally.”

“I do my best to know about everything and everyone I potentially do business with.” I answered. “But I’m a bit of a family man myself. I’ve been thinking about settling down with a mate and having a few pups of my own. Family is very important to me.”

“That is wonderful news, Alpha Calderon. And I agree, there’s nothing more important than family.” When he turned to face me again his smile seemed forced. “You know my daughter will be at the dinner tonight-”

“Both of them, right?” I interrupted him.

“Well,” he stumbled in his train of thought. “Naturally, they would. Because family is just that important to me, so yes.”

“Great,” I clasped him on the shoulder and squeezed. “I look forward to tonight then.” Without another word I took the piled high plate of food and made my way for the exit.

It didn’t escape my notice that he had tried to push talk of Octavia while avoiding talking about Elle. I’m not sure what his deal was, or what he even had planned for tonight. But I was more than ready to get this event over with and take the little nymph back home with me.

However, when I made it back to my room Elle was gone.

I left the plate on the desk on did a quick search. She wasn’t here. Stopping at the bed I crouched low and inhaled her scent. It was still fresh, telling me she must have left right before I returned.

My instincts were roaring in my mind to hunt her down and I couldn’t fight them off after how irritated I became interacting with Rhett.

I wanted her. She was mine, and I would find her.

Turning around I rose to my full height and took a deep breath.

Elle left through the bedroom door, but her dress was still in shreds on the floor. Her scent briefly passed over my belongings and I smirked to realize one of my shirts was missing.

Back through the door I followed her scent down the halls of the mansion until I came to a quieter hall two floors up. Her sweet scent on the air was leading me straight to her, just like it had when I chased her down the woods last night. I could find her from miles away if I had to.

This was another hunt, and it was exciting me. She would have no idea what she was doing to me, but now my wolf was licking its chops and bristling with need.

Need for our soon-to-be mate.

I found a door covered in her smell and twisted the handle. When it didn’t immediately open, I snarled, but I twisted it so hard that it unlocked.

The room looked like most of the other guest rooms in the mansion. Perhaps only a few personal items set it apart, but it was surprisingly bare for a personal bedroom. There was nothing that showed Elle’s personality.

My ear twitched at the sound of a shower running in the attached bathroom. I took a deep breath and followed the sweet scent of my little nymph. Her scent was floral and fresh like a garden on a spring day after it rained.

One last survey of the room to ensure she was truly alone, and I stepped softly to the bathroom door. It was opened a crack and I could see Elle in the reflection of the mirror clearly through the glass walls of the shower.

Gods, she was so gorgeous. My heart hammered against my ribs, and I licked my lips before pushing the door open.

“The nymph has found her way back to the water it seems.”

“Ah!” She screamed and dropped her hot pink loofah. “Aiden! What are you doing?”

Elle’s big blue eyes made her look like a frightened doe as she stared at me. But the excitement of tracking her and finding her naked just encouraged me. My cock was hard, and I needed to touch her.

“You weren’t in my bed any longer, so I came to find you.” I took another step into the room, gauging her reaction to me joining her. “You weren’t running from me again, were you nymph?”

“What? No.” Her shoulders sagged as she took a deep breath. “You were gone when I woke up, and I found a leaf in my hair. I just needed a shower.”

“I had a meeting to attend quite early in the day. I honestly expected you to still be asleep when I returned.” My gaze roamed over her full breasts and delectable curves with streams of water falling in rivulets over her porcelain skin. We locked eyes and I started to pull my suit and tie off.

Elle’s cheeks turned pink, and her brows shot into her forehead as she realized what I was doing. She turned her back on me and I got an eye full of her perfectly round ass.

There were bite marks all over her body and my beast roared with pride.

“I wake up early a lot. Even on nights when I don’t sleep much.” Her eyes stayed on the water falling from the showerhead as I joined her in the swirling steam.

“Are you an early bird then?” I stepped behind her and skimmed my hands over her hips. Despite the scalding hot water, goosebumps spread over her skin as I traced idle patterns over her hips and up her sides.

“Something like that.” There was a secret in her eyes. A world that she belonged to that wasn’t available to me yet. Despite opening herself up to me, there was still so much she was hiding.

I knew she was Alpha Prescott’s stepdaughter and even though I claimed her she wasn’t sharing that information. As I reached around her petite frame and cupped her breasts, I wondered what her motivations were.

Elle was instantly melting in my hands, and it made it difficult to think when her wet skin slipped against mine. She was so much shorter than me the top of her head barely reached my chest.

A little wolf compared to the monstrosity of a Lycan.

No more words passed between us as the heat of our desire claimed us. I set my mouth to her neck and trailed kisses down to her shoulder. She whimpered as one of my hands wandered down between her thighs.

Elle was already slick as I dipped two fingers inside of her tight cunt. I drew her juices up and circled my fingers around her clit, making sure to rub every sensitive spot of her pussy as I worked her towards release.

The entire time she rode my hand her body was slipping and sliding against mine, and I was almost certain she was pushing back against my cock on purpose.

“Come for me, little nymph.” I whispered against her neck with a gentle bite to her ear. “Come for me so I can fuck you.”

“You… you could now.” She was breathless and shaking, and I didn’t stop fingering her.

“No, I can’t do that Elle. I need you to climax before I thrust into you. And I will be fucking you soon, I promise. You’re right on the edge, aren’t you?”

“I… Uh... ahnn!” Her body tensed and her walls tightened on my fingers as she came. The sounds of her mewls and whimpers echoed in the shower around us, and I welcomed the sound from her angelic voice.

“See, I know your body so well. It reacts to my touch beautifully.” I pulled my fingers from her slick folds and traced them along her lips. When she closed her eyes and sucked them into her mouth I groaned.

“You like using that sweet little mouth, don’t you?” I demanded. Elle shakily nodded her head and moaned around my fingers.

“Then, how about you get on your knees for me.” Slowly, I withdrew my digits from her lips and her lashes fluttered open.

Then she obediently dropped to her knees on the tile. Tongue out and mouth open, eager to suck my cock. The flush on her cheeks and hunger in her eyes made me growl seconds before ramming my cock down her throat.

At first, she gagged and started to slide on the tile as water fell around us. But my nymph was determined. Elle braced herself, reaching up to hold my thighs as she swallowed my cock.

I was impressed that she could deep throat my length, and the sensations of her wet mouth on my dick were addling my mind. Running my hands through her damp hair, I grabbed a fistful of it at the back of her head and used it to guide Elle’s mouth in the perfect rhythm to fuck her face.

Her chest rose and fell, and she whined happily as I used her face for my pleasure. But when my balls tightened, I feared I would release too soon.

I had to be inside of her. Now.

“Up. Now.” I commanded. Her mouth popped off my cock and she inhaled deeply. Slobber coated her chin and before I could lift her up, she leaned forward and licked the new drop of precum from the head of my dick. “Oh, fuck.”

Roughly yanking her up I couldn’t wait another moment to have her lips. I pulled her by her hair and leaned down to slant my mouth over hers. I moved against her until her back was against the shower wall and hot water poured down over both of us.

But there was nothing that could stop the frenzy building between us. We traded sloppy kisses as I rushed to lift her up and drop her on my length.

“Aiden!” She cried out as her legs wrapped around my waist. I held onto her and slammed her into the wall with each hard trust of my hips. Filling her tight cunt and stretching it to its utmost limit.

Her tight cunt gripped me so tightly I had to utilize all of my power to control the raging beast just under the surface of my skin. My fangs lengthened and I had to turn my face away from her neck otherwise I might mark her here and now in the shower.

Elle didn’t even notice my struggle. Instead, she buried her face in my chest and moaned with each pound of my cock deep into her pussy. I enjoyed how free she felt to enjoy our joined pleasure now that she was no longer afraid of me.

And I would make sure she was never afraid of me again. For the rest of our lives my little nymph would never need to fear again, because I was going to be there to support her and cherish her the way she deserved.

I was going to fuck her the way she deserved as well. I would treat her like a queen and fuck her like a precious whore. Because I knew this is what she craved.

To praise her and degrade her all at once, making her feel good in ways she never could have dreamed of.

“Aiden! I’m… I…” Her voice trembled and I felt the shaking in her legs as she crested the peak of pleasure.

“Yes, Elle. Fucking come on my cock as I tear you in half.” I growled and bucked into her harder against the wall.

She climaxed hard. Eyes rolling into the back of her head and clawing at me as wave after wave of sheer ecstasy rocked through her delicate body.

“Alpha!” I didn’t know hearing her call me that would send me into overdrive. But I roared and the sound was beastly. Elle hugged herself tighter to my body as I drilled her relentlessly to reach my own release.

When her little mouth landed against my neck, and I felt her gently biting down on my shoulder my legs tensed and my cock began to jerk into her tight heat.

“Be careful with those fangs, little nymph, unless you’re prepared for what they do to me when you use them.” And I shot my load inside of her.

Elle panted and sagged in my embrace. I held her for an untold amount of time, until the water started to lose its heat.

We quickly finished washing up and I enjoyed her timid smiles while we rinsed off soap and the evidence of our rutting together.

“I have a few more meetings today, but I look forward to seeing you at dinner tonight.” I broke our content silence when I was finishing tucking in my button-down shirt.

“What are you talking about?” Elle had dried off and without saying another word slipped my stolen shirt back on. I couldn’t tell her about the thoughts in my head the sight of my large shirt on her petite frame did to me.

“Alpha Prescott should have his entire family with him at dinner tonight. Including you. After all, family is important, the man told me just this morning. You are his family, are you not?”

My words struck a chord. Elle had started to fix my tie for me, but her fingers froze on the knot. Her brow was furrowed, and she gnawed at her bottom lip.

“I guess I am,” she sighed out. After a second, she finished my tie, and I was impressed with her skill.

“Elle Brighton, my sweet,” I swept her up into my arms and buried my face into her neck. “Don’t doubt that I am going to take you away from all this. I hope someday you’ll tell me of the sorrows you’ve buried in your heart.”

Then I kissed her.

Soft and slow. A gentle moment to begin mending the tears I could sense in her heart.

My words threw her off and caught her by surprise. After all she was trying so hard to keep up that last bit of her wall between us. I was going to tear it down.

“Maybe.” There was still doubt in her eyes when I left her for the afternoon, but I was determined to prove it to her.

She was mine.


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