On Your Knees

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Chapter 15 (The End)

Rhett’s corpse laid on the floor and the sight of his blood woke up the animal instincts lying in wait under my skin. My wolf was pushing to the surface, and I was reacting to the primal energy of the powerful Lycan across from me.

It was my animal taking control when she saw the carnage that Aiden was capable of. The thing that did for her.

He killed for me.

Utterly destroyed the worst part of my life and I had no more doubts about his intentions, and I never would again.

Now I needed him. My body was on fire, and there was an intense throbbing between my legs. When Aiden’s eyes locked onto mine and his nostrils flared, I knew he could smell my desire for him.

His eyes were blazing bright silver, and I heard the growl rumble through his chest when he stalked forwards. There was still blood on his hands when he grabbed me, but I didn’t care.

We were nothing more than two beasts falling together under the spell of carnal energy around us. Adrenaline and need pushing us together and we would never deny that.

“I’m going to take you hard and fast, Elle. I can’t hold back right now.” Aiden’s mouth captured my neck, and his kisses sent a delightful shiver racing down my spine.

“Shut up and fuck me already, Alpha,” I whispered, already out of breath. Pawing at his shirt to pull it off at the same time he grabbed my hips and lifted me onto the table.

“Fuck,” he growled. His hands began to move furiously. Rushing to push my dress up and tearing at the neckline to reveal my breasts.

Aiden’s mouth caught one hard nipple and his tongue swirled delicately over the tip of my breast. Pure electricity shot from my chest to my clit as he continued licking and sucking.

But he was taking too much time on my breasts when I needed him to fill me now.

My hands fumbled with his belt as I attempted to free his cock. Aiden chuckled as I became increasingly frustrated with his belt. His mouth moved back up my neck to my lips where he shoved his tongue into my mouth and began to steal my breath away.

His kiss distracted me enough for him to move my hands away from his waist and Aiden unbuckled his pants with ease. He grabbed my legs and spread them apart to glide his finger along my dripping pussy.

I shivered and lifted my hands to grab his shoulders as he slipped one finger inside of me. “Ah!” My head fell back and broke our kiss when he began curling his finger against my g-spot.

“You’re mine, Elle.” Aiden peppered light kisses over my exposed neck as he fingered me. “Mine.”

“Prove it,” I challenged. My wolf encouraging me to speak up, and to encourage him. “Make me yours, Aiden.”

Aiden yanked his finger from my dripping folds and snarled against my neck. I was panting so hard and trying to keep my hold on his shoulders when he suddenly slammed his cock into me.

“Oh! Aiden!” I drew out his name in a long moan as he buried his cock deep inside of me.

“The sound of you crying my name in ecstasy is music to my ears, nymph.” His tone was gravelly and strained, like he was on the verge on falling apart. “I was your first, and I’ll be your last.”

He kept thrusting and rocking against me, and I felt so incredibly full of him. All I could focus on was the feeling of Aiden’s cock driving into me repeatedly and hitting every sensitive spot inside of me.

Aiden kept one hand on my hip and curled the other against the back of my head. I loved the feeling of his fingers on my scalp while he grabbed a handful of my dark hair to control me. He pulled my head back and exposed my neck to his starving silver eyes.

The big bad wolf was going to make his claim.

When his hips rolled against mine and a long moan slipped from my lips, his mouth fell on my throat. His elongated fangs pierced the tender skin of my neck as Aiden Calderon finally marked me.

I couldn’t control my body when I screamed and clenched on his cock. My body writhed against his powerful embrace as I shuddered through the hardest orgasm I had ever felt in my life.

My entire body lit up like an explosion in the night sky and every place we touched was full of stars. I saw lights dancing behind my eyes and felt sparks on my neck and between my legs.

I melted, then I was reborn against Aiden.

“Elle,” he whispered my name like it was a prayer to the gods above. His tongue licked over the mark on my neck, and I felt a sharp but pleasant jolt run through me as he did. “My sweet nymph.”

“Aiden… Aiden.” All I could manage was repeating his name like a mantra as he continued to thrust into me. Each time hitting me so deep and hard it could break me, and I wanted him to.

If he was breaking me, I knew he would put the pieces of me back together in the end.

“Do I need to remind you of how I feel for you little nymph? I’m going to pound my love deep inside so that you’ll never question me again.” Aiden slammed his mouth back into mine as we fell back onto the table.

He was all over me and I was so full of him I couldn’t differentiate between our bodies as we rocked together on the table. He was fucking me hard and I felt so intimately connected to him that I knew we would never be apart after this.

I belonged to the Lycan Alpha.

But he belonged to me too.

“Aiden,” I whined, wrapping my arms tighter around his neck and nuzzling my face against his throat.

“Yes, Elle, follow your instincts. Don’t hold back!” He barked out. “I know you want to. Do it!”

I sank my fangs into him in the same spot as his mark on my neck. Another powerful burst ran through us, and Aiden’s cock began to jerk inside my cunt as he spilled his release. The taste of his blood spilled over my tongue, and I licked at the fresh wound where his neck met his shoulder.

My mark on his neck was small but it made my heart do flips in my chest to see it. I marked an Alpha. I claimed a Lycan.

Aiden and I locked eyes as we panted and before we knew it, we were crashing together again. His mouth converged on mine, and I knew my lips would be swollen and bruised from the tenacity of his kisses.

When he finally pulled away there was a smile on Aiden’s face that made me melt. It was a genuine happiness I could read in his eyes, and it was such an intense contrast from the dark Alpha I had come to know.

I knew there was still so much we had to learn about one another, but right now it didn’t matter. We had the rest of our lives together.

“When are we leaving?” I asked. My heart rate was slowing down, and Aiden helped me off the table. He began to straighten his clothes and I tried to hold together the shreds of my dress.

“If you’re up for it I can have the jet ready to take us back north tonight. Or you can rest, and we can leave tomorrow.” He smirked and towered over me to trace a finger along my jaw. “Though I warn you, either option I am going to be fucking you all night. Mate.”

“Oh my,” I gulped hard. The dark look in his eyes as Aiden bit his bottom lip and looked down my body told me he was entirely serious.


Hearing that made butterflies burst in my stomach and I felt the pull to Aiden in every part of me. My heart flipped over on itself and I released a shaky exhale as I watched him.

“Um, well, what about the Prescott pack and Octavia?” As much as I didn’t want to think about any of it any longer, I couldn’t leave without answers.

Even now I couldn’t look in the direction of Rhett’s body on the floor. Blood still stained Aiden’s hands and I knew there was traces of it on me now as well.

“I don’t want you to worry about any of that, Elle. You’ve already been through so much I just want you to relax.” He stepped forward and pulled me into his chest. Aiden’s warmth surrounded me, and I felt all my tension evaporate.

“I appreciate that. I know you’re an Alpha and you want to just take care of everything. Still, I need to know what happens.” I looked up, resting my chin on his toned chest. We locked eyes and I felt calm under the gaze of his forest green stare.

“Alright, my mate gets whatever she wants.” He wrapped his fingers around my hand and pulled me to his side. His thumb traced over the back of my hand as we left the dining room, and I used my free hand to hold together the front of my dress.

“If we can take care of everything tonight, I’m fine leaving tomorrow,” I told him.

“Oh, I can have this all cleared in a half hour or less. Why don’t you go take a shower and get ready for bed, and I’ll clear everything up and come tell you what’s happened? Are you alright with that?” His eyes scanned my face, waiting for whatever I decided to do.

“Part of me wants to come with you, but I do want a bath. And I don’t think I want to see Octavia right now.”

Octavia and I hadn’t acted like sisters since we were younger. While it would be easy for me to leave her here, I still wanted to know what would become of her. But I honestly didn’t care to look her in the eyes.

It wouldn’t accomplish anything, and I wanted to focus on my own needs above others.

Right now, I needed a shower. I wanted to freshen up and get in bed then wait for my new mate to come and ravage me.

A flush spread across my chest and face when I realized the direction my thoughts were going in. Then I looked up to Aiden and smiled playfully.

One brow rose as he watched the change in my demeanor. A dimple appeared in his cheek as he began smirking when he picked up on my feelings.

“It is your choice. You can still come with me as I talk to the other Alphas, or you can go get ready for me.” He lifted my chin with his finger, and I swallowed at the heated tension between us.

“You go take care of the Alphas and make arrangements to leave tomorrow.” I slid my hands up his chest and pushed onto my tiptoes to lick the fresh mark on his neck. “Better hurry, Alpha.”

Aiden shivered and a strained growl rumbled through his chest. Before I could escape, he grabbed my hips and lifted me. He caught my lips and swallowed my yelp of surprise as he kissed me.

“I want ready for me for when I get there, mate,” he groaned out. “On your knees.”

He bit my earlobe and pulled it gently. I moaned and nearly turned into a puddle of desire. “Yes, Alpha Calderon.”

We shared a heated stare as he set me back down and released my hips. His hands lingered just a moment before I managed to pull myself away.

After a quick shower Aiden came to the bedroom to find me waiting for him just like he asked. But he made the rest of the night about me.

Every request I made. Every desire I had. Aiden was at my command, and I took pleasure in knowing that he was mine and I was his. We belonged wholly to one another and nothing would take my choice away from me ever again.

I was free and I was whole with the Lycan Alpha.

In the morning Aiden told me that a local Alpha from the meeting was going to take over the Prescott pack and Octavia was given the opportunity to stay.

No one questioned Aiden’s motives or decisions, and, in the end, he didn’t care what happened in our absence. He only made arrangements to ease the chaos of Alpha Prescott’s death because I asked him to.

In the morning we packed all my meager belongings and left the territory. Once on the jet to leave for the north I didn’t look back.

Aiden Calderon held my hand and took me into a brighter future than I ever dreamed of. There were no more shadows and there was no more fear in my heart.

I enjoyed my rebellion while it lasted, but now I had my freedom.



I hope you guys enjoyed this short Incentive story made exclusively for Inkitt!


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