On Your Knees

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Chapter 2

A gust of wind immediately blew against my skin and blew up the edge of my sundress. Not the best attire to scale a wall in, but easier to take off for a quick shift. The full moon was calling me, and I wasn’t going to ignore her.

Thankfully the walls were rocky with plenty of crevices for my toes and fingers to find hold. And I had the strength of a wolf in my veins to make the descent that much easier.

The moment my feet landed on the ground at the back of the house I felt a weight lift off my chest. My heart thundered behind my ribs, and I took a deep inhale of the floral scent of the garden tempting me away.

And then I was running, racing for the tall hedges and walls of greenery that would be my sanctuary for the night. If I was brave enough, I would have gone into the woods, but I knew it was still in my best interest to remain close to the house.

Plus, there were other wolves, and possibly Lycans out in those woods if not at the party right now.

A howl from the far away trees followed that thought and I suddenly froze next to a rose bush.

The Lycans.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have come out here at all. Something dark slithered down my throat when I thought of running into someone out here, even if wasn’t my family.

“No, Elle, you can do this. Just for a minute.” I placed my cool hands on my hot cheeks to brush down my worries. After a nod of my head, I pulled my dress up over my head and tucked it under the rose bush to come back later.

Then I let my wolf free. Black fur spread along my arms and my bones contorted until I was standing on the earth with paws. I purred with delight and felt my blood sing as I answered the call of the bright moon overhead.

And then I ran. I felt the breeze in my fur and the soil under my paws as I raced the familiar path of the garden. My tongue lolled from my mouth, and I pushed myself faster.

This was my freedom.

When I reached the massive, tiered fountain at the heart of the garden I shifted back. Breathless and full of energy I couldn’t help my giggles as I stepped into the cool water and waded through the bottom tier of the fountain.

It was childish and it was wild, but it was fun. And there was no one here to stop me.

“Are you a nymph?” An unfamiliar deep voice met my ears and all at once I froze. My blood turned to ice and my heart stopped beating.

I felt the pull of his power at the edge of my senses and without wanting to I turned to face him. Despite being a wolf, I still felt the need to lift my arms and cover my breasts. Each breath came in ragged as fear wrapped its claws around my chest.

I inhaled sharply at the sight of the man standing at the edge of the fountain. He wore an all-black suit, unbuttoned in the front as though he had been coming out here to run as well. His eyes were forest green and he had short brown hair and a neat beard lining his jaw. Wide shoulders and long legs on a perfectly sculpted body that screamed raw power.

He was the most attractive man I had ever laid my eyes on. There was something in his gaze that made me involuntarily shift my legs when he devoured the sight of me standing in the crystal-clear water.

“A nymph?” I questioned stupidly.

A dimple appeared in his cheek when he smiled at me. My heart flipped over on itself and landed upside down. “Personifications of nature in Greek folklore, and more often than not, very beautiful maidens.”

“Well, you’ve answered your own question then. I’m certainly not a nymph.” I took a step back in the water and it splashed around my trembling legs.

His smile got wider and without another word he leapt over the edge of the fountain. I gasped as he got in with his clothes on, soaking his expensive looking shoes and pants.

“Sir, what are you…” I backed up until the edge of the marble pool hit the back of my calves.

“Would you let me worship you, Nymph of the Fountain?” His voice was as hot as whiskey and just as smooth going down. Something about it muddled my mind and lowered my inhibitions.

“You’ve got to be joking.” My voice was no more than a whisper as the attractive stranger’s body stopped inches from mine. I could feel the heat from his body as if I were standing next to a fire and it made my knees weak.

“No, little nymph, I wouldn’t joke about something so serious.” I watched, frozen as his hand reached for me. Large hands with long, strong fingers. His touch landed on my hip, and I sighed at the fire the spread through me at the simple touch.

I didn’t move as he skimmed his fingers along my hip and up my side. Our eyes locked the moment his fingers curled around my wrist. It felt like a test and a question in that moment.

But something was burning me, and that fire was roaring to life between my legs. The air around us was so full of tension I thought if the sparks in my core weren’t put out, I would suffocate.

Holding my breath, I let my arms fall away from my chest. He inhaled sharply and I noticed him bite down on his bottom lip as he took in the sight of me.

“More beautiful than Aphrodite,” he exhaled. My nipples hardened and I felt a throbbing ache in my core. And he looked at me as though I were something worth looking at.

Without another word those insanely powerful hands were grabbing my hips and pulling my body flush with his. He was hard and warm, and my body reacted instantly as my arousal dripped to coat my thighs.

“Oh, fuck,” he growled. He caught the scent of my arousal and as his nostrils flared his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Was this really happening?


Put on a clean pair of underwear and buckle up, it's about to get HOT

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