On Your Knees

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Chapter 3

Something snapped in the crackling energy surrounding us. I felt the wildness of beasts pushing us together, encouraged by the voracious air of the party and the light of the moon.

Not a second later, his lips were on mine. Slamming our faces together so hard, I feared my lips might split. But it stole my breath away, and I didn’t want to come up for air. I couldn’t tell you when my arms wrapped around his neck, or his fingers curled in my hair at the back of my head.

But we were quickly becoming entangled.

One of his hands left my hair as he parted my lips with his tongue to explore my mouth. That roaming hand trailed down my body. Caressing the swell of my breast, tracing down my navel until his fingers reached the apex of my legs.

That’s when I knew that tonight, this man was my rebellion.

“Ah!” Our lips broke apart when he dipped one finger inside my dripping cunt. Goosebumps spread along my skin, and it was his hand holding me up by my hair as my legs turned into pudding that kept me from collapsing in the water.

“Nice and wet, little nymph.” He licked up the side of my neck at the same time he circled his thumb over my clit. “Just like I knew you would be.”

“Oh… I… I… Ah!” I didn’t know how to voice my thoughts or what I was feeling as some new rising tidal wave of pleasure assaulted my body. Every fiber of my being was being electrocuted and my heart was racing as something wild and new blew through me.

He kissed me again. It was an open mouthed, sloppy kiss that felt lewd, but I didn’t want him to stop. His facial hair tickled my face, and I inhaled the masculine and wild scent of him.

“Aiden,” he stated. Through the cloud of desire fogging my mind I barely registered what he was telling me.

“What?” I panted and tightened my hold on his neck just as my legs were on the verge of shaking too hard to remain upright.

“Say my name when you come, little nymph. I want you to remember who it was that did this to you.” His growl against my ear was primal and it was almost enough to send a spike of fear through my gut.

But the things he was doing, slipping his finger in and out of me and pushing against my clit were sending me quickly over the edge of a cliff and I couldn’t get my bearings.

My control slipped out of my grasp, and I exploded.

“Ahn! Aiden!” My body shook so wildly as I came that he let go of my hair to support me with his muscular arm. He crushed me against his body I rode out my climax on his hand.

“Mm, my name on your lips as you come is heaven. Such a good girl for obeying.” He kissed me again and it silenced my moans.

Aiden held me against his chest, and I fought to regain my breathing. A rumble through his chest caught my attention and I glanced up to see him sucking my juices off his fingers. I shakily inhaled at the sight and shuddered.

“And you taste as sweet as the nectar of the gods.” He caught me staring and lowered his finger to my mouth. He traced his finger along my bottom lip, and I sucked his finger into my mouth before I knew what I was doing. “Mm, don’t you taste so sweet, little nymph?”

I moaned around his finger and closed my eyes as I lost myself in the bliss of sucking and tasting. Something about this man was intoxicating and I was falling under his spell.

“I know something you can do with that mouth, nymph, since you enjoy sucking so much.” Aiden pulled me back and my eyes snapped open. He let go of me and my eyes widened as his hands went to his waist and began to unbuckle his belt. “On your knees.”

I knew the command of an Alpha in my bones. Normally it would crush my heart, but with this man it made more of my juices leak out between my legs. And I willingly went on my knees for him. Water splashed around me, and I had almost forgotten we were knee deep in the fountain in the heart of the garden.

There was a risk to being seen. There was the risk we could get caught together. But there was a chance this was going to be the best night of my life, and I was going to grab that by the reins and run with it.

I barely had time to admire his impressive cock the moment it sprang free, because I wanted him in my mouth so badly. Falling forward, I sucked him into my mouth. Eyes rolling in my head as I savored the taste of him and his smooth skin on my tongue.

“Fuck!” Aiden growled, sounding more beast than man. And it only made me wetter as I continued to slobber on as much of his length as I could fit in my mouth.

I had to reach up and stroke the base with both hands as I bobbed my head up and down on the head of his cock. It was so big I couldn’t fit it all, but I went as far as I could.

“Shit, that feels so good.” He was breathless. His fingers curled in my hair and held it out of my face.

I pulled back for a second to take a breath and when my lips met his cock again his fist curled in my hair, and he shoved my face down. His dick hit the back of my throat and I gagged on his length.

But I wanted more.

The only thing I could do was force myself to swallow his cock. I hummed on his shaft as I deep throated him, and growls of pleasure slipped through his lips.

When his hand reached down and felt the bulge of his cock in my throat he groaned. “Have mercy, nymph. You’ll swallow me whole and I’ll worship you for it.”

The way he talked to me in that low gravelly voice sent me into a frenzy. I found myself wanting to suffocate myself on his cock if it would bring him pleasure.

My head moved faster, and I swirled my tongue over the sensitive spot of his shaft. Then I went back down and swallowed his cock until I felt it down the entire length of my throat. I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls.

“Ah, fucking hell!” His hips jerked and his cock spasmed. I felt the hot ropes of his cum spilling down my throat and I gulped every drop of him.

A rough yank pulled my mouth from his cock, connected by a long string of drool. My tongue hung from my mouth, and I looked up at him with a daze in my eyes.

He leaned forward and pulled my face up to meet his. “I am going to fuck you tonight.”

It was an indecent promise and I was eager for him to fulfill it.


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