On Your Knees

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Chapter 4

My head would only nod in response as words were lost to me. But it was answer enough for him. His strong fingers wrapped around my upper arms and he pulled me to my feet again.

Water splashed around us as he backed me to the edge of the fountain. I gasped when he spun me around and bent me over. My palms landed on the slick marble and I only had seconds to brace myself when the head of his cock began rubbing against me from behind.

“Is the water nymph ready for me to fuck her?” He growled. The head of hick erection rubbed over my clit and I whimpered from the friction on my already sensitive bundle of nerves. “It feels like she is.”

“Yes! Please!” I cried out, throwing my head back. A startled gasp tumbled from my lips when his cock slipped into me. It was too big, I felt as though I were being torn in half. “Oh, shit.”

“Gods, you’re so fucking tight! Dammit.” Aiden gripped my hips tight and slipped even deeper inside of me. My walls clenched on every impressive inch of him and I could feel my body adjusting to accommodate him.

“Aiden, fuck me, please.” I begged. Every cell of my body was burning for him to keep going. I could feel the heat of him against me, filling me, and it was sending me wild.

“As you wish,” he ground out, pulling out and sliding back in at an agonizingly slow pace.

Too slow. He was moving too slow. I wanted more and I wanted it hard and fast. So, I began to throw my hips back to meet him, encouraging him.

“Someone is eager for more it seems.” His voice was almost taunting, teasing. It sent goosebumps racing over my skin and my nipples were hard and aching.

“Yes,” I panted out. Without warning his fingers dug into my hips hard enough to leave bruises and Aiden slammed into me so roughly that I almost fell over the edge of the fountain. My hands slipped and I yelped as I started to fall forward.

Almost at the last second his arms wrapped around my ribs and pulled me up. He was so much taller than me that his knees were bent while holding my back to his chest. With his arms around my chest Aiden’s muscled arms helped to lift me on his cock impaling me. His strength and balance blew me away.

Wind blew in my air when he whirled us around to sit at the fountains edge. His hands were back on my hips, then trailing up my sides to massage my breasts. When his skilled fingers teased my nipples, I shuddered, and a long moan was drawn from my lips.

I tossed my head back into his chest and braced my hands on his thighs to ride him. Aiden’s cock was so big that I couldn’t sink down on him fully and even half of his length was enough to tear me apart.

“Ah!” It surprised me when Aiden lifted me up by my arms and turned me around with ease. He pulled me down onto his lap now facing him. Somehow it was much easier to sink further on his length at this angle.

But being face to face with a stranger was too intimate for me. I closed my eyes and focused on the feeing of his cock hitting every stimulating part of me, quickly sparking something in my core.

I never thought of myself as short, but our size difference was so great I wondered if he was a giant. His massive palms perfectly cupped my full breasts and each pass of his hands on my fevered skin sent me soaring once more into the peaks of satisfaction.

I was wanton and wild as I rode him, Aiden’s growls increasingly feral and ragged as we moved together. Fucking one another to find that much needed release.

One of his arms snaked around my waist and his free hand curled in the back of my hair. Aiden pulled my mouth into his and the feeling of his hot mouth moving against mine sent new pleasure shooting through. It sent me over the edge, and I couldn’t stop my body from trembling as I came again.

My pussy clenched him like a vice, and I felt myself gushing around his cock as a tidal wave of hedonistic delight coursed through me. I bounced on him with rapture as I was hit with the hardest orgasm of my life and I couldn’t stop trembling.

“Mm, I like it when you come. You shake and whimper so much, little nymph.” Aiden’s voice sounded like a beast. It was dark and course and something about it made me quake as ice raced through my spine.

Heart now racing impossibly faster I clenched my eyes shut tighter and held onto his shoulders. I inhaled sharply and cried out when Aiden began pumping faster. My walls still squeezing him with the aftershocks of my orgasm finally sending him over the edge with me.

“Ahn!” He began to roar but his mouth fell on my neck. Aiden bit down and fear lanced through me to feel his canines on the precipice of piercing my flesh. So close to marking me, and I’m not sure he realized it.

But his fangs never pricked the skin, instead holding me in place as he grunted and squeezed me against his chest as he came. My heart still thundered against my ribs as the high of pleasure slowly began to ebb away.

There would certainly be a bruise of my neck tomorrow. Evidence of the mouth that taste me tonight. That realization had warning bells going off like panicked alarms in my mind.

Aiden licked up the side of my neck and it made butterflies go wild in my belly. But I was starting to realize what I had done. With a deep breath I opened my eyes and leaned back in preparation to lift myself off him.

“Oh gods.” The words slipped through my lips when I saw his eyes. My breath caught in my throat.

“Something wrong, little nymph?” His voice was far too seductive, but the fear now coursing through me was stronger.

His eyes were no longer forest green, and they weren’t the golden glow of your average wolf.

They were silver. Glowing and swirling with as much untamed power as the full moon over our heads.

“You’re… you’re a Lycan.” I couldn’t control the tremor in my voice.

“That I am.” He answered coolly.

Before he could say anything, I pushed off his lap and fought my quaking legs to remain upright. Water splashed around my legs as I backed away.

His cum dripped out of my cunt and I felt it coating my thighs. I covered my mouth to stifle another gasp and looked around as the reality of what just happened slammed into me.

“I need to go. Oh shit, I need to leave.” I raced out.

Aiden quirked his brow and angled his head to watch me as I continued to back away in the fountain. “You don’t need to run away from me.”

But it was too late. I was full on panicking and I had to get back to my room before it was somehow found out I was gone.

Or that I was with someone.

Aiden stood up and began to step towards me as he fixed his pants. I knew I couldn’t let him get closer or touch me again.

“Goodbye.” It felt silly as the words were through my lips, but it didn’t matter. I turned and propelled myself from the fountain and shifted in midair.

“Nymph! Wait, I didn’t even get your name!” That voice calling after me was almost alluring enough to pull me in again.

But I was already racing to the house through the garden on my paws, and I knew I couldn’t look back.


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