On Your Knees

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Chapter 6

“Aiden,” I whispered his name. The searing heat from his body against my backside was bringing back the indecent memories of the night before.

“What are you sneaking around for?” Aiden’s tone dipped low, and I felt him press his nose into my hair and inhale deeply. Warmth coiled in my belly and dipped lower as his face moved down to my shoulder.

“I’m… I’m not.” I knew he could hear my heart racing. It was so loud the whole house might.

“You certainly were. You’re a long way from your fountain, nymph.” He kissed my cheek, dangerously close to the corner of my mouth. “You’re wearing too much clothing too. I much prefer you in your natural glory.”

“Stop,” I turned around and braced my hands on his chest to push him back, “we… we can’t do this.” When I tried to shove, he didn’t budge. His chest was hard and warm, and my fingers itched to explore him.

I yanked my hands away and tried to step back. But Aiden stopped me, grabbing my hips and pulling me into his chest. A low growl rumbled through his chest and my body immediately responded to the sound as my arousal dripped into panties.

Aiden’s head snapped back, and his eyes widened as he stared down at me. I almost had to crane my neck to look up at him he was so tall. His nostrils flared and a wicked grin spread across his gorgeous mouth.

“You’re right. We can’t,” he agreed. My shoulders sagged and I took a deep, steadying breath. “Not here.”

I had no warning before he grabbed my hand and yanked me behind him. He looked around and only managed a few steps when shadows spread along the opposite wall of someone walking up the stairs. Aiden snarled and turned back to me.

Before I knew it, he had picked me up and I bit my tongue to hold in my yelp. A door opened and closed and in the next instant we were surrounded by total darkness.

His body pressed against mine in an enclosed space. It felt scalding as Aiden moved around above me.

A bright flash of light flickered on overhead and after a hard blink I realized we were in a broom closet and my back was pressed against a narrow table cluttered with cleaning supplies.

In this enclosed spaced we were practically breathing each other’s air. His scent was overwhelming me, and I felt that familiar haze from the night before swarming my senses once again.

“I thought about you last night,” his seductive tone was low in my ear as Aiden closed the remaining distance between us. “Probably more than I should have. I thought about you a lot.”

While he talked one of his hands on my waist began to grab and lift the fabric of my dress. I felt the air in on my thighs as my legs were soon exposed.

His free hand rubbed across my bottom lip, and I opened my mouth without thinking. When he pushed his thumb into my mouth, I sucked on it. My eyes closed as my body took over my rational thought.

“Your mouth on my cock was the first thing on my mind this morning. Now that I have you here in my arms all I want is to steal the breath from your lungs. I want to taste your lips and swallow every noise you make as I touch you.” Aiden pulled his thumb from my mouth and his lips caught mine.

It started slow, and it was almost enough to distract me from his fingers dancing across my thighs and inching closer to my aching core. Our lips parted and his tongue wrestled with mine. When his fingers pressed into my slit through the fabric of my panties I whimpered, and the sound was muffled by Aiden’s mouth slamming into mine again.

“We shouldn’t.” I tried to protest again, despite how hot and needy my body felt. He didn’t stop touching me and the sparks of pleasure that shot through me as he touched me through my soaking underwear was sending my head into the clouds.

“Why?” His short question threw me off. I truly didn’t know why I was protesting at all when it was so obvious that I wanted him so badly.

“Because,” my voice trembled. Aiden’s fingers pushed my panties to the side as he looked down at me and the feeling of his fingers on my bare skin made me swallow my words. A strangled moan left my lips instead when he slipped his middle finger inside of my dripping cunt.

“Come on, little nymph, tell me why, and I’ll stop.” But he pushed his thumb against my clit and curled his finger inside of some sensitive part in me and my fingers gripped his button-down shirt hard enough to make a button pop off.

Then I saw his eyes. Silver and glowing, showing me his inner beast. Aiden was a dangerous and primal creature even compared to what I was. A shiver danced down my spine.

“You’re a Lycan.” Though my complaint sounded weak, even to me.

“I’m a wolf, just like you.” He kissed me gently, scrambling my brain as his fingers continued to move inside of me. The pleasure was growing at a blinding rate.

“But you’re…”

“A big, bad wolf?” He chuckled against my ear before trailing his lips along my jaw.

Yes.” The word was drawn from my lips in a long moan as I trembled. Not a second later an orgasm ripped through me, and I clenched my thighs around Aiden’s hand. He didn’t stop fingering me as I shook and bit my tongue to quiet myself.

But it wasn’t enough. Aiden was still too close, and he was burning me alive with the heat of his body and the animal urges in my mind were encouraging me to enact indecent acts with him. My inner wolf was crying out to spread my legs and let him take me again.

He was the biggest and baddest wolf, but my inner beast was purring for him. She wanted to submit to him in every conceivable way.

I was going to let her.


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