On Your Knees

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Chapter 8

I heard the music start from my open window. The afternoon breeze blew my hair around my face, and I leaned my head back, attempting to tune out the world. It was so far away and yet so close at the same time.

There was a part of me that wanted to continue rebelling and slip into the party. When Rhett was drunk, he couldn’t tell up from down and I didn’t think he would notice me. Octavia would be a problem if she saw me down there, but her eyes were going to be on every eligible Alpha on the ballroom.

I shouldn’t risk it…

When I closed my eyes, I remembered Aiden’s fingers on my lips and the heat of his body between my legs.

But the ballroom would be full of the pack and the visitors. Lycan and wolf sweeping through the room and providing ample crowd for me to get lost in the music and darkness. They would go wild, and I wanted to be part of that.

I wanted to see Aiden again.

The thought made me frown dramatically and groan loudly, but something bright was fluttering to life in my chest and pushing me into action.

The longer I took to get ready the deeper Rhett would sink into his liquor. The less likely he would notice me even if I was right under his nose.

So, I took a shower and dried my hair then moved onto a hint of makeup. I wouldn’t have the fantastic dress that Octavia did, but I had enough in the back of my closet from events years prior. A deep green halter dress with high slits up both sides caught my attention and made me think of Aiden’s eyes.

“This is stupid,” I reprimanded myself, looking in my mirror. “I am going to get into so much trouble.”

But, Elle, you’re having so much fun rebelling, aren’t you?

“Yeah, and I’m an adult. The whole pack is down there, why shouldn’t I be?” I huffed.

I had filled out since wearing this dress years ago, but the affect it had on my curves had a new wave of confidence sweeping through me I had never felt before. My breasts and hips looked amazing, and I wondered what Aiden would think when he saw me.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” I sighed and closed my bedroom door behind me. “If anyone sees you, we come straight back up here!”

I gave myself little pep talks the entire way through the house. The long hallways were dark and stretched before me like haunted portals I shouldn’t dare to step through. Yet I pushed on.

The adrenaline of disobeying and rebelling were spurring me on as much as my desire to feel the Lycan’s lips on mine again.

Loud music breached my ears as I turned the corner to see the ballroom doors open to the front foyer. Thankfully, the lights inside were incredibly dark and the sound of drunken revelry encouraged me.

Not one pair of eyes looked at me as I slipped inside, keeping to the edges of the dancing crowd. Bodies writhed against one another in a show of unhinged passion everywhere I looked. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at the way couples were practically fucking on the dance floor.

The energy was erotic, and it was nearly impossible for my wolf instincts to fight the pull of it. That was a power greater than myself and it was intoxicating.

Swallowing over a lump in my throat I took a step closer and cast my sight around, looking for the one person here I wanted to see. The main reason I made the decision to disobey my stepfather.

Then I found him. On the middle of the dance floor with another body against his. I recognized her blonde hair anywhere.

Octavia had her arms up, pressing herself against Aiden and griding on him. He was moving with her.

My hand covered my mouth, and I took a step back. In my haste to get away I bumped into a dancing couple and nearly fell over.

“Watch yourself!” A man barked at me, and I reared back, trying to get away before his shout drew any more attention.

Gripping my dress, I lifted the fabric and ran. The doors to the back garden were open and since that was now my closest exit I rushed in that direction. My heart hammered against my ribs, and I gulped for the fresh air outside.

Of course, he would rather have Octavia, everyone would.

Something pricked the back of my eyes and I wanted to berate myself for wanting to cry.

He might have been my first, but I should have known that meant nothing to a Lycan, to an Alpha. If he wanted to fuck, he would. That’s what he told me.

Even the garden looked like a treacherous place tonight. That’s where he’d had me, and I couldn’t bring myself to find my escape there. Instead, I wandered along the side of the massive house, kicking random rocks as I walked.

A rock skittered to the side and a shadow from behind me stretched along the path. Snarling followed and I gasped, pushing myself against the house and hiding behind one of the columns that held up the balconies on the second floor.

“I know you’re out here, little nymph.” My heart dropped through my stomach and landed at my feet. “I can smell you,” Aiden growled.

I covered my mouth to stifle my heavy breathing and clenched my eyes tight. After what I saw on the dance floor, I didn’t want him to find me.

But now I was his prey, and he a beast on the hunt.

“You know I’ll find you, little nymph. There’s no fountain for you to disappear to now.” That was a threat, and it made something ludicrous inside of me tremble with excitement.

His footsteps passed the column I cowered behind and I waited another heart beat. After a moment I turned and ran on the other side, back in the direction of the party.

“Gotcha!” Powerful arms wrapped around my waist, and I squeaked in surprise when my feet were lifted off the ground. “Do you want to excite me?”

His face pressed into the side of my neck and Aiden inhaled my scent deeply. I squirmed in his hold and nearly went still when I felt his erection pressing into my backside.

“If you run, I’ll chase. And I promise you that I’ll catch you and I’ll devour you whole.” One of his hands slipped into the front of my dress and groped my breast, causing me to moan and squirm in his arms.

“Wait,” I whimpered. But his other hand was already vanishing into the slit on one side of my dress and reaching for my panties.

Aiden pushed his hips and ground his erection against my ass, and it sent sparks over my skin. “Do you feel what you do to me? I’ve had to deal with this all day.”

“No!” I finally came to my senses and pulled myself from his grasp. “No! Don’t touch me! I saw you dancing with someone else.”

“My little nymph, are you jealous?” His eyes were pure silver as he grinned down at me.

I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed at him. “I am not! You can fuck or dance with whoever you want. I don’t care!”

“You should care,” one step and he was towering over me again, grabbing my chin and pulling my face towards his, “because I want to fuck you. And I’m going to.”

His lips slammed into mine and I was swept off my feet by his powerful arms. My back hit the column I had been hiding behind moments ago. Now trapped between stone and his body.

Lips whispered against my skin and the hint of a kiss. Trailing from my jaw and down the side of my neck. It was tantalizing and hard to angle my face away from Aiden’s roaming mouth.

“No. I saw you with her. We shouldn’t do this.”

“She’s just some desperate she-wolf who started dancing against me. I don’t want to fuck her.” His words were accentuated by tender kisses along my collarbone, and I melted into him.

“Really?” Why did it matter so much to me?

“Gods, how could anyone look at you and want anyone else?” He followed his statement by licking up the side of my neck and I felt my panties becoming soaked.

I allowed his words to reassure me, perhaps as an excuse to give in to the feelings he was bringing to life in my body. The feeling of desire that I wanted to drown in with him. Wrapping my arms around his neck I let my head fall back onto the column and his lips dipped to the swells of my breasts.

Aiden dipped his tongue into my cleavage and left a wet trail up my neck to my chin before slanting his mouth over mine again.

I was already a whimpering mess against him. When his hand slipped under my dress again and into my panties, I had to bite my tongue.

“Mm, all I can think about is slipping my hand between your pretty, soft thighs and fingering you until all you think about is my cock taking over. Pounding you into oblivion.” Aiden bit down on my neck and pushed his finger past my panties. The moment he pushed two fingers into me I was already shuddering.

“Ah!” His thumb on my clit sent me reeling and I clawed at his shoulders.

“Hush. You don’t want to get caught out here, do you?” Even as he said it he was curling his fingers inside of me in a way that made me feel delirious.

Although the Lycan was right. We were outside and too close to the party for comfort. Anyone could stumble upon us out here like this and it was a terrifying thought.

Yet I didn’t want him to stop. So, I buried my face in his chest to muffle my cries. It was embarrassing to know what Aiden was doing to me out here in public, but I couldn’t get enough.

“Does it turn you on that this is a risk?” That low tone dipped right to my core as he whispered against my neck. “You’re so wet, and so ready for me to fuck you now. I bet I could fuck you right here and you would come harder than you ever have in your life.”

As lewd as they were. Those words sent me over the edge.

“Ahn! Aiden!” I cried into his chest and dug my nails into him as I rode out my orgasm on his hand. Shaking so wildly his body against mine was the only thing keeping me upright.

“Oh, fuck yes.” Aiden yanked his fingers from my cunt and slapped my pussy. I gasped and my eyes snapped open to gape at him.

“This is mine,” he asserted, cupping his palm over my heat. “Mine.” His tongue laved over my neck again and something was fluttering in my stomach.

I licked my lips and turned my head out to look over the dark garden. “I should go now.”

“Go?” Aiden took a step back and let me stand on my own legs, keeping his hands on my arms the entire time. “We haven’t had a dance yet, little nymph. I can’t let you get away from me without a dance.”

“I can’t go back in there.” Not after what he just did to me and the fresh wave of fear running through my veins.

“Well,” Aiden grabbed my hips and pulled me out onto the path again, “we can hear the music from here, can’t we?”

I’m sure my eyes were as wide as saucers when I looked up at him. There was a smile on his face that sent my heart reeling back and shooting forward through my ribs. Forest green eyes locked me down and I couldn’t look at anything else as he swept us into a dance.

Aiden was so light on his feet I couldn’t really believe it. He was massively tall and built like a fighter in every sense of the word. Yet he moved with such grace that I nearly stopped breathing.

The moon shone down on us, still nearly full but waning. Stars twinkled and crickets around the garden chirped. We moved until we were away from the house and the music faded until we were swirling around the garden with nothing more than the sounds of the night surrounding us.

“Run with me.” Aiden suggested as we neared the edge of the garden. He tugged my hand, and I was spurred on by his dazzling smile.

“Run with a Lycan?” I giggled, brushing my hair out of my face after our spinning around.

“Is my little nymph afraid the big bad wolf will ravish her?” He waggled his eyes brows suggestively. Then he stepped closer and towered over me. “Because he certainly will.”

I swallowed hard and felt a flush spread across my cheeks. But I still followed him into the woods.


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