On Your Knees

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Chapter 9

One step after another, I followed Aiden into the surrounding woods. The light from the mansion faded away, and we walked in near silence until darkness engulfed us. The thick branches blocked even the light of the moon overhead.

The birds and the insects were silent. As though they could sense the predator entering their midst and they didn’t want to wind up his dinner. I honestly couldn’t say I was much safer.

Aiden stopped at us near a pile of stone and began stripping down from his clothes. I froze and realized that this was the first time I was seeing him fully bare. He moved with a fluid grace as he removed each piece of his expensive suit revealing more and more of his gloriously toned body.

Aside from the natural gold tint to his skin, Aiden was rather pale. Most Lycan packs preferred to live in colder climates and some part of me wanted to ask about his home. Where he was from and what his pack was like.

Was it a place where one could be free?

His skin moved over his hard muscles and my eyes were drawn to his cut eight pack when he began to take off his pants. My mouth started to water, and I inhaled heavily as my blood began to boil.

“Enjoying the show?” He caught me staring and his proud smirk made me blush furiously.

“I’m sorry,” I gasped and turned away. Even if it was normal for wolves to undress and run together, I knew that it was different for us right now. The tension between Aiden and myself was roiling with sparking energy.

This felt almost intimate.

“Don’t apologize for staring.” I felt his body heat at my back a second before his fingers traced over my shoulder. “Because I won’t.”

Then he pulled the ribbon at my neck holding the top of the halter dress up. The silken material slid down my skin and pooled at my feet. A cool breeze whispered against my skin and goosebumps sprung to life over my flesh.

Aiden turned me around and my gaze traveled up his attractive body before landing on his devastatingly handsome face. But his eyes were eating up the sight of my naked body and I had never felt so bare. Even that first night when I had been dancing naked in a fountain, I didn’t feel this exposed.

But now we stood mere inches apart both exposed to one another’s hungry gaze. He wanted me to look at him in his full glory and I wanted him to see me.

There was power to be had in knowing that an Alpha was looking at you with all the hunger in the world swirling in his eyes.

“Are you ready?” His voice pulled me from a trance.

“Oh.” I honestly forgot why we came out here. “Yes.”

“I’ve seen your glorious black fur, and I’d very much like to see it again. This time when you run away from me, I am going to catch you and you won’t be able to get away.”

“Run away?” I thought we were going to run together.

“Yes, nymph. You are going to run and the entire time you will know that I am right behind you, hunting you down. And when I catch you, I am going to devour you in a way that will make you shudder and fall apart at my touch.” He grabbed my chin and I sucked in a gasp. “The anticipation, the fear, and the excitement of being chased will course through your veins and you’ll taste that much better when I set my mouth upon you again.”

Right before he pressed his lips to mine Aiden let go of my chin. My limbs were shaking, and my heart was beating erratically. He grinned down at me like a devil, and I felt like a deer caught in headlights.

“You better start running, or else you won’t make it very far.” Aiden rolled his head and cracked his neck, stretching out his shoulders in obvious preparation to shift.

The overwhelming power of a Lycan snapped through the air and I felt it like thunder against my skin.

My heart leapt into my throat, and I turned to run. Black fur spread along my skin in seconds, and I landed on my paws. Without looking back, I darted off between the trees and over the earth.

It annoyed me that he was right. I was brimming with anticipation of what would come when he caught me. The fear of being chased by a creature as powerful as a Lycan made my heart race. But most of all I was excited.

It wasn’t just a run through the woods for fun. This was a chase and it meant something. Although what, I couldn’t say.

A haunting howl followed me after only a few minutes. It was a frightful sound that made my nerves tingle all over.

I brushed through some bushes and then crossed over a stream twice to hide my scent and confuse my tracks. My ears pricked up at the sound of a large beast with massive paws thundering in the distance and I bolted off again.

Time seemed to stretch impossibly as I ran, my tongue lolled my from jaws and I panted heavily as I flew over the ground. Though I knew almost no time at all had passed.

An Alpha was chasing me. A Lycan made me his prey and I needed to move. The instincts of my wolf pushed me to maneuver and run as fast as we could through the woods.

But his howls and paws breaking the undergrowth was getting closer and closer. I hadn’t seen a Lycan after shifting before and the sound of him alone was enough to frighten off every living thing in the forest.

I jumped over a long and in those seconds of silence I realized that the woods were now too silent. As I landed, I whirled around, looking in every as I tried to regain control of my ragged breathing. There were no more sounds of a beast chasing me and the howls had stopped.

Just as I began to wonder where Aiden was the fur along my spine rose on end and I tensed up.

Something hard rammed into my side and I barreled over the ground. A yelp slipped from me, and I was pinned to the ground.

Snow white fur and glowing silver eyes filled my vision. The Lycan was massive. Easily three times as big as a normal wolf with fangs and claws as dangerous as any dagger ever forged.

He growled and I felt it rumbling through me. When he snapped his jaws, I felt his unsaid command in the air.

I shifted back and felt even smaller under the Lycan Alpha. But I couldn’t stop my wandering hands. No matter how much I was afraid of him in the back of my mind I still found the strength to run my fingers through his beautiful white fur.

Aiden snarled and seconds later it was the hot skin of his chest against my palm and his heavy body pressing into mine. He settled between my legs and the velvet hardness of his erection rested against my aching pussy.

“Your fur is so beautiful. As dark as the night sky.” Aiden buried his face in my neck and inhaled my scent. My eyes closed and I squirmed underneath him. My hips had a mind of their own as I ground myself against the length of his shaft.

“Eager,” he purred, licking down my neck to my breasts. He sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and desire shot straight through me. It settled between my legs like a blazing fire, and I couldn’t stop wriggling under him.

His wet mouth trailed from one breast to the next, but when he felt how I tried to rub myself against his cock he lifted his hips away from me. Aiden chuckled darkly and bit down on my nipple. I squeaked and jerked my head up to look at him.

I was a panting mess of desire and need and I wanted him to fuck me here and now in the middle of the woods.

“Aiden,” I whimpered, my voice pleading.

“Not yet. I said I was going to devour you, and I intend to do just that.” His tongue trailed circles over my nipple, and I quivered at the sensation.

Then his devious tongue dipped between my breasts. Aiden continued licking wet trails all over my body. As if he was familiarizing himself with ever dip and curve of me. Tasting me and exploring me as he continued to move lower.

The anticipation was fluttering low in my belly and heat coiled between my legs as my need grew. Aiden’s tongue dipped into my navel and down my stomach. All I could do was watch until the moment he reached the apex of my thighs.

His face now hovering over the softest part of me and his hot breath fanning my skin. My legs spread further for him, and his massive hands gripped my thighs.

The instant his tongue licked over my pussy I cried out. It was a new sensation and one I had expected to feel so strongly. He pressed his tongue to my clit and swirled it around in circles, groaning low in the back of his throat as he tasted me.

“Mm,” Aiden lifted his head and I witnessed him licking his glistening lips, “the nectar of the gods is even sweeter from the source. Now that I’ve caught my prey I will feast.”

“Oh gods!” His mouth was on me again. Tasting me and savoring every drop of my arousal as he did. He tongued my clit and sent wave of wave of pleasure running through my body.

I began trembling and writhing so much from the feelings rising in me that Aiden had to use his large hands to hold me down to the ground. He shouldered my legs further apart and dipped his tongue deeper into my pussy.

He was fucking me with his tongue, and I never wanted it to end. It was too much and not enough all at once. I was warm and cold, burning and shivering. Crying out under the wild frenzy growing inside me.

In every sense of the word, Aiden truly was devouring me. I was melting under him and soaring the clouds at the same time.

“Ah! Ahn!” The world exploded around me, under me, and through me as I came. My fingers curled in his hair, and I held his mouth against my pussy as I shuddered with each wave of my release.

“You smell so good and you’re not even in heat.” Aiden rose over my body and settled his weight on top of me. “I can only imagine how intoxicating you smell and taste when you are.”

Before I could think of a response his tongue traced up my chin and along my bottom lip. Aiden wrapped one hand around my throat, and I shivered. He turned my head to the side and licked along my neck and up the side of my face, growling and inhaling my smell as he went.

His teeth met my skin at the same moment he impaled me. I moaned loudly and wrapped my legs around his waist. He stretched me so much I thought I would break in half and realized with shock that I wouldn’t mind if he did.


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