The broken beauty

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Lilith doesn't understand how she got here. She doesn't understand hows she went from what she thought was a perfect loving family only to be handed over to her worst living nightmare. Kane didn't want to look after a spoiled brat. But after one of his best warriors and his family all gets killed by a rival gang apart from their daughter he take her in for his loyal friend.

Erotica / Romance
Hannah Horton
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"Come on out Bella, I will find you" I heard his deep, rumbling voice taunting me as he slowly crept down the stairs towards the basement where I was hiding creating my shoulders to tense even more at the fear he is causing to run through my body.

I shuffled back further in my hiding spot realising I was hiding behind a crate of guns causing me to loose my breath that he had such a thing in his basement but shouldn't be shocked that he does. I peeked over the wooden crate and saw him reach the bottom step and hear it groan as he puts his weight on it and look around the darkened room hoping the shadows will hide my figure from him. I held my breath as he scanned the crates I was hiding praying he won't find me and my prayer was heard as he continued to scan the room.

The breath I was holding shuddered into my hand, I had covered over my mouth so he can't hear me and my laboured and Shaky breath. I was aware if him walking towards the right side of the basement the opposite direction I was in. I catch site of his tall figure walking over to the crates and looking behind each and every one of them. I could see the menacing grin as he checked behind them and not being able to find me as if we were playing hide and seek not life and death.

I could not understand how I got in this situation but I could not reflect on that now as I could hear his shoes hit the concrete floor creating an echo in the room which informs me he is coming closer to where I was hiding. I peeked out over the crate and looked at the distance between me and the doorway contemplating if I could sprint to safety.

"When I find you kitten..." he trailed off laughing leaving the threat hanging out in the air for me to imagine what he's gonna do to me when he finds me. I can feel my body quivering at the threat knowing how monstrous he is. Flashbacks of him torturing John tied to the chair bleeding to death as I scream at him to stop crying and his henchmen held me back.

I mentally block out the images as a tear falls down my face. I was so lost in my thoughts remebering what happened that day that will change my life forever that I didn't feel the feel the hot gust of his breath going down my neck until it was too late.

"Boo" he murmured reminding me what was about tonhappen if he catches me. That word had me running for the stairs to try and escape one even though I know it's infertile. I managed to leap up three steps of the staircase before I felt his arm snake around my waist roughly pulling me into his chest.

I claw at his hands trying to pull them off me while I kick at his legs. All I can hear is me screaming and him releasing grunts as he tries to contain my flailing body. I didnt realise I was crying until I tasted my own salty tears falling into my mouth. I could feel my self tiring for putting up a fight for so long and realised I am not going to be able to escape his tight hold on me. Coming to that reality I feel my body slump, my body giving up the fight loosing the adrenaline I thought would save me.

"You done fighting now kitten?" He whispered into my ear his lip graze the lobe in the process. I fight back the shiver that wants to go down my spine and mutely nod my head in defeat.

"Good girl" I can hear the mocking in his voice taunting me that I will never be able to escape him ever again. He changes his hold on me carrying me Bridal style up the staircase up to my impending doom. I pray that I will survive and live to see the next day.

As I'm being carried in his arms with no fight left in me, I think back to what lead me to this moment in time and what I could have done differently. What I have done in my life to deserve what is about to happen to me. I lean my head against his chest and try to figure out where I went wrong.
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