No good choice

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Chapter 9

I stood there waiting to be dismissed but they were all staring at my naked body. Nathon was the first to stand up and walk around me. He moved my hair to the side to get a good look at my back side. I actually gasped because I wasn't prepared for it. He just chuckled at my reaction. Next Nigel joined in on the perusal of me and then Neil asked me to turn around slowly. So I did as asked.

They actually started talking about my body. I was doing my best to hold still and not fidget. I finally after listening to them rate my parts asked, "May I redress?"

Nigel was actually replyed, "No."

"M..m.may I ask why not?" I questioned.

"No." He said again.

Nathon came to my rescue sort of, " Nigel stop being a dick just cause she used the pool doesn't mean you have to make her pay a toll for it. And it's not like she wondered through all your stuff. Hell I dont think anyone even has keys to the living quarters of the pool house except for you. So show some compassion man."

Nigel came back with, "Mind your own business. My space was violated not yours. I have the right to look at the body that I will fuck in a few days time in what ever way I choose. If in my time with here I want her to suck my dick for twelve hours straight and only enter her cunt when I am ready to evacuate my seaman so be it. "

I was feeling a whole lot right at the moment. I was scared now of Nigel. I could feel this energy coming off him that he was going to make me pay for using the pool. I had to apologize to him for intruding on what he considered his space. "Sir Nigel, I would like to apologize for intruding on your space. I did not know that the pool was a restricted area. I will not go there again unless I have permission from you. " I hoped that my apology would help curb his rage but he laughed at it. Or at me I'm not quite sure which.

"Oh my lord did you see her face. She is still so innocent of the world." He said while still laughing at me for sure now.

Neil stepped in this time. "Nigel stop being such a ass. The girl is going to birth a child for one of us. It's not like we have to marry her. Show a little compassion, I bet dad put her through hell, taking every ounce of her virginity. I can actually picture him with his dick pills, going for hours on her. Knowing the sick fuck he didn't actaully teach her anything really. I bet he fucked her sweat little mouth and ass to. Plus I know for a fact she was a virgin there was blood on the sheets. So take it easy. She will learn each of our preferences in time."

And of course Nathon had to pop off with, " I don't see why we have to wait to fuck her till the birth control wears off. I mean a fuck is a fuck and I'm just itching to bury my cock in her." He almost seemed to be whining. I could tell he was going to be the most active of the brothers especially in the beginning.

"Nathon you know the lawyer said to leave her be so that is what we are going to do. Besides which we all have different tastes when it comes to sex. Nathon you like it down and dirty. Straight to the point. You are what is referred to as a Fuck Boy. As long as you get your, you are happy.
Nigel you are trickier to nail down. You like the romance even if it's a lie. You are sweat and gentle with most of your women till you get bored. And then it gets rough. So maybe your a Switch. You seem to go through partners quickly and it's always the same. Romance, flowers, and dining out then there comes the rough hate sex, along with the girl vowing never to return. Maybe your are an undercover sadistic fuck." Neil went to continue but was interrupted.

Nigel spoke up in his own defense. "Now that dad is down for the count I would call it self sabotage. The fact is I'm gay. Yes I have sex with women but it was expected. I would put on the show and get rid of them when they pushed the sex issue. Granted I would be rough on purpose and I did enjoy making them scream. I have even invited one of my bisexual lovers over to help. I'm not sadistic. I'm happily gay. And unhappily played a role for the old man. So I will do my duty to try and get her pregnant. But she will not like the way I fuck women because it has been always to get rid of them I don't really know any other way. "

I stood there completely flabbergasted, he just came out to his brothers. I knew it that he had a gay vibe but wow. The best reaction I think was Nathon. He just looked at his brother with his mouth open not being able to form any words at all. Neil stood up and walked to his brother and gave him a hug. Then said, "Its about time you came out. But do us a favor and do not try to run her off. We kinda need her. Okay."

Honestly I was shocked at Neil's reaction. He was accepting. I was feeling brave even though I was still on a table naked as can be. I asked, "Well you summed up your brothers what about yourself. What is it you like?"

Neil walked over to my dress and tossed it to me so I could get dress. "I like a little kink, some S and M. I like to cause a little pain with the pleasure. And you my dear are going to have hard time keeping up with us. So I suggest you rest while you can. And if you need anything Bigslie is at you service. I have decided that since he looks at you as a daughter or niece figure he is safe enough to be your servant. I am also assigning a maid to you do you have a preference."

I was putting the dress back on and answered him, "no all the girls are nice and I know once I start servicing the three of you I won't want to clean up after my self so much. So whom ever you deside is fine." He took my answer well. I stepped off the coffee table and slid my dress on over my head. Neil could be long winded. But thanks to him I got a lot of information. Nathon was in it for his own pleasure. He would be straight forward. I should be flexable with him. Kind of like his dad. Nigel is gay and has already apologized for the way he will fuck me. So he is going to be a beast. Preparation isn't going to help with him. I will be as compliant as possible with him. It might soften his time with me. And then there's Neil he is kink and S and M. I have heard the turm but don't know much about it. I would see what I could find.

I spent the next two days reading everything that I thought would help with having three men with different tastes in sexual experiences that I could to prepare myself. Along with cooking anything I wanted Bigslie would run out to the store at the drop of a hat for me. And then I relaxed as much as I could to.

The lawyer finally showed back up with yet more paperwork that had to be signed. All of us where asked to come to the den. In my head I was wondering which one but figured on the main floor, since he didn't look like a man that does a lot of stairs. We all signed the revised contract since I technically changed hands since there father was in a comatose state. Once we all signed the lawyer looked straight at me and told me to strip down. He had a camera and was going to document my body. So it could be compared at later dates for signs of abuse.
The lawyer walked around my naked body taking notes of any scars and the odd mole here or there. Then photographed every inch of my body. At which point he informed the boys that any mark that isn't in existence now will add to what I will receive once my time is done. He was talking about any new permanent scars would cost them and he didn't tell them how much.

The time finally came. The lawyer put three colored marbles in a bag, red, green, and blue. He had each stick a hand in the bag and pull a marble out and show him. The marbles would set the order the boys got me in. Red was first then, blue was second and green would be last. Nathon pulled the red and he went strutting around like he already had me in his bed. Nigel pulled the blue one and that left Neil with green. So for the month it would be youngest to oldest.

At this point they knew the rotation and that's when Neil decided to drop a bomb on it. This about floored me when he spoke. "Sir, my brothers and I have decided that we will rotate day by day instead of week by week. This way we each get a fair shot at impregnating Miss Silver. And the other advantage is he will actually get more rest."

"I see and what time frames would you be working with. You must make sure she eats and gets a full weight hours of rest between. So if you like morning sex and he likes evenings then that makes timing issues. Let's hash this out. So Miss Silver does not suffer at your hands." The lawyer was very adamant about my well being.

Once they were all done I was to be in my own room no later than 8am in the morning and I was not to be disturbed till 11am in the morning. The time I would sleep would come from there time. The time to myself in the mornings was for me to prepare for that days activities. This didn't go over well with everyone but it would work and I was given every Sunday to spend my own way. So the guys would go through there rotation twice and see if it worked and maybe adjust from there. The rotation would start at as of Monday morning, so if my days were right I had two more days Saturday and Sunday to do what ever I wanted. I wanted rest and relaxation.

I gained permission to go swimming in the pool ahead of going and I actually had a swimsuit that wasn't completely shameful in the closet. I cooked amazing recipes for myself and the brothers even came to the kitchen saying it smelled good. For two whole days I felt like a person not property. But I knew in my soul that would change.

One thing that was done during the week for and I'm not sure who did it but i was thankful for it all the same was my room had been redone. The bed and bedding both were replaced and I loved that they were more to my simple tastes. It made a space that was really for me. But it was a place for me to hideaway from the choice I made. It's crazy but I still feel like I have choices just non that I want to make. At least I know that any child created by this year of slavery will be well taken care of. Even if I never get to see it I know its life will be better than mine has been. That thought alone made having a kid for the brothers worth it. I think.

Tomorrow will be the true start of my servitude. Nathon will come to me and do things like his father did. In so many ways I was as afraid as when Lord Wilson took me for the first time. I pray that I can make him happy. But he isn't the one I'm worried about.

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