No good choice

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Chapter 10

'Morning comes to soon', will be my new life moto. I woke at 8am sharp. Breakfast was the last thing on my mind, but Bigslie was at my door by 8:15am with mint tea and plain toast. He wouldn't hear anything untill I sat and ate. The man acts like he is my father, hell I wish he was. I wouldn't be were I am now if he was. After I finished Bigslie let me get on with what I need to do. I showered, shaved again, and brushed my teeth. My hair needed help when I looked in the mirror. I brushed it out and added just a bit of curl to it using a curling iron. The bathroom was rather well stocked. I decided to do light makeup, eyeliner, mascara and colored lip gloss. Then on to the closet for something sexy. Not that I know what sexy looks like but I picked out a black and purple corset that had my breast looking like I had a breast job with matching panties. I thought I looked like one of those girls in the magazines that guys like to look at. Except I wasn't as well endowed. I never really thought about how I looked before. I noticed the time, it was about 9:30 so I sat on the edge of the bed and waited. I had thirty minutes. I had to remind myself to breathe.

10am came and went. I walked around the room making sure it was neat. The bed was made again just to make sure it was right. I fidget or ramble when I'm nervous. Cleaning seemed to help untill 11am passed. My anxiety and stress level were rising. I thought what if I wasn't good enough Master Wilson didn't really teach me anything. It was about 11:30 when my door was kicked in, I had unlocked the door to be ready for Nathon at 9:50 this morning. I couldn't fathom why he kicked the door in. He looked like a mad man in a long bathrobe and a pair of pajama pants. No shoes, hair was a mess and yelling. He made absolutely no sense at all.

He finally stopped and said in a tone that I knew did not bode well for me. "Why the hell did I have to come find you? You should have been in my rooms sucking my dick no later than 10:05 this morning. What do you have to say for yourself. " He asked.

I felt my stomach drop and swallowed before I tried to speak. "Um... Sir. Sir I'm sorry, but I was not told and I don't know where your rooms are. If you will show me were I am supposed to be. I will make it a point in the future to wake you up in the preferred way on your days. If that is okay with you Sir." I finished, I don't know when I took the stance of a apologetic servant. But there I was hands clasped in front of me and my eyes down. Waiting for his answer or abuse. I didn't know him well enough yet to determine what would happen next.

Nathon grabbed me by my arm and said, " Look where I'm taking you and remember." He all but dragged me through the manor, past servants and his brothers. At the far end was an area that I had not been to as of yet. Most the girls around here warned me away saying things like, 'there's nothing you need there' or 'you don't want to be in that area it's not safe'. Now I see why. Nathon's rooms were nice, if a bit man cavish. Almost everything was black or bar oriented. He was the youngest of the brothers so probably had no responsibilities and this is his how he liked to live.

He didn't even make it to a bed, before he pinned me to a wall and started kissing me fast and hard, with his hands roaming over my body. I was not prepared so I think I froze, because when he pulled away, he said, "You really aren't trained. Wow dad really picked a treat. Come with me." This time he took my hand and lead me through to his private bedroom. "Today I will forgive you not waking me, as you didn't know my wishes. But I want every morning that is mine, even if I'm awake when you get here. To start with a good blow job. That way I'm easy going and happy.You will learn that I'm happy with it when I don't take control and fuck your mouth. Okay."

I couldn't even answer. The only thought in my head was ,'Is he bipolar?' I didn't dare ask it though. Instead I shook my head yes.

Once I shook my head he continued talking like it was a good enough response. "Everything past this is subject to my mood for the day. Oh and I do like the effort, but I'm more into sexy teddies or my t-shirts. Not corset sets, oh and no panties at all, ever. Especially if we go somewhere. As for now you can leave the corset on but the bottoms have to go."
I didn't wait for him to ask twice. I hooked the sides of of the black and purple panties and pulled them down, then kicked them off to the side. They landed on a lamp that looked like a naked woman. Less dramatic than I hoped for but the look on his face was one of pleasure. He dropped his robe then his pants. I refused to look down I was afraid if I did I would run away. He chuckled at my obviousness and took my hand guiding me ever closer to the bed. I expected to be pushed onto the bed and him to crawl on top of me, but he sat down. He pulled me to making my only choice to straddle him or sit on him sideways. I remembered Master Wilson is father having me straddle him so I straddled Nathon. Thinking it was what he wanted. As I did so, Nathon wrapped one arm around my waist, pulling me into him tightly. I felt his free hand between us guiding his member to my opening. He maneuvered his penis back and forth getting my lips to spread for him. And teasing my clit just enough to get my body going. I almost felt a need growing in me.

He was actually trying to be gentle with me. I could tell that because he wasn't just shoving himself into me. But being gentle was hard to do, when your body isn't primed for intercourse. As he entered me I gasped out from the sudden pain. I want a virgin anymore, but I wasn't ready for his gerth. My body was trying to accommodate him. I think he realized that my body wasn't primed enough to take him in with out causing a great deal of pain and possibly some lasting damage. I one swift move I was flipped off him and on my back. His body hovered over me, not poised to continue, but to easy. He began kissing me again. Trailing from my lips to my neck, moving down my collor bone. My breasts were his next target. I felt a rising heat as his fingers started circling my clit. As he suckled on my left nipple, making it hard and stand up at attention. His fingers continued there smooth seduction of my lower body sending my brain into a fog.

He spoke but it took a moment for me to realize he said anything, so I said, "Hu?".

He just chuckled and repeated himself. "Sorry I didn't think of the fact that you aren't already well used. So let me help you." He said this just before his mouth joined his fingers.

I gasped not in pain but in pleasure. So he swung him self around to straddle me in a sixty-nine position. His cock hovering right above my face. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was wanting. I took it in my hand and immediately understood why I was having trouble it in. I couldn't even touch my fingers around it. I tentatively guided it to my mouth, darting out my tongue at it, tasting him. It wasn't unpleasant, just different. As soon as I took the head in my mouth he moaned and started moving his hips, it didn't seem like he was trying to make me take it all in. More like he was giving himself a little treat. His attentions soon returned to my pussy. He was spreading my lips with his fingers and his tongue was manipulating my clit. Every flick of his tongue on my clit sent amazing jolts, a sensation that I wanted to thank him for. I began trying to take more of him in my mouth, bobbing my head up to him more. He stopped mid nibble when I went a little far and caused myself to gag a little. I guess the sensation was pleasurable to him, all of a sudden he thrust his hips down just enough to hit my gag reflex and held himself there. I started to flail and buck my body trying to dislodge him to no avail. He let out a loud moan as his cock jerked and then there was his cum in my mouth. I thought I was going to toss my toast, but managed to swallow it down. He pulled out and stepped away for a few minutes. Letting me cough and breath for just a few more moments. He gave me this look that was like a dog saying sorry when it got in the trash. It didn't stop him from coming at me. This time he did push me back on the bed nesting himself between my legs. Taking his cock in hand, he ran the head between my lips and once he felt the moist heat from my opening he plunged into me. Full and forceful. My back arched and held still of only a few seconds before he started rocking back and forth. The length of his cock i could handle that part didn't hurt, but his girth was still a little to much for me. I cried out at his fast pace, but he didnt slow down. He just grunted and moaned to my agony. I felt like if I could have a few more moments my body could adjust. His pace never slowed in fact it became frantic and rough till he stopped deep as he could go. I could feel him cum inside of me. He held still while his cock twitched and spit. He would make little motions and end up sinking back into me.

Go fingure now that he was done for a few minutes my body was finally able to take him with out feeling like he was tearing me apart.

The rest of my day with Nathon went like this, he would talk about nothing that really matter. His needs would rise, he would fuck me. We would wash and then eat. This went on till about 10pm. He finally sent me back to my room. Naked I might add, the corset and panties were no were to be found. So I walked with my head held high through the house to my room.

Once back to the relative safety of my room, I leaned on my door and slid down to the floor. I dont know why but I hugged my knees to my chest and cried for a bit. I guess someone heard me because Bigslie was nocking on the door softly.

I stood up wiped my face and opened the door. His eyes were sad as he looked at me. He was holding a tray with chamomile tea and a few tea cookies on it. He walked over to the small table and chair setting the tray down. When he noticed I didn't follow and that I was still naked he grabbed a towel out of the bathroom and covered me.

"I want you to drink some tea and I'll run the bath for you," he said.

I nodded my head, and went to sit like a good girl. I felt kinda numb. I dont know how long I cried, but I didn't really feel anything. Would this be the next year of my life. Or worse.

Drinking the tea and eating a cookie really did help. If you ask me Bigslie dosed them. But it helped so I didn't care. He left me to my bath which was beyond restoring.

I finally was about to head to bed seeing the clock said midnight I figured I would need the rest. Just as I was about to crawl into bed there was a knock at the door. It wasn't Bigslie's knock, so asked, "who's there."

It was Nigel who answered back, "Nigel may I come in to speak with you?" He said.

I was dressed appropriately so I answered, "come in."

He cracked the door and then walked in once he saw I was decent. Nigel looked around and then said, "I'm sorry to invade your space at this hour, but Nathon told me what happened this morning. So I thought to come to you. For tomorrow l would like you to meet me in the kitchen. You can wear what ever you are comfortable in. Thank you for seeing me this late. I will leave you to your time."

Then he just left without another word. I fell asleep quickly. Tomorrow would be another big day probably.
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