No good choice

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My alarm is now my worst enemy. I know it's not its fault but every morning 8am. Its sound is almost like a bomb going off. Okay not a bomb, but the thing is jolting. I have to get ready for Nigel. I go to sit up and my body aches all over. I dont remember being this sore after Lord Wilson. But then again he wasn't as energetic as his youngest son.

I didn't want to get up, but I had a job to do. I forced myself to get up and head straight for the shower. Once I managed to get the water to a scolding hot, I practically jumped in. Letting it suthe my aching body. It probably wasn't the best idea but it felt so good.

After I showered, dressed, applied makeup, and did my hair I was ready for breakfast. Bigslie was already softly knocking on my door.

"Come on in Bigslie I'm descent." I said.

"Morning Miss Silver, will you be eating in the kitchen this morning or in your room?" He asked.

"The kitchen. I have to meet Nigel there after I eat, so I think I'm ready. Thank you for yesterday my stomach was in knotts. Once everything settles into a routine it shouldn't be so bad." I said, not really to Bigslie but since he was there might as well be.

"Of course Miss. I hope you aren't letting them be to rough on you. Dont forget the lawyer said that they are not to abuse you. You do have rights." Bigslie said with a sad look on his face.

"Yes Bigslie I know if it goes to far I will report it at the next..," I didn't even get to finish talking Bigslie cut in.

"Miss you will not wait. You will inform me and I will inform the lawyer right away." He said with more power than I had seen in him.

"Yes Sir." Was all I could say to that. If I didn't know better I would have thought he was actually being very protective of me.

I made my way down to the kitchen all three brothers were sitting at the table. As I walked in Nathon smiled at me and made a comment that I didn't quite catch. The other two started laughing.

"Good morning gentlemen, how has your day been so far?" I asked. No one answered, I didn't really expect them to.

I noticed a small buffet style breakfast had been prepared. Nigel came to me and started putting food on a plate. I went to grab a plate for myself when he gave me a dirty look. He tilted his head to the place they were all sitting. I got the hint, I was to sit and he would bring me my food. I went to the table and I was shocked when both Neil and Nathon stood. Neil pulled out my chair and then they both sat back down when I was seated. I found it funny that they were showing me respect reserved for noble or at the very least wealthy women. Nigel set a plate in front of me and a large glass of orange juice. He gave me more food that I could possibly eat. French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit to. I started with the fruit. They all make small talk with each other not really bothering to include me in there conversation.

Once I was done eating it was past 10am. Neil excused himself, leaving for the day would be my guess. Nathon asked if Nigel needed any help with a sarcastic grin on his face before just leaving us alone. Nigel ignored him.

Nigel stood, so I followed his lead. He took my hand to lead me out the back of the house towards the pool house. Half way there he said, "I dont know how well this will go. I have only been with a women to get rid of her. You were there when I told my brothers, so you know I tend to take male lovers."

Yes I was. So are you saying the only way you have ever had sex with a woman is by brutalizing them?" I asked.

"Yes Silver that is what I'm saying. I have had to make it impossible for them to want to try again. So they dont return and I find sweet rest in my lovers arms." He said this with a bit of a far off look. Almost like he was picturing his lover walking where I was.

"If you didn't want the title would you still, you know have sex with me." I asked I felt a little afraid. That the necessity of the child was driving him.

"No", was his quick reply. I noticed the closer we got the more tense he became.

We entered pool side and he continued leading me to another door. That I had thought would have been small showers for the pool I was wrong. He used a key to unlock the door and lead me past what looked like a sauna and a small gym. My nerves were getting the better of me. He stopped at yet another door and unlocked it. I never actually saw the keys. The room we entered was beautiful in a weird way. It seems to belong to a woman more than a man. It was clean and had Floural Designs all over the place. The only thing that I could really identify that would belong to a man, was the hot tub in the middle of the room. For no apparent reason. It wasn't the style that you find on a deck with individual seats with jets. It was more the classic style that you would find at a hotel. It was set into the floor and you could see the steam coming off it. That's when I figured out what was weird. It wasn't the decor or even the hot tube. It was the lack of humidity in the space. It should be heavy with it, but there wasn't any at all it seemed.

I must have been lost in my own thoughts for to long. Nigel grabbed my arm and was in my face. Saying, "Are you listening to me. I can't believe this I bring you into my own space offer my hot tub to soothe your sore body. After my brother tried going for the gold on you. And you just stand there looking like you have checked out. If my company isn't exactly desirable we can do this the old way and when I'm done you can head back to the house." He ranted.

I came back to my senses and listed to him as soon as he grabbed my arm. "I'm sorry, I.. was just taking in the beauty of the space. And trying to figure out why there wasn't any humidity. I didn't mean to ignore you." I said in a hurry.

It didn't stop him though, I had already angered him. To be sure I was going to feel his wrath. He hauled me towards the hot tub and commanded me to strip naked. As I did he talked and I was to listen I could tell because he wasn't to be ignored ever.

"Its a shame you are so young. You are very beautiful but you ruin it with your lack of refinement. Your body should have been a temple to be worshipped but you sold yourself. Now you are going to be used up before you even learn to enjoy sex." He said this with an intent to make me cry, which it was.

I dont know if I was crying because of his words or out of apprehension of his brutal ideas of sex with women.

His next move was unexpected. Nigel picked me up, took two steps toward the hot tub and dropped me into the hot water. It felt like heaven. It wouldn't for long. He was an expert in torturing women to a point they never wanted to return. I on the other hand wouldn't have a choice. He left me for a few minutes, I didn't dare to move from the tub. It may have been better if I had.

When he returned he was in a robe and had a small box with him. He set the box by the hot tub within reach and stepped into the water after dropping his robe. Nigel was very exact in his movements. He steared me into a position he was happy with. I could feel his erection on my leg as he opened the box. I felt like I became mute in his presence, except to respond simply.

The box held straps to restrain a person. In my head I thought that's what Neil is into not Nigel. I guess it could be a coping thing. I realized that I would be restrained a little to late ro do anything about it. With very simple moves I was facing the room with my arms tied to the outside of the hot tub using some rings that I didn't even realize were there. The straps were tight but they were not painful.

"This will help you learn your place. You are a sex slave. I dont care if you cry. Your job is to be a repository and me and my brothers are to leave the deposits. As I have noticed you are treating this as a business deal. So I will to. Now I want you to bend forward and hold on I know it will hurt. Just remember you made me do this." After he said that I was ready for a long torture filled day.

He grabbed my hips and angled my ass up. I knew he would be an ass man after I found out he liked men. I didn't expect him to punish me. He made me lift my ass out of the water and actually spanked me. The sting was unbearable, it was also a distraction for him to impail me. His member stabbed me straight to my core. He wasn't moving yet but it hurt. I was trying to pull my way out of the hot tub, but he had my hips firmly in his grasp. I was gasping for air, I think I tried to scream. Once I stopped struggling he released my hip and let me slide forward a little.

The realization of what he had done took a few moments to sink in. He tied my hands out side the hot tub to limit my movements in general. Once he had his manhood planted in me there was no amount of struggle that would release me.

He started moving fast and rough. Pushing me out of the water a little at a time. I wound up after a while with the top half of my body out and laying on the cold slab around the hot tub. My hands still being tied held me from going any further. My legs were still in the water and very warm and tired. And in between my ass was so sore and numb at the same time. He had spanked me so hard I think his hand print would be there permanently on my right cheek. He had only pulled out of my ass to deposit his seed in me properly, was how he put it. I had become aware of his lack of interest in my cries early on. When he told me that a sex slaves feelings were the only things they should keeps to themselves.

I have been choked, spanked, and fucked dry. His member was longer than Nathons but not as thick thank the heavens. When he would shove himself into my vagina he was just as rough. He would bottom out and it hurt almost as much as my ass did at first. If I had been able to play with myself I think it would have been better. I stopped thinking of how I would be able to please him and just let him do what he would.

At some point I must have passed out, either from the the heat or exertion. When I woke my hands were no longer tied and I had my legs on the slab with the rest of me. There was no towel thrown over me or even my dress.

"Good you woke up. I'm done with you for today. When you return maybe we can actually try to have regular sex. Just dont make me mad. My temper isn't something that I have ever had to control. I will expect you to be better mannered next time. Oh and I think you can find your way here to the pool house at least. You will wait for me by the pool untill I come for you. Arrive by 11am. Unless you're on your monthly then send word. That is all, now leave." He said.

"Yes Sir," I bowed my head down. "Um Sir do you know where my dress went?" I asked.

He did not take me asking well. "Are you serious you want me to locate your clothes for you. No you can walk back to the house naked for all I care." He yelled at me.

I ran from the pool house I didn't want another round with him. If he spanked me he got hard if he got hard it was my ass that got his cock. It seemed to be a cycle with him. Punish, fuck, find a reason to punish again.

I didn't realize I had only been with him for a few hours. The sun was still high in the sky. I ran the distance between the pool house and the manor. I slowed when I say a man running towards me. It was Bigslie with a white something. As he neared me he slowed as well seeing my clear distress. Instead of coming completely to be, he allowed me to approach him. As I neared him he swung the white tablecloth as it turns out around me so it could give me a bit of modesty. Once covered I sank to the ground crying.

Bigslie let me cry for a few minutes before he spoke. "Miss Silver let's get you inside and cleaned up."

I just shook my head yes and allowed him to lead me back to my room.

I finally calmed down after I showered and ate. I was tired and it was to early for bed. So I requested some books from the library and hid in my room for the rest of the day. I allow Bigslie to wait on me. It was his job after all but I liked his company.

At about 8pm there was a knock on my door. It wasn't Bigslie and it was to heavy handed to be a servant. I answered it with caution. It was Neil.

"Miss Silver I do not have time to lay around all day at home so I took the liberty of writing up a schedule for tomorrow. Please read over it and be on time. Thank I will leave you now." He said and then walked away, after handing me an envelope

I opened the envelope and a single sheet of paper was folded perfectly. I pulled it out and unfolded it to fin a short letter and a schedule for the next day.

It read as :

Miss Silver please be ready to leave by 10am. I would ask that you dress as a lady. You will be accompanying me to work. I would also ask that you wear a compatible corset and crotchless underwear.
This is just a suggestion not an order.

10am leave house
10:35am Arrive at the office.
11am Conduct new interviews (Silver at this time you will be under my desk giving me head)
12:30 - 2pm Lunch
2:15pm Board Meeting (this is free time for you)
3:45pm Drinks at the club (you will attend and start your training in what I like)
6pm Dinner out
8pm What ever pleases me to do.

I read this including his little notes and about died. All three of these men would kill me. I couldn't mark the days. They all had such different appetites when it came to sex and I was nothing but a novice.

I couldn't believe he actually scheduled me sucking his dick. Under his desk no less. Tomorrow was going to be interesting to say the least.

I prayed for him to be gentle and me to be strong. Before I allowed myself to fall alseep.

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