No good choice

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Chapter 12

I wake almost an hour early, ahead of my alarm clock. Which have I mentioned I hate with a passion. I was thankful that Nigel didn't require any more of my services yesterday. As it is Bigslie babied me for the rest of the day, after he figured out what had happened. I went through my morning routine with plenty of time to spare. So when I went to dress for the day and found my closet was stocked with real clothes for a change. Don't get me wrong there was still all the lingerie, but there were real name brand clothes that would take years for me to buy. I pulled out a retro ladies two piece dress, it was nicely fitted top that actually buttoned to the flared skirt. I thought it was adorable, Black with a grey pinstripe and matched it with simple black heels. I then hunted for the coreset and panties Neil asked for. I found a black coreset and crotchless panties that matched but the coreset had garter clops hanging down to mid thigh. I dug back into the drawers and found black thigh high nylons.

Once I was dressed I checked the mirror, I looked like I belonged in either in a 1960's Better Homes and Garden cover or at a Funeral. All things considered I looked respectable. My finishing touch was putting my hair up in a French twist.

With time still on my side I headed for the kitchen, coffee and some kind of pastry sounded amazing. It was my lucky day, the coffee was hot and on the buffet was stocked with sweet roles a and other pastries as well but the sweet roles won. A quick look at the clock told me I still had forty five minutes before I had to meet Neil in the entryway. I saw the brothers at the big table and decided to sit at the staff small table with one of the maids. We made idle conversation, I could tell she was young and sweet and had a brain. I still hadn't chosen a personal maid, they all did beautiful work. I took the opportunity to ask her, "Do you by chance know who stocked my closet?"

She Blushed and said, " We all did actually, you are so pretty that we asked Bigslie for permission to stock your wardrobe."

"Thank you so much, I'm happy you ladies all have such good taste. I have never warn anything so nice in my life. Please thank everyone for me." I asked her, she smiled in return and got up to begin her duties and was gone before I thought to ask her name.

I noticed Neil was standing rather close by watching me and the clock. I was feeling brave for some reason and approached him asking, "Do I meet with your approval?"

His reply was short, "Outwardly I would a have to say yes."

"Good and just to let you know, I did follow the instructions." I clipped a little short tempered. Realizing my error, I added, "Sorry Sir I did not mean to be rude." Hopefully my quick apology was adequate.

"You have a sharp tongue and I can tell there is intelligence to go with it. Do your self a favor. Playing the submissive servant is a good move with my brothers. With me I would rather your obedience and respect, but fear will do. It all depends on you." With that he walked away. My mouth was hanging open. He left me speechless. By the time I came to my senses and looked at the clock I had only five minutes till I had to meet him in the entry way. I was doomed. I was about to panic and run through the house.

The same maid I had eaten with and had such a nice conversation with approached me and grabbed my hand asking, "Where do you have to be?"

"Main entryway were Neil leaves from." I replied quickly.

"This way," she said. Leading me by the hand through the servant passageways of the Manor. Then two rooms with hidden doors between them. I couldn't believe it, I stepped into the entryway just as the clock chimed the hour. This maid was the one I wanted for my personal maid. She had saved me, she was smart and quick. I still didn't know her name. I needed her name to request her.

Still in my own thoughts Neil stepped up to me and said, "I'm a little surprised you are on time. Shall we be off. The car is waiting." There was no actual question in anything he said. Guiding me by putting his hand on the small of my back and propelling me forward. The waiting car was not overly fancy, but a nice town car. I thought there would be a driver, until Neil got in the driver seat. The only thing to do was follow suit, I joined him upfront in the passenger seat. He was all business, no idle talk, no music. There was a conference call that I could hear all around me.

"Take notes," Neil said handing me a pen and tablet. That was all he said to me. I took notes and thank heavens my short hand wasn't horrid. I did have a hard time keeping up with the topic changes and the orders he handed out to people that were unknown to me. I took as detailed notes as possible though.

Before I knew it we arrived at his offices. Shockingly it wasn't overly large or ostentatious. It was a shared building in fact, I saw at least six different businesses represented on it. I think I missed a few moments of the call with my wondering eyes, because Neil was chewing the employees or business partners maybe out. Saying, "I have wasted my entire drive in on your collective inabilities to make a decisions on your own. We will continue this at the Board meeting this afternoon." He then pushed a button on his steering wheel and we were surrounded by silence.

Afraid he was in a bad mood I held onto the Pad and pen till asked for them.
Walking into the building I noticed the time 10:35 am exactly. Wow he had his day mapped down to the minute. Again guiding me by putting his hand on the small of my back. Neil had us go up an elevator and through a few areas of open office space. That gave way to more offices with closed doors, and then finally what I had to believe was his office. Once inside he shut the door and locked it. He turned and addressed me directly, "Miss Silver in this office you may speak when spoken to. You will do as you are told, especially when there are others present. And if you must address me first you will address me as Sir Wilson. Do you understand?" He said this in such a way that was beyond important to him, that I follow this rule without fail.

"Yes Sir Wilson," was the only reply I could give him.

"Good, now let me see those notes," he said. I quickly handed the pad over. "Oh okay, you are useful for more than your womb. Its a miracle, I have had fourteen secretaries in the past eight months and not one actually knew short hand. To bad your place is under my desk. I think I might have hired you for the job." Neil was smirking at me, I returned his look with a glare of distain.

Neil pulled his chair back from his large desk. Now the desk was ostentatious, the thing looked like you needed a fork lift to move it. Knowing what was my job to do I was about to drop to my hands and knees. He started laughing at me. I righted myself and came to his side of the desk, what I saw left a weird lump in my stomach. What kind of man has a desk with a drop down area under his desk. There was a small ladder like steps down into it. The chair was attached by an arm like thing that slid along one side of the opening. His foot rest was in two pieces so I figured they could separate for his legs to be more open. I know I was staring trying to figure out how this would all work, Neil cleared his throat getting my attention. He offered his hand and I carefully accepted for the steps down. His chair was odd, once down I could see that seat had moving pieces to it. I looked around a bit and found the space under the desk was larger that the desk was. The space was tall enough to stand up under the desk on a raised platform that had steps further down. There was a stool that would put me at the right height to suck his dick, but the placement with his chair would be wrong.

Before I looked around again Neil said, "What you are standing in is a panic room. If I have to step away from my desk you will know. You are to quietly put me right so that my hands don't have to be under the desk while I'm about to step away. I do have one assistant that will show in applicants and if I excuse them he will show them out. If I say lets show you around you are to put me back together and duck back. There is a trap door that slides forward to hide the panic room. When you pull that forward you will find a light switch to your right, the rest is self explained once the light is on. If I step away you are to hide until I either knock three times or you see the red light go on. I have a switch up here that will turn it on down there. Then and only then can you come out. I know that you are smart, but I have to make sure you understand all this."

"Yes Sir," I said. Neil took his seat and fiddled with a few levers under his chair. In front of me I watched as his legs dropped down into the hole and his legs parted slightly. He was half sitting, half leaning in his chair it seemed like he was still sitting normally to anyone on the other side I would bet. This set up he had must have made it easy to get a blow job without anyone knowing what was happening.

Neil unzipped his pants and said, "You may begin and if you can make me cum before I have completed all the interviews I'll reward you."

"Yes Sir," I replied. I kept playing the submissive servant it was easier that apologizing all the time. He was going to make me do all the work. Go figure. It wasn't the first time touching a penis but I hesitantly reached my hand into his pants to draw out his soft member. I hadn't dealt with a soft penis before. It wasn't intimidating while soft and limp, my inexperience was showing. I took it in both hands rubbing it between them, then thought about what I was doing and wrapped my hands around it. Holding it still I darted my tongue out to touch the tip. Taking the bulbous tip in my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head. I must have been doing something right, he moaned a low sound. His dick was responding to me quickly, hardening in my mouth and hands. With it still in my mouth I continued stroking it to bring it further to life. Scared shitless that I would mess up and do something wrong. It was the first time that I had any sort of control over what I did with a cock in my mouth. It was impowering.

I started bobbing my head and taking it in and out of my mouth, adjusting my pace to how far I took him in. It didn't take long to know that his member was longer that Nigel and thicker that Nathon. Both had hurt in there own ways. With the power in my hands I was starting to feel more comfortable. Trying to take more of him in my mouth, I know it can go down my throat , but I wasn't sure I could get it there myself. I continued sucking, licking and rubbing his cock, all the while I heard his door open and close. Mostly women and a few men. It didn't take long to know he was looking for a administrative assistant not just a secretary.

I hit my gag reflex a few times trying to take more of him in. I could hear Neil talking with a man when his hand grabbed the back of my head, holding me in place.
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