No good choice

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Chapter 13

In Neil's office, under his desk I was sucking his cock and trying to take it all in. So far to no success. Hitting my gag reflex multiple times Neil held my head in place right on my gag reflex. I knew I wasn't to make a sound. He didn't want anyone to know what he was having me do. My gag reflex was going crazy the only way to go was forward. In a moment of panic I grabbed the seat of his chair and forced myself forward. Through my gag reflex right to the base of his cock. It hurt honestly, but I wasn't trying to keep from choking and gagging anymore. The only problem now was his hand was still holding me still on the back of my head. Panic was setting in again, I couldn't breath. I started trying to move his hand, Neil responded by gripping my hair. Nothing I tried seemed to undo his iron grip. I had no choice, well I did but neither was good. Pass out from lack of air or make him let me go. I choose the latter. I wasn't in a position to do much. My hands were free and I remembered he likes pain with his pleasure, I wasn't sure how he would like this, but it was worth a try. I reached back into his pants bringing his balls out. Playing with them for a moment, I realized my first idea wouldn't work there was no hair on them. Option number two it is. I pinched his nut sack as hard as I could. He let go of me for just long enough that I was able to take a much needed breath. Unfortunately he still had me by the hair and he wasn't letting go. The good news was he was cuming, bad news I was tasting it full on my tongue. His hold on me ment I had to swallow or have it all over both of us. At least his dad and brother never made me taste it fully. The salty, sticky. It took a lot not to up chuck after swallowing. After he was done he patted my head and gave me a little push back. Of course I knew what I was to do. I put him away and zipped him up. He did the levers on the chair and I was able to pull the trap door closed.

I found the light he told me about and looked around. I saw a cot and lamp set up. The more I looked the more I realized this little panic room, was more a tiny sex dungeon. The cot and the monitors that showed the office being the only thing that mad it a panic room.

It wasn't to long only about half an hour, maybe when there were three knocks. I swallowed my pride and opened the door. Climbing up I noticed his scowl. Before he said anything I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do. I panicked, I couldn't breath so I did the only thing I could think of. Sir Wilson."

I kept the look of fear on my face, but I would have rather kicked him in the nuts. He looked at me and shook his head. "Silver I may like pain with my pleasure. But you are never to do that again. Non the less you did manage to make me cum, so you get to decide on lunch." Neil said.

Wow lunch, what a reward. I worked hard for this reward so it would have to be expensive . He stood there waiting for my decision. I knew of only one place I would want to eat that I could never afford. So I said, "Chinese works for me. I would like to eat at Chin's Golden Duck."

The look on his face was priceless. It crossed between horror and relief. I knew Chin's is was costly, I have worked party's that had them cater and the food was beyond amazing. To even get take out it would cost me two weeks of my food budget. Neil could pay for it.

It was weird he actually grabbed my hand practically dragging me back through the office to his car. Letting go just so I could get in. He drove like a mad man through the town. We arrived at Chin's only fifteen minutes later.

Neil likes power and prestige. The restaurant was no different. I was completely shocked when we entered, the place was packed with people waiting for a table. But we weren't waiting, the man behind the podium came around. Taking Neil's hand shaking it and addressing him by his first name. He began leading us to a table and on the way a girl came running with an order pad. Neil ordered in Chinese. The girl ran off and was at the table with our drinks almost immediately after we were sat. An appetizer platter was set down moments later.

I didn't realize my mouth was hanging open until Neil leaned over and said, "If you don't close your mouth, I'll think you want my dick back in it."

I snapped my jaw closed and just stared at everything around us in shock still. Once all the bustle settled down around us I asked, "What just happened? I mean you like Chinese food or do they owe you money. Or I don't know."

He laughed and said, "I'm technically a majority silent partner. Chin's oldest son and I used to get into trouble together. When Chin hit some financial difficulties I bailed him out. Now he handles food and entertainment. I handle the money and books."

The food arrived and we ate the most amazing meal. In my opinion at least. The entertainment was a Geisha doing a beautiful fan dance. My reward was truly wonderful, but I couldn't help think I would end up paying for it.

We returned to his office complex. Neil let me stay outside by the fountains and small park area. I figured after this mornings conference call that it would drag on forever. It didn't, when your the boss you say jump and only the insane ask how high. At 3:30pm he was at my side. I had enjoyed the peace and quiet, but it was on to the next thing. I think it was drinks at a club.

I couldn't shake the feeling that the more I learned the less I knew. Especially when it came to Neil. So far I have realized three things about him. 1)He keeps his word. 2) You don't want to be on his bad side. 3) Don't assume you know him. He will prove you wrong. I figure he likes keeping people on there toes. I didn't seem to be an exception to any of this.

The man must love driving fast, he sped through the town heading to parts unknown to myself. When he finally slowed down we were on a dirt road with a huge warehouse looming before us. I was feeling rather scared, this did not look like any kind of a club. He pulled up to a side door of the ware house and got out. I wasn't really sure what to do he took off his tie and suite jacket. Next he messed up his hair and then looked into the car and asked, "You coming?"

I got out of the car myself feeling a little scared. How am I kidding I was terrified. Neil took a look at me and said, "Lets see here, take down your hair. Oh and is that a one piece dress or is the top separate?"

"Um its a two piece," I replied, while taking my hair down letting it fall down my back. Truth be told I found it to be my most beautiful qualities.

"Good, remove the top, the skirt can stay on. I find it charming." He said.

I reached the buttons on the back of my shirt easy enough and slipped the top down to undo the inside buttons. It was a little bit of work, doing it out side wasn't what I would have preferred. Once I was standing in the skirt with the coreset top showing. He took a good look at me again. Walking around me he finally said, "There you are finally to my tastes. But we are still missing something. Oh I know you need something that marks you as mine." He went to his trunk and came back with a bracelet and something that looked like a leash. He put the bracelet on me and locked it in place with a key before attaching the leash looking chain. Stating, "There that's all we needed, Next time you will bring red lip stick with you. It would have really finished off the look nicely."

It felt weird. He had a locking bracelet and chain to go with is. I had no idea what kind of club has no noise coming from it. But he walked to the door slid a card and the door opened. The man that walked out took his keys and the car drove away. No ticket was given or anything. Neil with the leash in hand no longer guided me but pulled lightly to get me to follow. The inside was just an empty warehouse, at the far end there was what looked like a office. Neil headed straight for it, all I could do was follow and try to keep up.

Neil took out a card and ran it through a cardreader by the door. I figured it would unlock a door not cause what looked like the side wall of an office to slide open. It was an elevator. A man standing inside it said, "Good afternoon Sir, may I see your membership card."

Neil handed it over and received it back immediately. Neil then swiped it on the button panel and it lit up from top to bottom.

The man in the elevator then asked, "Which floor would you like to start on."

Neil looked thoughtful for a moment and then said, "Let's start on the top and work out way down. "

"Very well sir." The man said pushing level 1.

The doors closed and I could feel us drop. So everything was underground. When the doors opened again, the sound was deafening. It looked like a rave, the music had a building beat to it and the lighting was faint. Except for a slow strode that played with your vision. Neil held onto the leash like chain and all but dragged me through the crowd. I spotted our destination, a small VIP room walled in glass. Once inside I could hear again.

I asked, "What is this place? I know on the schedule you had drinks at the club. But that looks like an orgy with clothes on."

"Yes I know. This is level one. It's a soft S&M rave. To enter you must be a member or a guest of one. " Neil explained.

I was afraid to ask about the other levels. Neil ordered drinks and we watched the rave. I didn't feel uncomfortable in here, but out there was to much.

"Well let's see what you think of level two. I will tell you the levels get dramatically less populated after level three most people cannot afford to pay there way further down. And before you ask we don't have to go back out there. " He said as he offered me his hand. Not wanting to rub him the wrong way I took it.

Neil guided me an antique looking elevator, complete with metal gate and the floor wheel that someone had to operate.

Neil and I got in and Neil said, "Level two."

The man operating the elevator replied, "Yes Sir."

Away we went. It was slower but nice I didn't get that weird feeling in my stomach going down in this one. We exited on level to which I could tell there weren't as many people. I noticed there was a more dominance theme to this level. I dont know what to call it but there were stations I guess around the floor that you could publicly cause pain or endure it. I saw plenty of men and women with leashed, ball gags or other such devices to assert there dominance.

I couldn't help myself I had to ask. "Master, do I have to do this stuff to you? Or do you want to do it to me?"

Neil smiled a wicked grin and said for my ears only. "Dear Silver I will be doing this and much more to you. Dont worry I will take it slow. I will teach you how pain can be pleasurable. I will be your master and you will be my willing slave. I will dominate you. I don't expect you to be truly submissive, but I do expect obedience. And you never know you may like it."

He must have become aroused by our little conversation because he gripped the back of my neck and steared me back to the elevator and showed his card again saying, "Level six."

Exiting on level six there was no open space, it was all doors with names or numbers on them. Neil still had me by the back of my neck pushing me along he stopped at a door with the name 'Lien Nosliw'. It was his name backwards. I don't think it was fooling anyone.

He opened the door with his thumb print pushing me inside. I heard the lock click loudly, there was no lock I could see only another print reader. The lights were dim to add to the apprehension would be my guess. I could see enough to know that this was a true sex dungeon and torture chamber.

"Silver you are going to beg me before we leave this room. Remove your skirt if you dont want it ruined." Neil said flatly.

I did as told he pulled out a swing looking thing but it was all straps. I realized it was a harness that hung from the ceiling. Neil motioned me over and I came willingly, no matter how scared I was I would do my job. He put me into the contraption buckling things and looping other things. The worst part was when my wrists were strapped above me. I felt exposed and vulnerable. Neil disappeared from few returning with his cock at full salute and a strap around the base of it. I gulped knowing that he was going to shove that thing in me. In one hand he had a tube of something he was squeezing onto his fingers. He inserted it into my vagina and around the lips. I figured it was lube, to make it a little easier to get in. Boy was I wrong. It was lube, but it had a hidden element.

Neil played with my clit bringing me to the brink of orgasem but wouldn't let me drop over the edge. He was being cruel. He the nested the tip of his cock just at my opening teasing me not pulling it away or pushing it in.

Neil then said the one thing I couldn't believe. "Let's make a wager. Shall we. Whom ever comes first loses. If you win then we can do or not do what ever you say for the month. If I win you will visit me after your period returns as much as possible. Do we have a deal." He had that wicked gleam in his eyes.

"But that's not fair, I feel like I'm going to pop any second and you haven't even started yet." I moaned out not being able to help my self.

"Yes, well since you cheated earlier I figured I could now. The lubricant has a enhancing property to it. Every thing will feel more stimulating." Neil stated.

My reply was less than elegant, moaning as his finger tickled my clit ever so lightly. " I.... I. I'm about to pop, please I can't take this, please do something. I need relief from this feeling."

"So it that a yes to the bet," Neil asked.

There was no getting around his bet. I moaned out, "Yesss," in defeat.

With that one word, he sank into me. He wasn't being rough or even really forceful. He was making my body adjust to him slowly. It was absolute torture, he was moving slow on purpose. All I wanted right this moment was to climax and he was holding me on that edge. It was painful in a new way, and extremely arousing. God help me I wanted more.

The device he had me in made it easy for him to access any part of me. My breasts were out of the corset and he was licking my nipples turning them hard while still torturing me with the slowest stocks of his cock.

I couldn't take it anymore, I cried out. " Please make me...." I was breathing heavy and he wasn't showing any signs of speeding up. In fact he stopped mid stroke. I was about to shake apart if I didn't cum.

"What are you wanting? Tell me and I will make it happen. Just beware you will have to take what I give untill I'm done." He said, his voice was calm and almost soothing.

Panting and moaning I said, "Please make me cum, I don't care anymore more. I need release. Fuck me hard or rough or use your sex torture thing, but please make me cum." I was almost sobbing from a need I had never felt before.

"I think you are ready to play." He said, pulling out of me and stepping away. I felt a new kind of panic. When he returned he had some clamps that he attached to my nipples that had a thin wire that led to a soft clamp that he put on my clit. He then repositioned himself and using the swing to it's full potential. He slammed into me deep and hard. I felt a small shock in my breasts and clit.

Before he moved again he asked, "Are you sure you want me to go faster?" After giving me one jolt from the clamps. I shook my head yes, but that wasn't good enough. He wanted me to answer him with my voice. He wasn't moving.

"Yes please," I blurted out.

"Good girl", he said as he picked up the pace. The little shocks kept coming pushing me over the edge and the orgasem that rocked my body was so hard that my entire body convulsed. Neil didn't slow down. He was slamming into me fast and hard. The shocks continued, I couldn't ask him to stop it slow down. My hands were gripping the bar for dear life above me. He finally started grunting like he might be close. His grip on the swing went to my hips grinding into me with care for my body's limits. It hurt and made me cum ruthlessly at the same time. I was screaming by the time he released himself inside of me. The strap that had been around the base of his cock was now on the floor. He continued stroking in and out of me. I could feel his member jump every so often. Untill it stopped and he pulled it out. I was spent and I still had hours with this man.

Neil released me and said, "Now remember after your period returns to come to me as often as possible. Don't worry I'll just fuck you once a day. We won't play."

Great I just added to my daily misuse to get releaf from something he caused.

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