No good choice

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Chapter 14

Thursday waking up to my alarm clock. I moaned not in pain but over all soreness. Even the hot bath hadn't helped. After Neil's club fuck we went to dinner and then back to the manner. He fucked me for almost three hours straight after we got back.

He did help me out by showing me that there was a secret passageway between his rooms and mine. I had to get ready for Nathon. At least I knew what to expect from him.

I went to his room in a slinky teddy and a short robe. Walking through the manor with my head held high. They all knew why I was there after all. I arrived at his door and found it unlocked. I entered and proceeded to his private bedroom where he was sprawled out naked. It was the first time I really got to see it. He was thick but not as thick as Neil. He was shorter than Nigel though. At the same time he was thicker than Nigel. I stopped my musing and climbed onto the bed going into suck his cock. His was the one I could handle the easiest. I was able to take it in with little effort today. I sucked and licked, feeling his fingers work there way into my hair. He urged me to go faster and take it all in. Today I managed to deep throat him with a little less help from him. This made him very happy. Today he didn't waste his seed on my throat. He pulled me up his body to straddle his cock. As soon as he found my sweet spot he forced himself inside me. I didn't expect him to be so rough first thing. He let himself go soft. And smiled at me.

"I have been looking forward to that since Monday. Oh and we are going out today so I want you to wear a sun dress and remember no panties. Go get ready I'll meet you by the door." He said, jumping out of bed.

I got up and left his rooms and returned to mine. Bigslie saw me and asked, "Miss Silver is there anything you might need?"

"Actually there is Bigslie, walk with me I have to get ready to go out today. I was wondering about the maid from the other day the one I ate with. Could you tell me her name. And do you think I could have her ad my personal assistant/maid." I asked.

"I don't see why not. Her name is Sue Anne. She is a third generation maid to the Manor. I think you have chosen well." Bigslie said.

Nathons idea for the day was to go all over the place and fuck at the drop of a hat. He fucked me at a park barely out of view of I don't know how many people. The movie theater in the balcony. He had me hanging over the rail almost. Then there was the restaurant he had me give him head again and then fucked me in the alley out back. I think he has a public kink. After running around all day just going places for no reason at all he desides it's time to return to the manor. At which point he desides to bend me over a sitting room couch and fuck me while talking to Neil. I felt truly violated by this act.

After the incident in the sitting room I stopped actively participating in sex. I spread my legs like a good little sex toy. But I decided I would be a dead doll for the rest of the day or is it a dead fish. Oh well I can never remember.

I don't know if he got the hint, but by 9pm Nathon sent me off to my own affairs.

I cooked some alfredo chicken over rice for myself. I had a craving for something my mom would cook. And she liked alfredo sauce and rice. Never did know why.

I turned in early and was greated Friday morning by Sue instead of my alarm. It was amazing. While I showered and got ready for Nigel, Sue got me breakfast and put out clothes to pick from. Sue was an Angel sent from God in my book.

After my last meeting with Nigel I was wary about today. I showed up on time and waited by the pool, as instructed. Around 11 am he came out to collect me.

Nigel decided that the treatment I had receaved from him had been uncalled for. That I need a buffer for this to work. That buffer came in the form of his current love, Hudson. My job was to be as invisible as possible. When they reached a point when Nigel was about to cum. He alone would come into the room I was to be in, always facing away from the door and be in a position to be penatrated easily. I was willing to try anything if it ment I didn't have to go through that again. I found an appropriate position laying over a foot stool. The TV was on something that seemed interesting at least. And I waited. I was in this position for almost an hour when I felt Nigel slide up behind me. His entering me could use a little care but it was better than the last time. Nigel would take about five minutes to blow his load. The process was rough, but it got the job done. I was never to see Hudson, or the arrangement would be off. I agreed. I maintained this position for almost 5 hours, every once in a while I could tell by his foot steps it was Nigel each time.

Needless to say I really didn't get any pleasure out of the encounter. At least the pain wasn't to bad and again he let me go early.

The rest of the day was mine to do as I pleased. I went straight for the kitchen, getting stuff out to make peanut butter cookies. Once I was done putting them together I turned to cooking dinner. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob sounded good to me. I truly believed the kitchen staff loved my cooking because they would eat my food over the leftovers from what the brothers asked for.

I went to bed happy Friday.

Saturday morning my alarm woke me again. It was Sue's day off, so I was on my own. I had Niel today. Once ready as I could be, I met Neil in the kitchen. He didn't waste anytime as of 10am he ushered me back to his rooms. The urgency in getting me alone seemed strange to me. So far I don't think any of these men knew what true need or want was.

As we entered his rooms Neil said in a tone that I already knew not to deny. "Undress, only leave the corset on. Nothing else."

I did as told, after all I am a good slave or breeder. I don't know why some of the Male staff have been referring to me as the breeding stock. Bigslie has been teaching many of them the error of their ways. Standing there waiting for what ever happens next. Neil likes fancy things that look to be one thing but are really another.

He fixed a beautiful silver collar around my neck if I didn't already know better I would have thought it a necklace. He had collared me. He wasn't done though. Matching bracelets that all had little rings to run a chain or cord of some kind through. And yes it was not lost on me that he was using silver on me.

"I like the looks of this. Spin around for me." He said using a finger to indicate what he ment. I did as told, I spun around. "Good, now follow me and let's see how good a girl you can be."

He walked and I followed. I already understood his thinking. Do as your told, and there are rewards. Disobey and you will be punished. By his cock I would bet.

He had a hidden room in his rooms. This room was obviously his own pleasure room. Whips, chains, paddles and who bows what else. He cleared his throat telling me I had already missed something.

"Now that I have your attention, Wednesday was a gift. I took it easy on your first day. I want you to know that not everyday will be so nice. Like today I feel the need to inflict some pain, to release my urges. You will not leave this room untill I am done with you. And my needs today are fierce. Just remember what people see in public is important, and what people don't know cannot hurt my family." Neil said not really even talking to me anymore. He turned around to grab something that turned out to be a chain or silver cord looking thing. Eyeing me he looped it through the bracletts and collar.

I did not have a good feeling about this. For the first time I think I truly feared Neil's desires. With the cords going between the three pieces I realized I would be easily controlled by any number of ways. When he came at me he did so with the intent of making me cry out.

He used the cord to lead as well as positional. This time he didn't drug me in any way. He entered me with purpose. He didn't ease into me. He was at best rough. At worst I had nothing to truly compare it to. Half the time I thought his cock would burst through my stomach.

His fucking wasn't erratic or even hurried it just was. He had tied me up is several positions but never left marks beyond a bit of a red line. It was painful but not damaging.

He never let me pass out. He wanted me to feel it all. He feed me tied to the wall. With him in complete control of every minute of his time with me, I felt sorry for him more than scared or fearful. Yes he likes to cause pain. I will admit when he makes me orgasm it's amazing the way that the pain plays with it.

This is only week one of trying to get pregnant. By the end of the year I will either never want sex again. Or be a sexual deviant wanting the next new experience.

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