No good choice

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Chapter 15

The rest of the month really did fly by. Bigslie was a huge help, as well as Sue. They kept me in one piece really. Sue kept me sane and did anything I asked and even anticipated my needs. Bigslie kept me moving forward, always there when I needed him. He was a big protector of my Honor. Well if you think about it, my honor is all but gone. I sold myself to these men for a life of freedom.

The rest of the month went pretty much the same, with small variations. Everyday one of them would fuck me. Some would say make love, but no they fuck me with little concern for me. I hope I get pregnant soon.

Nathon is easy, suck his dick and let him do what ever, where ever. It keeps him happy that I crawl into his bed in the morning. He deffenently has a public kink, at least one of our days together each week we were fucking in some public place.

Nigel could be like walking a razor's edge. You never knew what you would get. I liked the days his lover was there to do most of the work. Then there's the fact that I'm only there so he can make deposits. It was better than the random bad day that I would spend my time being assaulted by him. I've only had two so far and that's including the first time.

As far as Neil goes, he keeps it interesting. I have been twisted, shackled, displayed and even gagged. Some days have had me in ecstasy and others are hell it self. Every Wednesday I suck his dick under his desk while he takes his meetings. Since that first time I still haven't managed to make him cum by giving him head. It's so not fair. When he takes a break he fucks me raw in the panic room. Usually leaving me wanting rest. He has taken to keeping me in the panic room because people talk. He does have a private entrance, but likes everyone seeing him coming through the building. He has me use his private entrance, so no one wonders were I am.

The lawyer is coming today. Sundays have been a gods send, allowing me to rest and do little things for me. My period still hasn't come, maybe that's good news and I'm already pregnant. Then we can all rest for a while. I really don't see that happening. Nathon and Neil seem to like using me to much. Neil likes reminding me of the little bet we made. And Nathon keeps trying to get me to come to him after Nigel is done with me for his days.

When the lawyer arrived he administered the test and while we waited he asked me a bunch of questions. He asked, "How are you doing? Are you getting enough rest? Have the boys been treating you well?"

"I'm doing okay I guess. Most days I'm just sore all over. I don't think they intend to mistreat me or anything. I mean they haven't hit me or denied me anything. I dont think I would know if they were mistreating me other than to beat me." I said in kind of a sheepish way.

"I see. Well if you ever do feel mistreated or abused please notify me right away. I will deal with them the only way they seem to understand." He said.

The test was done and I wasn't pregnant yet. I felt a little sad about this.

I thought of a question and asked, "My period still hasn't come. Is that normal?"

"I really don't know, I have the doctor coming to check you out and we can see what he says." He said, with a reassuring smile.

The next hour waiting for the doctor we spent in small talk. The topics were the weather, food, and what I wanted to do after this was all done.

The doctor came checked every inch of me it seemed and then declared me to be healthy. He didn't like that I still hadn't put on any weight and felt that the sexual activity of everyday was to much. The doctor made a ruling and ordered that I would only see the brothers every other day. So Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's, the boys could have me. He believes the the stress of prolonged sex six days a week is not going to help get pregnant. Especially with multiple partners. They were not going to like this. It was desided that I would spend 24 hours with each one. For example my time would be 10am Monday to 10am Tuesday morning and so on. That way they felt they were still getting plenty of time.

Once everything was put down on paper. I didn't know that so much had to be tracked. The brothers were called into the meeting and informed of the changes. Nathon sulked about it, Nigel didn't really seem to care on way or the other. Neil seemed a little put out, but excepting.

The brothers drew there order this time it was Nigel on Monday's, Nathon got Wednesday's and that left Neil with Friday's. The rotation went much easier on me. I was able to truly relax between them and I wasn't walking around sore all the time. I think my body had adjusted to sex finally. I dont feel like I'm about to be ripped apart anymore. So that's better. I wouldn't say that it never hurts or doesn't cause some discomfort.

Nigel is still using me as a deposit for his sperm. I think he is about to change lovers though, because his current one wants to do a threesome with me. I've heard them argue over it a few times. When they are fighting Nigel is a little rougher with me or he will tell me to relax and swim for the day. I think he doesn't trust himself to not take out his anger on me. So I have only had one swim day so far, but it was heavanly.

Nathon is still more about the adventure, than producing a child. He does try to pack every second of his time with me. If it's not sex, it's running around town, eating and drinking. He has no self control that I've noticed. When 10 am comes his first thing to do is hold me tight and ask me to stay longer. I really think he feels like we have a relationship or he has fallen in love with the idea of me.

Neil has upended his schedule for his time with me. He really doesn't like only this one day thing. Friday mornings I am to report to his rooms at exactly 10am. He has taken the day off so he has more time to teach me his preferences. His dungeon no longer scares me. In fact I will admit his ways are interesting. An it never gets old when it's always something different. Before I leave him on Saturday mornings he never fails to remind me about after my period coming to him, for his extra time.

Month two is about to come to an end and still no period. I'm starting to wonder if I'm broken. My biggest fear is that I won't conceive and I'll be a shell of a person before this year ends. I haven't started counting the days yet.

The lawyer comes, give me a test and then asks how things are going. The test has come back negative again. The doctor comes looks me over and again says healthy.

This time I ask the doctor, "Is there something wrong with me. I mean, I would think by now something would have took."

The doctor looks at me with sad eyes and says, "You are thinking about it far to much. There is nothing wrong with you. You need to relax and just let it happen. And you need to eat more often I think. You are still far to skinny. "

With that he took a few blood samples and a urine sample to. I hate peeing in a little cup. The doctor also asked for samples from the brothers including a seaman sample. Just to make sure everything works, on there end. I bet they enjoyed there collection process. The doc brought in helpers for them.

Everything is waiting on the test results to come back. The lawyer informed me that if one of the boys is shooting blanks I won't to sleep with him anymore. At least that's the gist of what he said after some very complicated conversation.

About two hours later the lawyer, myself and the three brothers were waiting in the library. Nathon was pacing around, saying something about it shouldn't matter if anyone was misfiring. Nigel sat sedately in a chair reading. Then there's Neil, he was calmly drinking scotch and looking out the window. I think he was searching the road for the doc's return. The funny thing is, the phone rang making everyone jump. The lawyer answered it and after a lot of okays, I see's and yes I understand. He looked at the brothers. They all had a look of worry.

I think the lawyer likes to make them sweat. He finally after a few minutes said, "Everything looks good. Let's get this over with so we can go about our day."

The bag came out the order went Neil, Nathon and then Nigel. Non of them were happy as always. The boys wanted two days a week back. That was so not happening. So to make them happier the lawyer suggested a compromise. I would be there's till noon the following day. So if you had Monday, you let me loose by noon on Tuesday. The brothers agreed it was better than nothing.

Monday I will start fresh with Neil. He will inform me if we are to stay at the manor or head for the office.
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