No good choice

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Chapter 16

I have been informed by Neil, that I will have to play the role of a personal assistant this month. Since he can't continue taking days off. Further more since his day this month is Monday and part of Tuesday, it's better to have me on hand doing something.

I meet him at 10 am sharp, to accompany him to work. His schedule is always exact, there isn't much flexability with his work day. But he tends to carve out time, some how.

Neil has me sit in on a few meetings and take notes. When he has had enough of the people that cannot seem to get anything done with out him he dismisses them. More than ready to make use of his panic room, for a 'quickie', his phrase not mine. He enjoys having me with in view, especially when he has strapped in a remote operated vibrating toy. Being able to see me fight to maintain my composure through his playing with the multiple speeds and rhythms it has. Personally I believe that's the worst, he never let's me cum unless he is in me these days. I have to be obedient, doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.

His personal elevator has served as another spot he has taken to using my body as his needs arise. If he is angry he can do as he likes in there its sound proof. I have been handcuffed to the top bar and left for hours dangling, just to be fucked fast and hard. Then the apology is non existent, he will allow me to go eat by myself to recover my strength.

I have never been so irritated by anyone in my life. He knows how to make my body react to him. He knows how much pain to inflict to cause pleasure. I know I'm still young and inexperienced, but he likes to bring it to my attention constantly. Hell, I think if I could take notes and suck his dick at the same time, I might be the perfect secretary.

So Monday's run into Tuesday as a blur. Neil excuses me around 11:30, barely able to walk. The man has stamina, and likes twisting me into a pretzel to fuck. I think I will be more flexable by the end of the year. If I'm not pregnant soon.

I have taken to extended hot baths on tueday afternoons. Sue had been learning how to give massages. I have been a good practice dummy for her, and I thank the heavens above for her continued education.

Nathon is Nathon, he has a case of puppy love going. I'm sure of it now. He has taken to asking what I like and don't like. Trying to hold me more and more after sex. Being more gental and making sure I cum before he does.

He still likes to have sex in public, but has been choosing more secluded locations for it. Nathon had even gone as far as to ask if I would ever consider marrying him. I told him I don't look to my future yet. I must complete my present responsibilities before I look to the future. He seemed okay with my answer for now.

Nigel and his lover split up so he has been having actual intercourse with me again. Now he has rules for himself, feeling guilty about how he treated me our first time.

The room that he used for making deposits is the only room we have sex in. He isn't allowed to spank or strike me in any way. Anal is okay as long as he uses the cream that makes it easier on me. We never do it face to face and he has guy on guy porn running. He has also set a four hour time limit for encounters. I'm not sure why but it works.

I think this is hard for him. He came out and has to have sex with a woman to try and produce an heir. It's one of those things we have decided to keep compartmentalized. He watches the porn and I close my eyes and go to my happy place as it were.

It's kinda funny to say that we have become friends in a way. He talks to me about guys, not that I'm qualified to give advice about men, but it's nice. There are times he invites me to swim and talk. And he has taken to letting me arrive early and use the pool untill he is ready for me.

This month I know I'm not pregnant . My period has finally come around. It freaked Nigel out a bit. I can't imagine how disgusting it was to be fucking me and pull his member out covered in blood. I had been cramping for an entire week before it started. I felt sad and relief at the same time.

Now I could get Neil off my back about the pay out on our bet. He knows that Nathon keeps me busy his whole allotted time, but Nigel never keeps me long. Once my period ends, I am to visit him via the passageway between our areas of the manor. As he has stated, 'No games just straight sex.' As far as I know that means he will fuck me quick and send me on my way. Or he could take forever and I'll be there all night.

They lawyer was called to inform him of my period. The lawyer made an appearance with it coming close to the end of the month. He also called in the doctor to make sure that it wasn't a miscarriage. The lawyer still asks me a few questions while waiting for the doc and then desides a course of action. The doctor proclaimed that it was a regular period. Since the lawyer didn't want to waste time he had the brothers draw there lots. Nigel got Mondays, Neil pulled Wednesdays and Nathon pulled Friday's. Nathon threw a fit, because he would have to wait two whole weeks to get his dick wet. (His words not mine.)

Neil in a pure act of self serving kindness volunteered to switch with Nathon. He would take a Friday over a Wednesday. Fridays gave him a chance to get a lot of work done and possibly take Fridays off.

Nathon wanted Mondays, so he started trying to barter with Nigel. The only thing Nigel even wanted was an introduction to one of Nathons friends that just so happened to be gay. He had seen him in a club with a man once. Nigel left before doing something that would put the family in a questionable situation. Unlike Nathon and Neil, Nigel had never been in the news, good or bad. Neil was always in the news and society headlines for charitable works or corporate dealings. Nathon was in the tabloids for some outlandish stunt him and his friends would do.

The lawyer decided I would have an entire week off do to my period. It was late Friday, the decree was for me to resume my responsibilities on a monday ten whole days from now. Ten days to do what ever I wanted. Needless to say both Nathon and Neil were a little put out. The only thing Nigel said to me was 'no swimming ' while looking straight at me.
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